IMF Pushes Further Austerity, Privatization on Greece

Austerity Deepens in Greece: Strikes, Tax Revolt on Horizon

Greece is Eurozone s Sacrificial Lamb


IMF Sees 300 Billion-Euro Credit Risk to Europe Banks

The European debt crisis has generated as much as 300 billion euros ($410 billion) in credit risk for European banks, the International Monetary Fund said, calling for capital injections to reassure investors and support lending.

Greek despair over further cuts sees suicide and crime rates on the rise

More austerity measures likely to be passed in return for IMF help, but has nation been pushed beyond breaking point?

Greece needs to default on its debt and exit the eurozone

If the current Greek government can t take the necessary steps to do this, it should give way to other political forces than can.

Argentine President Slams IMF Murderous 'Idiocy and Stubborness'

'Those directly responsible for Argentina s 2001 failure, and today s in Europe and the United States, are still trying to force the world to swallow the same medicine' Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentine.

From Information Clearing House


Barter Society Emerges in Greece as Crisis Deepens


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