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Would a Species That Recognizes Its Own Worth Be Actively Destroying Itself?

Kali Ma, The Hampton Institute: We can only save ourselves once we recognize our own inherent worth and decide to act on our potential as unique creations of an ever-evolving consciousness whose existence is worth saving.

Afghan Street Children Beg for Change

Kathy Kelly, War Is a Crime: While the US lacks funds to guarantee basic human rights for hundreds of thousands of American children, and while US wars displace and destroy families in Afghanistan, the US consistently meets the needs of weapon makers and war profiteers.


The Choice is Ours: Austerity or Shared Bounty

America s Invisible and Costly Human Rights Crisis


Stealing money, then imposing austerity


America s Unhinged Pursuit of Global Domination

By John J. Mearsheimer

America s interventionist policies are the main cause of its terrorism problem.

Pope Needs to Condemn US Warmongering

By Finian Cunningham

The Pope s anti-war sentiment and desire for peace is laudable. But he needs to do more than merely issue vague exhortations.

Pope: *We have to stop on this road of violence!*

*We all have a responsibility to act so that the world may be a community of brothers who respect each other, who accept their diversity and who take care of one another,* the pope said on Catholic World Peace Day.

Is the Threat of Terrorism Real?

By John Scales Avery

Let us stop being driven like cattle by invented threats.

Terrorism Scaremongers Are The Ones Promoting Terrorism

By WashingtonsBlog

The Media Needs to Point Out the Hypocrisy of These Blowhards.

Obama, the Great Dis-Equalizer

By Glen Ford

The Lords of Capital, for whom Obama is a servant, have nothing to offer but more austerity and war.

What is Wrong With Our Culture


Thought-provoking 5 minutes on the state of the world.

Rotting in Prison for Hosting the Wrong House Guest?

The War on Terror s Insane Abuses Continue.

Why Can t We Move to a World Beyond War?

By David Swanson

The U.S. puppeteer has stuck its arm up the rear end of the United Nations and uninvited Iran from the talks. The people of Syria and Iran are no better off.

How Economists and Policymakers Murdered Our Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

When uncertainty spreads to the dollar, the real crisis will arrive, likely followed by high inflation, exchange controls, pension confiscations, and resurrected illegality of owning gold and silver.

Is This the Big One? The New Wave of Financial Instability

By Mike Whitney

What started as a selloff in emerging markets could snowball into a broader panic that could wipe out the gains of the last four years.

West Manufactures 'Opposition Movements' From Egypt, Ukraine, the Turkish-Syrian border, Cuba and Thailand

By Andre Vltchek

What the West is now doing to the world; igniting conflicts, supporting banditry and terror, sacrificing millions of people for its own commercial interests, is nothing new under the sun. It is called 'ordinary fascism'.

From Information Clearing House


The Bloody History of Interventionism

American Fascism and the Power of Peace

American Fascism

America Is a Prison Nation

Another US Generated Cold War?

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