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Is the FISA Court Constitutional?

Who Killed the Constitution?

The emperor in denial

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


President Obama tries to have it both ways when talking of American foreign policy. He sold himself to the public in 2008 as a more prudential steward of U.S. power. He would avoid 'dumb wars,' as he had called the Iraq fiasco in a speech years before. He would save money by bringing the troops home from that place, and direct the resources toward the domestic fiscal mess. He would abolish torture and end the Bush-era programs of indefinite detention and Patriot Act?style surveillance. We all know that he?s disappointed many of his supporters in the realm of national security. The letters, 'N S A,' tell us all we need to know. The truth, however, is that Obama has always embraced a very active role for U.S. militarism abroad, which puts serious limits on his ability to serve as a peace president, even if he wanted to...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Empire President: Jeremy Scahill on Obama s 'Neo Con' Doctrine of Military Force in U.N. Speech


'[Obama] basically came out and said the U.S. is an imperialist nation and we are going to do whatever we need to do to conquer areas [and] take resources from people around the world,' says independent journalist Jeremy Scahill.

Email surveillance could reveal journalists' sources, expert claims

Phil Zimmermann, inventor of PGP encryption, urges shift away from consumer email.

UN rights expert deplores US torture of prisoner s

A U.N. human rights expert on torture urged U.S. authorities Monday to end four decades of solitary confinement for a former Black Panther convicted of murdering a Louisiana prison guard. U.N. special rapporteur Juan Mendez said the indefinite solitary confinement imposed on Albert Woodfox 'clearly amounts to torture.'

US Torture On A Daily Basis


Do you have the stomach to watch?

Teen spends 3 years in infamous New York jail without ever being convicted

A young Bronx teenager spent three years in the infamously violent Rikers Island prison complex without ever being convicted of a crime.

From Information Clearing House


Imperial Rage and Madness

South America studies how to curb US spying

Hartford Courant


South American nations are jointly exploring the creation of a communications system to curtail U.S. spying in the region, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said on Wednesday. He said the idea was to set up a common platform to 'minimize risks of being spied on' and added the project was an outgrowth of the disclosures by former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden on U.S. spying worldwide...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Sen. Ron Wyden: NSA 'Repeatedly Deceived the American People'

By Glenn Greenwald

There are two members of that Committee who actually do take seriously its oversight mandate: Democrats Ron Wyden and Mark Udall.

Cutting the Cord: Brazil s Bold Plan to Combat the NSA

By Amar Toor

President Dilma Rousseff wants to route internet traffic away from the US, but experts say it will do little to deter American espionage.

Metadata May Not Catch Many Terrorists, But It s Great at Busting Journalists' Sources

The National Security Agency says that the telephone metadata it collects on every American is essential for finding terrorists. And that s debatable. But this we know for sure: Metadata is very useful for tracking journalists and discovering their sources.

NSA Head, General Keith Alexander, Wants 'All the Phone Records' of Americans

General Keith Alexander, who is head of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, told Congress that there was no 'upper limit' as to how many telephone records the U.S. government wants to collect.

From Information Clearing House


NSA using massive datamining to 'graph' US citizens' social connections


The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown

Target or Not, the NSA is Storing the Metadata of Millions

UK Detention of Reprieve activist consistent with NSA s view of drone opponents as 'threats' and 'adversaries'

By Glenn Greenwald

A top secret NSA document provides context for yesterday s abusive detention of Baraa Shiban.

How I learned to Stop Feeling Safe in My Own Country and Hate Border Agents

Audio and Transcript

Earlier this month, producer Sarah Abdurrahman, her family, and her friends were detained for hours by US Customs and Border Protection on their way home from Canada. Everyone being held was a US citizen, and no one received an explanation.

Their American Dream is Now a Nightmare

Feds Raid Family Grocery Store s Checking Account


In January 2013, without warning, the federal government used civil forfeiture to seize all of the money from the Dehkos' store bank account (more than $35,000) even though they have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The Government Leakers Who Truly Endanger America Will Never Face Prosecution


Secrecy is for the convenience of the state. To support military adventures and budgets, vast troves of U.S. government secrets are routinely released not by lone dissident whistle-blowers but rather skilled teams of government officials.

Glenn Greenwald on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and Spying


BBC Newsnight

Full Interview.

Metropolitan police detained David Miranda for promoting 'political' causes

Justification for airport detention of partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald alarms human rights groups and Tory MP.

GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance

The German, French, Spanish and Swedish intelligence services have all developed methods of mass surveillance of internet and phone traffic over the past five years in close partnership with Britain s GCHQ eavesdropping agency.

From Information Clearing House


Baraa Shiban: Like David Miranda, I Was Interrogated at a British Airport Under Terrorism Law

Investigating Detention and Questioning of Yemeni Human Rights Activist at Gatwick

Leaked Memos Reveal GCHQ Efforts to Keep Mass Surveillance Secret


The language of tyrants
by Justin Raimondo


If there was ever any doubt that the formerly 'Great' Britain of today has devolved into a stinkhole of authoritarianism, a proposition I advanced in a recent column, it has been dispelled by the news that the British authorities justified the detainment of David Miranda by claiming that, in transporting materials released by Edward Snowden through Heathrow airport, he was engaged in a 'terrorist' act"...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Warum nicht schwarz-grün?ün

Iran setzt auf Kooperation

'Die SPD leidet unter demselben Auszehrungsprozess der Idee des Sozialismus wie die FDP unter der des Liberalismus'

Fritz Goergen, einstiger Berater Möllemanns und Westerwelles ('Strategie 18'), über das Scheitern der FDP und die Aussichten der Partei.

Invited to Testify by Congress, Anti-Drone Advocate Denied US Visa

'My Mother Was Killed by a US Drone'


Noam Chomsky on the Era of the Drone

By Steven Garbas

'There s a global assassination campaign going on which is pretty interesting when you look into how it's done.'

Greenwald, Scahill Vow to Unmask NSA s 'US Assassination Program'


'The really important thing to realize is the desire for surveillance is not a uniquely American attribute,' said Greenwald.

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