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There Is No Such Thing as the Tea Party, There Is Only a Collection of Billionaires

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: The Tea Party is a creation of billionaires intent on destroying our government, preventing Americans from getting access to health care, and sabotaging any attempt to regulate Wall Street or the oil industry.

Conservatives Celebrate Shutdown of Government They Hate

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America s Future: Republicans are exercising the one power that the American people have not yet been able to take away from them: the power to destroy. Conservatives are 'giddy' over shutting down the government. This is who they are.

Crazy Like Foxes

Heather Parton, Campaign for America s Future: One of the major misunderstandings of this budget mess is that it s about Republicans just running around willy-nilly screaming 'nonononono' like toddlers having a temper tantrum. That s not what s happening. This is a strategy.

Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Those two-and-a-half Republicans you know are energetic voters, and they throw enormous weight in American politics; that s why the government is shut down and a disastrous default looms, in case you were wondering.

The GOP s Shutdown Tab: $1 Billion and Counting

Richard Eskow, Campaign for America's Future: The shutdown bill already has come to roughly $1 billion as of Thursday, and it is growing. The worst time to play fiscal games is when the economy already is in danger, and that's exactly what Republicans are doing.

Obamacare: The GOP s Waterloo

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: The 'me society' billionaires fear that once Americans understand that Obamacare isn t some evil socialist scheme, they ll start to see through the Republicans' other lies about the dangers of government regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry and Wall Street.

In the US, a Political Showdown Over Health Care

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: The cause for which most of the GOP is willing to threaten the chaos of a shutdown is the noble endeavor of ensuring that tens of millions of Americans continue to lack essential health care.

Washington s Warring Brothers

Staff, Socialist Worker: This month s battles over the budget and the Tea Party Republicans' fanaticism about the health care law obscure the two parties' common commitment to austerity.

Kings, Warlords and Theocrats Have No Place in America

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Despite claiming to love America and its history of democracy and justice, radical right-wing politicians are placing the US back in a state of antiquated feudalism, where the power is not with the people but in the hands of the ruling class.


Business as Usual: Wall Street Ignores Government Shutdown

U.S. Treasury Warns of What s to Come: 'Catastrophic Effect?Could Last for More Than a Generation'


The Real Crisis Is Not The Government Shutdown

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is difficult to imagine a more discouraging situation. At this time, collapse seems the most likely forecast.

Congressional 'Mad Dogs' Render the Powerful Powerless

By Ralph Nader

These 'mad dogs' do not obey their owners, they embarrass them and make our tepid economic recovery shudder. They shake foreign allies' confidence in the super-power, whose lawless military Empire budgets are mostly untouched by the shutdown.

US shutdown a smokescreen for assault on Social Security, Medicare

In an interview on day two of the partial shutdown of the US government, President Barack Obama offered talks on cutting basic social programs such as Medicare and Social Security in return for Republican support for funding federal operations and raising the national debt ceiling.

Is The Federal Government A Drug-Induced Hallucination?

By David Swanson

Everything useful is shut down. Everything deadly is up and running. And a gang of truckers is on its way to DC to shut down the government.

If Dems Give In, Social Security And Medicare Will Be Future Hostages

They continue these tactics because it is getting them what they, and the billionaires and giant corporations who fund them, want. They do it because it works. And then they do it again, because it worked.

Wall Street Bets a Quadrillion of Everybody Else s Money

By Glen Ford

"Even if the whole planet were offered as collateral, it could not cover Wall Street s bets."

Postcard from the End of America: Vineland

By Linh Dinh

The powerful can openly exercise their insanity while the rest of us will be beaten down for the slightest tick.

From Information Clearing House


Amid Shutdown, Divided Government Agrees on One Thing: War

On the Sabotage of Democracy

The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

Let s Get This Class War Started


IMF: US debt crisis threatens world economy

BBC News [UK state media]


IMF managing director Christine Lagarde says failure to raise the US debt ceiling would be a far worse threat to the global economy than the current shutdown. The shutdown is due to a budget standoff between President Barack Obama and Congress. But a worse problem looms: the US will run out of money if there is no agreement to raise the borrowing limit. Ms Lagarde s comments were echoed by the US Treasury...

Shutdown not stopping government from wasting your money

Campaign for Liberty
by Norm Singleton


Americans who are concerned that the government 'shutdown' may stop the politicians and the bureaucrats from wasting our tax dollars can breathe easy. The Federal Government is continuing to waste money, The Daily Caller has compiled a list of seven stupid things the government is wasting your money on...

Bipartisan self-destruction

San Francisco Chronicle
by Debra j. Saunders


The Republican Party is paying a steep price for the House Republicans' decision to follow Sen. Ted Cruz s self-destructive crusade to partially shut down the government in a reckless gambit to defund Obamacare. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll completed Oct. 9, 70 percent of respondents disapproved of congressional Republicans, while President Obama s rating blipped up a couple of points. Fortunately for the GOP, the bad news for congressional Republicans led some D.C. Democrats to overplay their hand by allowing the partial shutdown to appear more painful than it need be...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Republican Tyranny


'Ideologically radical and epistemically closed' GOP has started 'a fight with no rules',+Campaign


Hintergründe des US-Haushaltsstreits und des Wall-Street-Booms

Die hohe Kunst der Bilanzfälschung

Die Schwäche der Opposition hält Regierung an der Macht


To Change the World, We Have to Change the Game

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