Beware UK Government Swine Flu Media Terror Campaign

Here we go again. Swine Flu Terror UK is currently in full swing with an epidemic shortly to occur, announces the UK mainstream media. Cynics have speculated that the UK government has massive stocks of flu vaccine to shift and what with the electorate (especially medical professionals) deeply reluctant to get jabbed with the vaccine for the very best of educated reasons, a media campaign has been mounted to sensationalise dodgy flu statistics in order to shift the product. Could they be right? If the entirely vested interests UK media's Swine Flu coverage bias is anything to go by, WikiLeaks needs to get its act together to ensure a level playing field in the future so that the information the organisation is releasing does not continue to be delivered exclusively through the fractured mainstream media prism that so many have grown to rightly distrust. You swallow holus bolus what you read in the mainstream media in regard to WikiLeaks, Swine Flu or any thing else at your peril.

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