Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Mindestlohn droht zum *Schweizer Käse* zu werden

Mit den geforderten Ausnahmen würde ein Drittel der Niedriglöhner durch die Löcher fallen, das Böckler-Institut warnt vor der Schaffung eines neuen Niedriglohnsektors und Verdrängungseffekten.

The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

Contrary to Obama s Promises, the US Military Still Permits Torture

The Obama administration has replaced the use of brutal torture techniques with those that emphasize psychological torture.

As We Remember The Atrocities of the 20th Century We Must Change the Way We Think About Violence

By Brad Evans

We need to interrogate the multiple ways in which entire populations are rendered disposable.

From Information Clearing House


The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: The most prescient portrait of the American character and our ultimate fate as a species is found in Herman Melville s Moby-Dick. Melville makes our murderous obsessions, our hubris, violent impulses, moral weakness and inevitable self-destruction visible in his chronicle of a whaling voyage.


Infinite Arrogance, Infinite Incompetence


The Menace of the Military Mind

Eine Woche ohne Smartphone

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