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The Dead Rhetoric of War

By Chris Hedges

War is no longer able to divert Americans from the economic and political decay that is rapidly turning the nation into a corporate oligarchy, a nation where 'the consent of the governed' is a cruel joke.

The Typical American Family Makes Less Than it Did in 1989

By Neil Irwin

The most depressing fact about the economy is not the fact that household incomes were basically flat in 2012 (the real median household income was down to $51,017 from $51,100 in 2011, a statistically insignificant change). It wasn t even the fact that 15 percent of the U.S. population was living in poverty.

Poverty in the USA: 2013: When Even Diapers Are a Luxury

By Katha Pollitt

Being a poor mother in the United States today means re-using diapers and struggling to afford food. But House Republicans think they have it too easy.

Government Hands $1 Trillion+ To Wealthy While Deficit Is $642 Billion

By Dave Johnson

According to the report, lots of 1%ers will pay no taxes at all this year, while the country cuts jobs and services in the name of cutting the deficit.

Despite All Our Rage, We Are Still just Debt Slaves In A Mental Cage.

By David DeGraw

As America steadily burns, with a once proud middle class collapsing, these crimes against humanity continue to escalate, and the richer are getting insanely richer. US millionaire households now have $50 TRILLION in wealth, with an estimated $11 trillion of that wealth hidden in offshore accounts.

Top 1% Getting 95% of Income Gains

A recent study reveals that the top 10% of earners in the U.S. took home more than half the country s total income in 2012. That s the highest level recorded since the government began collecting the data a century ago, according to a New York Times analysis.

Employment Gap Between Rich, Poor Widest on Record

Rates of unemployment for the lowest-income families, those earning less than $20,000, have topped 21 percent, nearly matching the rate for all workers during the 1930s Great Depression.

Poverty still at record high while income stagnates

The official poverty rate remained at 15 percent in 2012 for a second consecutive year. That means that 46.5 million Americans are impoverished, a record-high number that is unchanged from 2011's estimate. Since the beginning of the recession, poverty is up 2.5 percentage points.

'All you can do is pray': What poverty in America really looks like

By Barbara Raab

Camden, N.J. Once the proud home to companies like RCA Victor, and the biggest shipbuilding company in the world, Camden is now better known for poverty, violence and blight. According to the new Census data, the overall poverty rate in the city is 39.3 percent; more than half of Camdens children, 53.3 percent, live below the poverty line.

Fed robbing poor to pay rich


The Federal Reserve isn t just inflating markets but is shifting a massive amount of wealth from the middle class and poor to the rich, according to billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller.

Bernanke s Head Fake Sends Stocks Soaring

By Mike Whitney

The injections have merely boosted profits on inflated asset prices for financial parasites and speculators.

From Information Clearing House


The House s Un-American Activities


The Misery Trick: Republican Bait-and-Switch on the Budget

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America s Future: This bait-and-switch offer from Republicans to keep the government running will raise unemployment, hurt businesses, cut the economy, harm families and could destroy the recovery.,+Campaign

Global Smart ID For All UK Citizens

My comment: People are giving away their freedom, integrity and independence. Why are they so keen on becoming electronic prisoners?

Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


Weshalb wird der Strom für Privathaushalte immer teurer? Ist es wirklich die Energiewende?

Das Strompreislabyrinth

Ende der Volleinspeisung in Sicht

Statkraft hat in Deutschland ein bundesweites virtuelles 4,4 GW Kraftwerk durch Zusammenschalten von Windkraftanlagen realisiert.


Energiewende kann Strompreis um vier Cent je Kilowattstunde senken

juwi-Chef Willenbacher fordert CO2-Steuer und weniger Ausnahmen bei der EEG-Umlage.


'Und dann hören wir jedes Mal, dass ein Waffenverbot nichts ändert'

'Yet another mass shooting': Die Reaktionen nach dem Amoklauf in Washington weisen auf Hilflosigkeit und Resignation und die Macht der National Rifle Association.


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