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Chemtrail Poisons are Ruining Your Health from Above, and You may Not Know

Americans no longer interested in policing the world

Raw Story
by Michael Cohen


After 12 years of endless war; after Afghanistan, after Iraq, after Libya, after the drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the American people have had enough. There is perhaps no better explanation for the rather remarkable situation unfolding right now in Washington. President Obama has gone to the US Congress to ask for a military authorization for the use of force against Syria after its international-norm-breaking use of chemical weapons against its own people...

Empty moralism on Syria

by Steve Chapman


The advocates of war against Syria have taken Theodore Roosevelt s advice and turned it upside down. They believe that in confronting Bashar al-Assad, the United States should speak loudly and carry a tiny stick...

Precedent for dictatorship

by Norman Pollack


Obama s movement toward war, simultaneously making a pitch to Congress, as though going through the motions for the sake of legitimacy, in domestic affairs (i.e., supposedly satisfying Constitutional requirements and principles), while, except for the lame arguments of humanitarian intervention and a threat to America s national interest, he s vulgarizing the interpretation of international law. Obama appears to be doing this in order to gain exemption from the valid charge of war crimes and outright contemptuously repudiating the status and power of the United Nations, in particular, by-passing the need for Security Council approval for war, is too 'cute,' far more dangerous in the precedent he is creating for arbitrary (domestic) and unilateral (international) actions than anything that had been done by Reagan, Clinton, and Bush I and II...

We live in a police state
by Justin Raimondo


Here is a perfect illustration of how the advancement of government power works: give them an inch or three, access to 'meta-data', and they take a mile. What we wind up with is a perfect framework for a police state. Although we still don t know how many innocent Americans have been caught up in this dragnet, the old 'six degrees of separation' principle certainly applies in this case: anybody can be 'linked' to anybody, given the sheer amount of information at the government?s disposal...

The standing army marches on

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


Throughout American history, the distinction between law enforcement and military force was often blurred. Early on, the state militia carried out both kinds of functions. In the midst of abuse during Reconstruction, the Posse Comitatus Act sought to sharpen the distinction, but the modern era occasioned the carving of major exceptions into this law. By the late 20th century, the drug war allowed for major exemptions. The war on terror has further nationalized and militarized law enforcement. So today the nation s various police departments have taken on the role of standing armies, such that they run afoul of the spirit of the Third Amendment on a daily basis...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Syrian Chemical Con-Job?

Annals of the Police State

Dictatorships: Why Does the US Love Them?

The Police State: A Ghastly Product of the Left

Drones, Red Light Cameras, and the Total Spy State?

They call it freedom.


When the Police Become a Standing Army, Liberty is Sacrificed Without Security

Radley Balko, Truthout/PublicAffairs Books: There has been a generation-long shift to increasingly aggressive, militaristic and arguably unconstitutional policing, one that would have shocked the conscience of America s founders, according to Balko Radley. Read an excerpt from his book 'Rise Of The Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America s Police Forces.'

Could America Become a Police State?

L. Michael Hager, Truthout: Security lobbyists, the media and the government itself continue to stoke public fears of another attack on 'the homeland.' Thus there remains a national preoccupation with 'security,' which trumps our traditional values of freedom and privacy.


Why Russia Is Defending International Law

By Finn Andreen

Russia adopts this position not because of a high moral standard but out of necessity. There are two reasons for this.

The Origins of Our Police State

By Chris Hedges

The tyranny of law enforcement in poor communities is a window into our emerging police state.

Washington s Tyranny

By Paul Craig Roberts

Who will liberate Americans from Washington s tyranny, overthrow the executive branch dictatorship, and bring freedom and democracy to America?

Police State USA: Making the Victim Pay for the Bullet

By William Norman Grigg

The shock and trauma caused the elderly woman to urinate on herself, and she wasn t permitted to clean herself up or change her clothes.

'Freedom s Just Another Word': The Police State of America

By Dave Lindorff

There is one difference between China, the police state I lived in and reported on back in the 1990s, and the US police state of today. In China, everyone knows they are living in a totalitarian society.

'The Insider Threat'

By Annie Machon

Who might reveal crucial information about state crimes to the world s population?

New American Police State


The concepts of war and policing have blurred, both in the media and inside police departments.

No Justice No Peace


Documentary about the struggle against police brutality and racist violence in California.

From Information Clearing House

Kerry still pushes Senate for Syria action

The US secretary of state spoke before the US Senate s Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, a day after the chamber decided to delay a vote on use of force, originally scheduled for Wednesday. He told the committee that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had responded to calls for diplomacy with violence, and that it was the Syrian regime, not the US government, that had chosen the current situation.

John Kerry accused of lying about being opposed to the Iraq War

Secretary of State John Kerry added to his public embarrassments as he was accused of lying today when he claimed that he and Secretary of State Chuck Hagel had 'opposed the president s decision to go into Iraq'.

Senate delays Syria vote as Obama loses momentum

President Obama s push for congressional approval for military airstrikes in Syria ran aground Monday, forcing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to delay a procedural vote as opposition builds among senators in both parties.

Pro-Israel groups in United States scramble to save Syria strike resolution

AIPAC, AJC, WJC lobby as over 150 House members signal they will oppose measure; Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, an American Israel Public Affairs Committee official acknowledged the difficulty of the task ahead, calling it a 'challenge well worth undertaking.' 'It s difficult, but it s doable,' the official said.

Leaked Iranian letter warned US that Syrian rebels have chemical weapons

According to leaked diplomatic correspondence, Iran has been warning Washington since July 2012 that Sunni rebel fighters have acquired chemical weapons, and called on the US to send 'an immediate and serious warning' to rebel groups not to use them.

'CIA fabricated evidence to lure US into war with Syria'

The intelligence gathered against Syria s Assad was manufactured by elements within the spy community in order to mislead the US President to take punitive action, Ray McGovern, a veteran CIA analyst, told RT.

Sign the Peace Voter Pledge: Send a message to Congress that they will hear and understand

'I pledge that I will not vote to reelect any member of Congress who votes for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Syria.'

NSA Spying Seen Risking Billions in U.S. Technology Sales

A congressional committee s effective blacklisting of Huawei Technologies Co. s products from the U.S. telecommunications market over allegations they can enable Chinese spying may come back to bite Silicon Valley.

The NSA machine: Too big for anyone to understand

Newly declassified documents released Tuesday tell a story of a surveillance apparatus so unwieldy and complex that nobody fully comprehended it, even as the government pointed it at the American people in the name of protecting them.

No More War for Israel?

By Jean Bricmont and Diana Johnstone

Let us not forget that Iraq and Libya also gave up their weapons of mass destruction, only to be attacked later. Those whose war plans have been interrupted can be expected to come up with new
maneuvers to regain the initiative.

Jews say no to AIPAC and say no to bombing Syria

In three days 100 Jews from around the world signed on to a statement sharply critical of AIPAC and other Jewish bodies lobbying for President Obama s war resolution against Syria.

From Information Clearing House


Some in US Intel. Community Reject Obama Admin Case for Syria Attack

Obama s National Security Advisor Delivers Myth-Addled Speech on Waging War on Syria

Thousands Attend Anti-War Vigils in 165 Cities, Urge Congress to Oppose Syria Strikes

NSA Memo Shows US Gives Israel Access to 'Raw' Spy Data

Instead of 'Illegal' Threat to Syria, US Should Back Chemical Weapons Ban in All Nations

On Obama s Syria Address

Kerry, Kissinger and the Other Sept. 11


How Syria Plays Into AIPAC Mythology

Megan Iorio, Just Foreign Policy: Why does AIPAC think that we should bomb Syria? To set an example for Iran.


America Says 'No!' to a Beltway War

Obama, Syria, and Interventionism: Ten Questions Worth Pondering

Western Rationality

By Thierry Meyssan

War propaganda is the most serious crime because it makes all other crimes possible.

Help Kickstart World War III!


President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!.

Watching This Video Could Help Prevent Us From Going To War With Syria


Call your Representative NOW and demand they say NO to bombing Syria! 1-888-981-7872.


Unwise and undeterred

Cato Institute
by Richard W. Rahn


Doubling down on mistakes is a fool s gamble. Leaders who cannot see beyond Stage One often cause great harm. Unfortunately for the United States and the world, President Obama continues to exhibit a strange naivete and a lack of wisdom about domestic and foreign problems, Syria just being the latest example.

Obama s old bag of tricks won t persuade us

Christian Science Monitor
by John J. Pitney Jr.


In the Syria debate, President Obama s toughest opponent is State Senator Barack Obama. In 2002, when he was an Illinois legislator, he made a speech against the Iraq War. Military action did not make sense, he said, because Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent and direct threat to the United States or to his neighbors,' and President Bush was acting 'without a clear rationale and without strong international support.' Not only does the speech supply opponents of a Syria attack with quotable lines, it also serves as a reminder that a vote for military action in Syria carries huge political risk while a vote against it can become a political asset...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Victim Blaming durch den Bundesinnenminister

'Victim Blaming' bedeutet, dass Opfer zu Tätern gemacht werden bzw. ihnen unterstellt wird, dass sie selbst schuld an dem sind, was ihnen zugestoßen ist. In der NSA-Affäre wird dies vor allen Dingen vom Bundesinnenminister betrieben.

NSA hat auch SWIFT-Daten im Überwachungsprogramm

In Brasilien veröffentlichte Snowden-Dokumente untermauern den Vorwurf, die NSA betreibe auch Industriespionage.


Überwachung vs. Demokratie. Staat im Selbstzerstörungsmodus

'Das Immunsystem des demokratischen Rechtsstaates versagt. Die
umfassende Überwachung verhindert eine Kontrolle durch die
Gesellschaft?' Artikel von Leena Simon in der taz online vom 07. 09.

Aus: LabourNet, 11. September 2013Überwachung

INSA-Umfrage: FDP sackt auf vier Prozent ab

Union und Rot-Grün gleichauf, aber ohne absolute Mandatsmehrheit.

Linkspartei wirbt für Politikwechsel

Die SPD wird Rot-Rot-Grün weiterhin ablehnen, aber die Linkspartei könnte davon auch profitieren, zumal eine rot-grüne Koalition ausgeschlossen scheint.


Kandidaten von Kleinparteien gegen Krieg

In 249 von 299 deutschen Wahlkreisen können die Bürger am 22. September Erststimmenbewerber wählen, die explizit versprochen haben, gegen Auslandseinsätze der Bundeswehr zu stimmen.


Bundeswehr-Einsatz im Ruhrcongress: Massive Proteste ankündigt

'Bochum. Am 11. Juni blockierten und verhinderten etwa 40 Studierende und AntimilitaristInnen einen Werbevortrag der Bundeswehr an der Ruhr-Uni. Nun will die Bundeswehr erneut für Kriegseinsätze bzw. deren 'zivile' Vorbereitung werben. Am 9. und 10. Oktober werden Jugendoffiziere versuchen, mit einem Stand auf der 'Berufsbildungsmesse mittleres Ruhrgebiet' im RuhrCongress um Nachwuchs zu buhlen. Der Bundeswehr-Einsatz ist in Bochum ist höchst umstritten. Noch im Juli hatte das Jugendamt die Bundeswehr ausgeladen und war somit der UN-Kinderrechtskonvention nachgekommen, die Militärwerbung bei Minderjährigen untersagt. Dies wollten Bundeswehr und CDU nicht hinnehmen. Nun wird der Rat der Stadt Bochum am Donnerstag über die Präsenz der BW-Recruiting-Abteilung entscheiden. Als wahrscheinlich gilt ein 'Kompromiss', dahin gehend, dass die Bundeswehr nur für 'zivile Berufe' werben soll. (?) Wir werden es uns nicht nehmen lassen, unseren Unmut auch außerhalb der Universität, im Ruhrcongress, zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Unter dem Motto ?Krieg beginnt hier? werden wir den Bundeswehr-Stand zusammen mit Bochumer SchülerInnen massiv stören.'?" Pressemitteilung des Protestplenums an der RUB vom 25.9.2013

Aus: LabourNet, 27. September 2013


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