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Living the Orwellian Life

Kathleen Sharp, Truthout: George Orwell s classic political thriller is more than just fiction for the writers, journalists and activists affected by the intrusive tactics of the NSA and their surveillance program.


The Perfect Epitaph for Establishment Journalism


The Secret State is Just Itching to Gag the Press

By Jonathan Freedland

In this grim new world a newspaper editor could face the threat of jail simply for doing what journalists are meant to do, probing into those corners of public life the powerful would prefer stayed hidden.

Orwell: No One Ever Seizes Power With The Intention Of Relinquishing It.

By Aaron Dykes

Mankind wouldn t face naked oppression as much as he would be pacified by easily obtained goods, engineered societal rewards and the use of literal opiates, refined pharmaceutical drugs, to make the masses "learn to love their servitude."

U.S. and U.K. Attack Independent Journalists

As part of this effort to suppress information which would reveal the government s hypocrisy, the American government, like the British government, is treating journalists as terrorists.

From Information Clearing House


A Society Perverted by Orwellian Newspeak, Hypersensitivity, and Lack of Clarity

Gutachten: Hartz IV noch immer verfassungswidrig!topic/omeganews/ChFzbc3Rnww

Blacklisted for Being Muslim

By Yvonne Ridley

As UK construction firms pay compensation for unlawful blacklisting, Muslims start to appear on neo-McCarthyite lists.

"The Guardian" Falls Under the Shadow of McCarthyism

By Walter Oppenheimer

Is there anything more McCarthyesque than insinuating that someone who commits a politically significant act is not a patriot?

Shooting the Messenger

By Chris Hedges

If the war on terror was, in actuality, a war to protect us rather than an excuse to enslave us we could take as serious our leaders' warnings about loss of secrecy.

India Must Rename Cyclone Phailin and Call Attention to Global Warming

World Food Day: Cook Organic, Not the Planet


The Coming Plague

By Stephen Leahy

A climate plague affecting every living thing will likely start in 2020 in southern Indonesia, scientists warned Wednesday in the journal Nature. A few years later the plague will have spread throughout the world s tropical regions.

Syria Pundits' Ties to Defense Industry


The Military-Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War


New research shows many so-called experts who appeared on television making the case for U.S. strikes on Syria had undisclosed ties to military contractors.

Cybermobbing: Bedroht und verleumdet

Lübecker Nachrichten

Ein zweijähriger Albtraum: Die Cybermobbing-Attacken sind dokumentiert und ... von sogenanntem Cybermobbing den Tätern oft hilflos gegenüberstehen.

From EMR-Updates

Genetic modification: The greatest threat to humanity?

Monsanto practically a government agency


Food Democracy: Rule of the People or Corporations?


World marches against GMO food

Berlin, Strasbourg, Chicago, London, Sydney and Mumbai are just a few of the 500 cities worldwide involved in the rallies, with each one drawing hundreds.

From Information Clearing House


The Mainstream Corporate Media and the US Government Shill for Toxic Monsanto

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Monsanto, the corporate mainstream media under-reporting stories such as the suicide epidemic in India and buffoonish commentary on GMOs by the likes of Thomas Friedman.

Three Big Blows for GMO Food

Ocean Robbins, AlterNet: Just three days ago, Mexico banned genetically engineered corn. At the same time, the County Council for the island of Kauai passed a law that mandates farms to disclose pesticide use and the presence of genetically modified crops. But perhaps the biggest bombshell of all is now unfolding in Washington state.


Bill Gates and Monsanto Bully Africa!topic/omeganews/CXZxfFhbdEM

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