Congress Still Okay With Indefinite Detention and Torture of Americans

By Jose Luis Magaua

An attempt to strike down any provisions allowing for the US military to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge from next year s National Defense Authorization Act was shot down Friday morning in the House of Representatives.

Indefinite Imprisonment Without Charge Or Trial

The Case Against 'Indefinite Detention'

By Rep. Adam Smith and Rep. Justin Amash

The federal government now has the power to detain indefinitely any person-including U.S. citizens-arrested on U.S. soil, indefinitely, without charging them with a crime or proving their guilt.

House GOP Kills Proposal to Block Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

By Adam Serwer

At least it s on the record: Most House Republicans support the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens.

The Shameful Index of Prison Rape

By Amy Fettig and Jennifer Wedekind

Number of people imprisoned in the United States: 2.3 million. Number of victims of rape or sexual abuse in U.S. prison, jails and juvenile detention facilities in the past year according to the Justice Department: 216,600.

Evidence of U.S. Torture: CIA Can Withhold Detainee Photo, Waterboarding Cables

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) doesn t have to release a photo of an alleged al-Qaida operative following a session of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT), reports The Associated Press.

From Information Clearing House


US Congress Endorses 'Indefinite Detention' Policy


Obama Might Want to Look Forward in 2012, but America s Torture Legacy Will Keep Staring Back

Maria LaHood, Truthout: ''Forward to what? A country where government officials can carry out these barbaric acts and never face justice? In advance of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on June 26, 2012, the Center for Constitutional Rights has joined Amnesty International, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows and over 60,000 individuals in calling on President Obama to acknowledge the wrong done to Arar in a public apology and provide other forms of redress.''

Department of Defense Declassifies Report on Alleged Drugging of Detainees

Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold, Truthout: ''Detainees in custody of the US military were interrogated while drugged with powerful antipsychotic and other medications that 'could impair an individual s ability to provide accurate information,' according to a declassified Department of Defense (DoD) inspector general s report that probed the alleged use of 'mind altering drugs' during interrogations.''


Torture and the CIA

The American Conservative
by Philip Giraldi


Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives is largely a defense of [author Jose] Rodriguez s role in the CIA s use of torture on suspected terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11. Rodriguez argues that what he describes as 'enhanced interrogation techniques' were necessary to obtain information on terrorist activities. His employment of the euphemism underscores his argument that these procedures were found to be legal by Bush administration lawyers and that they do not constitute torture, which is a war crime...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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