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Congress Denied Syrian Facts, Too

Robert Parry, Consortium News: While seeking authority for a limited war with Syria, the Obama administration withheld from the American people the US intelligence on the alleged chemical weapons attack of August 21, amid assurances that Congress got all the secret details. But that doesn t appear to be true.

Obama s Syrian 'Doomsday Machine'

Robert Parry, Consortium News: By setting in motion a possibly catastrophic plan to bomb Syria, President Obama has created what amounts to a 'doomsday machine' that could detonate if not disarmed by a breakthrough on peace talks.

Obama s Case for Syria Didn t Reflect Intel Consensus

Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service: An IPS analysis reveals that the Syrian chemical summary sent to Congress is highly biased, reflecting the consensus of the Obama administration instead of an objective, intelligence community assessment.

The US Has No Credibility Dealing With Chemical Weapons

Stephen Zunes, Truthout: Had the United States pursued a policy halting the proliferation of chemical and other nonconventional weapons through region-wide disarmament when it was proposed in 2003 by Syria, it is likely there would be no apparent use of such ordnance and no present rush to war on that basis, says Zunes.


Toll-free number to the U.S. Capitol for Syria calls

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers) has set up a toll-free telephone number to the U.S. Capitol switchboard for people to call their members of Congress to oppose war with Syria. The number is 1-855-686-6927. Please forward this email to other email lists and to your friends.

Information on Syria is at

David Culp, Legislative Representative
Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers)
245 Second St., NE
Washington, DC 20002
Email: david(at)


Act Now! Say No To War On Syria


Here s the Best Way to Tell Congress Your Opinion on Syria.

Russian Chess Move Stalls US Actions As Al-Qaeda s Air Force

By Pepe Escobar

Russia throws a lifeline to save US President Barack Obama from his self-spun 'red line'.

From Hiroshima to Syria, The Enemy Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

By John Pilger

The intrinsic criminality of the atomic bombing is borne out in the US National Archives and by the subsequent decades of militarism camouflaged as democracy. The Syria psychodrama exemplifies this.

Obama s Rogue State Tramples Over Every Law It Demands Others Uphold

By George Monbiot

For 67 years the US has pursued its own interests at the expense of global justice, no wonder people are sceptical now.

As With Iraq, New York Times Propagates Demonstrable Lies About Syrian WMD

By Jeremy R. Hammond

This is the same kind of propagandistic reporting that the Times engaged in prior to the U.S. war on Iraq. Once again, it is evident that America's 'newspaper of record' is serving as a mouthpiece for the U.S. government.

US Journalists and War Crime Guilt

By Peter Dyer

War propaganda is still legal and very much alive, flourishing, in fact, as demonstrated by periodic calls for one more invasion of a country which has never threatened the U.S.

US Attack On Syria For Israel

Video and Audio

Gen. Vallely says that General Idris, whom Senator John McCain proclaims as the key 'good guy', should not be considered an ally of the United States.

A War for Israel

By Paul Larudee

Never before have the people and the Israel Lobby been so clearly on opposite sides. Who will prevail?


Spare us the Hypocrisy Over Chemical Weapons, America. What about Agent Orange?

10 Chemical Attacks Washington Tends to Ignore

Russia urges Syria hand over chemical weapons to intl control to avoid strike


Intelligence on Syria: Different this time?

by David Wise


The long shadow of the faulty, hyped intelligence in the run-up to the war in Iraq has posed a huge barrier to President Barack Obama s efforts to win public and congressional support for a limited missile strike against Syria. Remember the 'mushroom cloud?' Both President George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice, his national security adviser, used that terrifying phrase, invoking images of a nuclear holocaust, to push America along the road to war...None of it was true...

Obama s Syrian folly

Liberty Unbound
by Jon Harrison


One hopes that the strikes will be limited, and that we will then declare that Assad has been taught a lesson, followed by a return to the status quo ante. Syria s allies will choose not to act, and the war will not spread. But in the past few days the Defense Department has expanded its list of targets, some of which will require attacks by strike aircraft. An air campaign stretching out for days or possibly even weeks could be in the offing. Such an expanded campaign is more likely to provoke a response from Syria and Syria s friends. A longer, messier intervention by US forces could conceivably devolve into a regional war. If events spin out of control, the possibility of boots on the ground cannot be excluded...

Can this war be stopped?
by Justin Raimondo


The world holds its collective breath as the President of the United States calls for military action in Syria, Congress debates the question, and the war-sickened American public asks: What s next?

Sequestration, costs of war and Syria

Campaign For Liberty Campaign for Liberty
by Michael Clayton


With U.S. military intervention in Syria looming, some are worried that sequester cuts to the defense budget will impair the ability of the military to efficiently complete the job, giving the White House an upper hand in the fast-approaching fiscal showdown. Sequestration has reduced the Pentagon s budget by about $37 billion this year, with at least another $50 billion of reductions scheduled for the next fiscal year. The goal of the Obama Administration is to show that these reductions will severely hurt the Pentagon so that the GOP defense hawks will accept new taxes as part of deal to increase the Pentagon s budget...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


USA Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological and Chemical Weapons in History!topic/omeganews/6BdhBqfHlaQ


Tell Obama that War on Syria Crosses ?Red Line? Set by U.S. Constitution


Instead of attacking, 'we could work to strengthen international law'


Corporate chemical warfare


Shake a Stick in Post-Financial Collapse America, and One Hits Poverty

Sasha Abramsky, Nation Books: National 'austerity' pressure to further cut the social safety net only increases the plight of US citizens struggling to survive, as Sasha Abramsky discusses in this excerpt from his new book, The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives.


Austerity Threatens to Push 25 Million More Into Poverty

The American Way of Poverty: Sasha Abramsky on the Forgotten Poor

Suicides Spike in Age of Austerity

The Poorest Americans are Children and the Poorest Children are Black, Hispanic and Under Six

Austerity Brings Poverty, Despair, 'Quiet Desperation' to Europe


Black People are Worse Off Financially Than Any Other Group in America

The most recent U.S. Census report reveals that minorities have the highest poverty rates in the richest nation in the world. 27.2 percent of African-Americans and 25.6 percent of Latinos are at or below the poverty threshold. African-Americans, collectively, are the poorest of all ethnic and racial groups in America.

From Information Clearing House


As the Fantasy Dies: 'Panic Will Ensue'

Gegenwind für Obama: Selbst Feinde verbünden sich gegen Militärschlag

Assad weist Giftgas-Vorwurf zurück und droht mit Vergeltung


Obama trommelt für Zustimmungärschlag

The Political Calculations behind Growing Inequality

Sam Pizzigati, Other Words: A gusher of campaign cash is driving our politicians to chase the comfortable lifestyle of big business endorsements as politics becomes more about the bottom line than genuine change.

From Truthout

After the Shutdown, Maybe a Little Equality?

Sam Pizzigati, Too Much: Executives at private companies with federal contracts are getting rich off our tax dollars, at the expense of their low-wage workers. Today, more than ever, we need to refocus the federal 'tax and spend' debate, from deficits to inequality.

Subsidizing Economic Inequality

Sam Pizzigati, Other Words: The federal government, we ought to keep in mind, already denies our tax dollars to companies with employment practices that discriminate on the basis of race or gender. We have decided, as a society, not to subsidize racial or gender inequality. Why should we subsidize economic inequality?


How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

TED Video

Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.

'Inequality for All': Documentary tracks American income gap


Last year the gap between the wealthiest one percent of Americans and the rest of the country reached its widest point since the Gilded Age of the 1920s, according to global economists. The so called 'One Percenters' earned 20 percent of American income last year.

From Information Clearing House


Inequality for All: Robert Reich Warns Record Income Gap Undermines Democracy

Jimmy Carter Slams Growing Inequality, Crumbling Middle Class

Campaign Cash Rules Drown in the Bathtub

Obama Increasingly Isolated on Syria Military Action

Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service: After a week of hard campaigning for military intervention in Syria, President Obama continues to be unsuccessful in gaining support, a reality that some say might signal that the US centered global power system may no longer be sustainable.

Obama Should Seek Legal Prosecution, Not Illegal War

Kevin Zeese, The Green Shadow Cabinet: 'The most effective deterrent against the use of chemical weapons is not the mass bombing of Syria, an action that would be illegal under international law...but to use the international legal system that has been built since World War I and take legal action under the Chemical Weapons Convention,' writes Kevin Zeese of the Green Shadow Cabinet.

Obama Wants Regime Change in Syria, It s Not Just About the WMD

Gaius Publius, The America Blog: More than the issue of chemical weapons the Obama administration supports military intervention in Syria to upset Assad s regime and develop a moderate center that will favor Western political and economic policies.

US Pulls Staff from Outposts in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq

Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy Newspapers: Citing tensions from the crisis in neighboring Syria, the State Department has pulled all non-essential staff from Lebanon. While this is endorsed as an act of general caution there are some rumors that there might be a direct terrorist threat in the area.


We Can t Take International Law Into Our Own Hands


Unemployment at 7.3 percent, but only 63% of Americans are in labor force

Americans are participating in the workforce at the lowest level in 35 years, according to government data released Friday, as lackluster job growth fails to offset the droves of people who have given up looking for work.

One-Sixth of U.S. on Food Stamps?

Food-stamp use grew 2.3% in June from a year earlier, with nearly one-sixth of the U.S. population receiving benefits.

The Number Of Private Sector Jobs Fell By 278,000 Last Month But The Economy Is Getting Better?

Last month, the unemployment rate declined to 7.3 percent. Somehow this happened even though the percentage of working age Americans with a job actually declined and the number of private sector workers fell by 278,000.

Surprise: The Majority of Food Stamp Recipients Live in the 'Burbs

The number of Americans living in suburbs who receive SNAP doubled between 2007 and 2011, and the majority recipients nationwide-55 percent-now live there, according to an analysis of American Community Survey data by the Brookings Institution.

From Information Clearing House

Sind 'Five Eyes' in Wirklichkeit 'Six Eyes'?

In Brüssel wurden Indizien enthüllt, dass Schweden als fleißiger Zuträger für NSA und GCHQ wirkt.


Genmais: Ratten getötet, Studie zurückgehalten

Gentechnisch modifizierter Mais von Monsanto hat Ratten im Versuchslabor getötet.


Pilotprojekt aus Argentinien zeigt Giftbelastung von Gentech-Soja


EU droht mit neuem Genmais: Wir wehren uns

Wahlkampf ist Kampf um die Energieversorgung

Wie die Bundesregierung die Energiewende sabotiert und die Stromkunden schröpft.

Merkel will rasche EEG-Reform

Der Atomausstieg ist geschafft, jetzt muss es aber auch erst mal gut sein mit der Energiewende.

Peter Altmaier erhält Blackout des Monats August

Der Blackout des Monats (BOM) kürt irritierende Bemerkungen aus Politik und Wirtschaft zum Thema Strommarkt und Energiewende.

Gabriel reiht sich in die Reihe der Energiewende-Gegner ein

Gabriel will neue fossile Kraftwerke bauen lassen und sieht Kohlekraftwerke noch auf mehrere Jahrzehnte Strom erzeugen.

'Der Spiegel' und sein Kreuzzug gegen die Erneuerbaren Energien

In der Titelgeschichte der aktuellen Ausgabe beschweren sich die Autoren darüber, dass keine Partei einen Plan für die Energiewende hätte.

Erneuerbare erwirtschaften 17 Milliarden Euro in 2012

Erneuerbare Energien sind Wirtschaftsmotor für Kommunen.

Überzeugungstäter oder Mietmaul mit wissenschaftlichem Anstrich?

Die Abschaffung des Erneuerbaren-Energien-Gesetzes scheint für Justus Haucap eine Passion zu sein. In diversen Medien spricht er sich schon länger für die Einführung eines Quotenmodells aus. Von Björn-Lars Kuhn

Mehr als 800 Bundestagskandidaten positionieren sich zur Energiewende

Regierungsparteien wenig auskunftsfreudig.


Die Verschwörung gegen die Energiewende

Erneuerbare Energien: Schneller Ausbau lohnt

Erneuerbare Energien sparen im Vergleich zu fossil-atomarer Stromerzeugung 54 Milliarden Euro bis 2030.

EEG-Umlage 2014: nur 0,15 Cent/kWh zusätzlich für den Ausbau Erneuerbarer Energien

Sinkende Börsenpreise und mehr Industrieprivilegien lassen Umlage steigen.örsenpreis

Ökostrom-Produktion sinkt: Verbraucher zahlen trotzdem mehr für Strom

Eigentlich soll mit der Umlage nach dem Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG) der stetige Ausbau der erneuerbaren Energien finanziert werden.Ökostrom

Bürgerenergie-Initiativen warnen vor Plänen der Monopolkommission

Schon lange plädiert die Monopolkommission der Bundesregierung für eine Abschaffung des EEG und eine Einführung eines Quotenmodells.

444 für die Bürger-Energiewende

Die stärkste Kraft im Bundestag könnte nach der Wahl nicht mehr die Union, sondern die 'Fraktion für Bürgerenergie' sein.

Energiewende jetzt anpacken

Das UBA hält den Umbau unserer gesamten Energieversorgung bis 2050 für möglich.ürgerenergie

Industrieländer schaden der Umwelt viel mehr als gedacht

Tommy Wiedmann dürfte in dieser Woche einige Politiker und Wissenschaftler vor den Kopf gestoßen haben.

Bevölkerung steht hinter Energiewende

Umfrage: Mehrheit findet Energiewende gut doch Bundesregierung enttäuscht.

Strommarkt der Zukunft benötigt breiten Mix der Erneuerbaren Energien

Steuerbare Stromerzeugung aus Biomasse kann schwankende Produktion von Wind- und Solarstromanlagen ausgleichen.

Solarstrom wird Sozialstrom!

Die beste Luftqualität aller Hauptstädte der Welt hat Reykjavik. Islands Metropole ist zugleich die Welthauptstadt der erneuerbaren Energien. Nicht Deutschland, wie jetzt im Wahlkampf gelegentlich behauptet wurde, ist weltweit führend in der Nutzung regenerativer Energie, sondern das nördlichste Land Europas, geologisch Europas Außenposten und Europas Arktis. Die Wärme in diesem Eis-Land wird nahezu komplett aus Geothermie, der Kraft aus der Tiefe, gewonnen und der Strom zu 80% aus Wasserkraft und zu 20% ebenfalls aus Geothermie. Reykjavik ist eine 'Hauptstadt ohne ein einziges Kamin' sagt unser Reiseführer im Juli 2013. Artikel von Franz Alt

Starke Arbeitsplatzverluste dank Schwarz-Gelb

Seit der Einführung des EEG gab es einen beispiellosen Anstieg der Arbeitsplätze in der Branche der Erneuerbaren Energien.

Monopolkommission fordert erneut Quotenmodell

Die Monopolkommission hat ihren Bericht 'Wettbewerb in Zeiten der Energiewende' um ein Quotenmodell vorgestellt.

Quotenmodelle sind wettbewerbsfeindlich, teuer und für eine echte Energiewende unbrauchbar

Nach Erfahrungen in anderen Ländern verfehlen Quotenmodelle häufig die Ausbauziele für Erneuerbare Energien.

Warum das EEG besser ist als ein Quotenmodell

Wie funktioniert ein Quotenmodell? Wer profitiert von einem Quotenmodell?

Du sollst nicht töten: Es gibt keinen guten Krieg

Jürgen Todenhöfers Sachbuch 'Du sollst nicht töten' ist ein flammendes Plädoyer gegen die Realpolitik im arabischen Raum. Vor allem am Beispiel Syrien verdeutlicht der 72-Jährige, dass Gut und Böse in der Krise oft nicht mehr zu unterscheiden sind. Von Peter Pauls, Chefredakteur Kölner Stadt-Anzeigerürgen+Todenhöferürgen+Todenhöfer

Der Kampf um die Energiewende geht weiter

'Der Kampf geht weiter' schrieb mir der Vater des Erneuerbaren-Energien-Gesetzes (EEG), Hermann Scheer, wenige Tage vor seinem Tod in sein letztes Buch. Diese Vorhersage ist drei Jahre alt und hat sich in der letzten Woche wieder einmal bestätigt: Das EEG muss 'grundlegend reformiert' werden, fordern die Berliner Regierungsparteien, die SPD und jetzt auch die Monopolkommission in einem Gutachten, das nicht zufällig zwei Wochen vor der Bundestagswahl veröffentlicht wurde. Von Franz Alt

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