Syria s Christians Flee Kidnappings, Rape, Executions

Running from assault, abduction, and assassination at the hands of jihadists and FSA rebels, Syria s ancient Christian community fears a religious pogrom is set to erupt.

Iraqi FM warns of jihadi 'emirate' in Syria

Iraq s top diplomat warned Saturday that the "toxic" proliferation of extremist groups among Syria s rebels raises the prospect of a jihadist-ruled territory at the heart of the region.

NATO s War on Syria Just Got Dirtier

By Tony Cartalucci

West scrambles to cover up Syria false flag revelations as Pulitzer Prize-winner and Syria s Electronic Army expose all.

Mother Agnes-Mariam: "Nobody is Safe": Foreign Forces Need to Stop Fueling Violence in Syria


Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, founder of the James the Mutilated Monastery in Syria, who says that the videos show the chemical weapons were used by Syrian rebels, not the Assad administration.

US/British Policy on Syria has Been Sunk, and Nobody Noticed

Free Syrian Army a Complete Pawn to Foreign Intelligence Agencies

By Patrick Cockburn

The final bankruptcy of American and British policy in Syria came 10 days ago as Islamic Front, a Saudi-backed Sunni jihadi group, overran the headquarters of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army.

Saudis' Big Deal for US Anti-tank Missiles May be Meant to Help Syrian Rebels

By South China Morning Post

One Saudi ally could desperately use anti-tank weapons, the Syrian rebels.

US Considers Aiding "Islamist" Rebels

The gradual collapse of Syria s moderate rebel forces is forcing the United States to consider extending its support to the Islamist groups it has long rejected but which are steadily rising to become the Assad regime s principal opponents.

Saudi Royal Blasts U.S. s Mideast Policy

By Jay Solomon

"The U.S. gave us the impression that they were going to do things in Syria that they finally didn t," Prince Turki said.

U.S. Turns Blind Eye as Saudis Fund Jihadists in Syrian Conflict


You know, it is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the turmoil in the Middle East that the Saudi backing for extreme Sunni organizations, for jihadi organizations, isn t opposed by the U.S. more vigorously.

Saudi Arabia warns it will act against West's policy in Middle East

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to London has claimed the country is determined to independently arm Syria rebels after rejecting the diplomatic tactics of its Western allies.

West starting to realize they are aiding terrorists in Syria: Lavrov

Video interview

This shift in the attitude is due to the rise of jihadists in Syria and the threat of the country turning into a caliphate, he said.

Syrian Rebels Get Arms and Advice Through Secret Command Centre in Amman

By Phil Sands and Suha Maayeh

A secret operations command centre in Jordan, staffed by western and Arab military officials, has given vital support to rebels fighting on Syria s southern front, providing them with weapons and tactical advice on attacking regime targets.

The Revolution Betrayed

Syrian activists who protested the Assad regime from the beginning are now being arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed by Al-Qaeda linked rebels.

Islamist militants' secret role in Syrian rebels' successes

*They offer their services and cooperate with us, they are better armed than we are, they have suicide bombers and know how to make car bombs,* an FSA fighter explained.

Syria: Dozens die of starvation in besieged Damascus refugee camp

Dozens of children, elderly people and others displaced by the Syrian conflict have starved to death in a besieged camp in Damascus, according to reports.

Syria conflict: Half population urgently needs aid: UN

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that half of Syria s population, some 9.3 million people, now *urgently need humanitarian aid*.

Sharia law imposed in Syria s Raqqa

A group linked to al Qaeda, emboldened by its recent victory over rival rebels in Syria, has imposed sweeping restrictions on personal freedoms in the northern province of Raqqa as it seeks to consolidate control over the region.

5 Reasons The Latest Report On Syria War Crimes May Not Be True

By Brandon Turbeville

Qatar is the sponsor of the report. Qatar is, one of the major sponsors of the Syrian invasion (aka the Syrian *rebels*) and has played a massively important role in financing, training, arming, and directing the death squads.

US Feigns *Horror* Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered

By Tony Cartalucci

Further details have emerged regarding the authors of the report.

A Tale Of Two Reports: Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian

By Interventions Watch

Is it an attempt by Qatar to, simply, document regime abuses in the hope of securing justice for the victims, and furthering the cause of human rights in Syria?

Al-Qaeda slaughters on Syria s killing fields

More than 1,000 Syrians flee al-Qaeda-linked group as they mow down children and behead prisoners in cold blood.

Children on the Frontline: 'I am scared of dreams'


A documentary teams meets five children who have adapted to life amid the atrocities and death of brutal conflict.

Why one day before the Geneva meeting?

This report is altogether most unconvincing, based on alleged photos of alleged victims by an alleged 'defector' in QATAR!

Syria says torture report 'politicised,' photos 'fake'

Syria s justice ministry on Wednesday dismissed a report alleging mass torture and killing by the country's regime as *politicised* calling the shocking photos in the document *fake*.

American (and Friends) in Geneva

By Daniel McAdams

This conference is a farce.

*The West Publicly Claims to Be Fighting Terrorism, Whilst It Is Covertly Nourishing It*

By Walid al-Moallem

*Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing*...

Is Syrian *Peace* Conference Laying the Foundation for War?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The Geneva II *peace* conference has all the indicia of a sham. Those opposed to war in Syria better get ready to prevent war again.

After Failed Geneva Talks, US Steps Up Threats Against Syria

By Bill Van Auken

Western powers remain committed to an agenda of regime change, whether by means of United Nations-brokered talks or outright military aggression.

From Information Clearing House


Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and the Collapsing Free Syrian Army

Kerry s Hypocrisy on Syria


World Turns Away as Rebel Massacres of Syrian Christians Intensify


Military aid to local jihadists in Syria?

More indications US lied about August chemical weapons attack in Syria


Syria: Deja Vu all over again


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