Ron Paul: Not for Control, Not for Power, Not for Glory

Ron Paul Cheated Out of Texas Straw Poll Win?


More Perry Tales

Jim Hightower, Truthout: 'It s bedtime, children, so put on your jammies, scootch under the covers, and I ll tell you another 'Perry Tale.' Once again, the Texas-governor-who-wants-to-be-your-president is flitting hither, thither and yon - spreading little 'Perry Tales' about his record. The bonny prince is trying to make it to the big White House in Washington. It s a bit of a strange quest, because he calls the Capital City 'a seedy place,' and he tells the commoners in the land that he hates - nay, deeply loathes! - the very government that he wants to head.'

Taking Back the Vote

Terrance Heath, Campaign for America s Future: 'In dozens of states, Republicans are aiming to restrict or take away the voting rights of core constituencies of the Democratic party. When the tea party shouts their desire to take 'their country' back, make no mistake the first thing they want to take back is the right to vote. They don t just want to take it back. They want to transform it, again.'

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