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China s Consumers Reject GMOs

'Disappearing Rats and Dying Pigs' Are GMOs to Blame?

Keep toxic GM maize out of South Africa



Lindsey Graham Wants War with Iran at the End of the Summer

Sen. Lindsey Graham told a ''cheering'' audience Tuesday that if the relationship between the U.S. and Iran doesn t improve by the end of summer, he will ask Congress to authorize going to war.

Neocons Desperate To Start War Against Iran

By Damian Lataan

It s not a matter of 'if' the US and/or Israel attack Iran, it s a matter of when.

Former Israeli Spy Chief Calls On Israel To Endorse U.S-Iran Nuclear Talks

'Some of the Americans may reach the conclusion that Israel s only goal is to hurt the chances for negotiations with Iran,' he wrote.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki and 'Bomb Iran'

By Marsha Cohen

If the use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during wartime remains morally and militarily questionable, one might think that there would be even less justification for a military strike on Iran, with whom neither Israel nor the US is at war.

U.S. Army Chief Says Military Options Against Iran 'Better' Than A Year Ago

By Haaretz

Israel 'of course wants us to continue to present a credible military threat to support those diplomatic and economic efforts,' the New York Times cited him as saying.

Military Madness: Has Our Species Become Insane?

By Jim McCluskey

1 in 25 people are sociopaths with 'no moral conscience' and these are the people who rise to the top; who are in charge.

From Information Clearing House


Who is the enemy: Edward Snowden or Lindsey Graham?

Downsize DC
by James Wilson


Senator Lindsey Graham wants sanctions imposed on any country granting Edward Snowden asylum. The Senate Appropriations Committee agrees. But...I DENY CONSENT! Snowden served the American public by revealing NSA crimes. It must never be a crime to expose crimes. To oppose Snowden s actions is to support criminality. And the proposed sanctions would simply pile new crimes on top of old crimes...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Myth Of The Good Wars

80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment


By Hope Yen

Hardship is particularly growing among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among that racial group about their families' economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987.

A Shameful Day to Be a US Citizen

By Dave Lindorff

If this were a country that honored the rule of law, Attorney General Holder would not need to promise not to torture.

Chomsky says 'Snowden Should Be Honored' For 'Telling Americans What The Government Was Doing'


If you look at anyone who s spent any time poring through declassified records, you find that overwhelmingly the security is the security of the state from its own population and that s why things have to be kept secret.


Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we are losing?

Talk About Police States

By William Boardman

Our current 'conversation' is about the size, shape, and authority of our police state apparatus, not whether or not we should have one.

America s Emerging Police State: A Brief History

By Justin Raimondo

The 'legal' and political outlines of an American police state have been emerging from the fulcrum of war and the turbulence of our domestic politics since World War II.

US; The Real Global Terror Alert

By Finian Cunningham

These American leaders should be in prison, not promulgating to the rest of the world.

Obama s Press Conference: The Smiling Face of a Police State

By Barry Grey

At Friday's press conference, President Barack Obama resorted to outright lies in his defense of the massive and illegal surveillance programs.

The Rule of Law: Unjust and Violent

By Robert J. Burrowes

How can we resist legal systems that perpetrate injustice and inflict violence?

Civil Forfeiture, Police Piracy, and the Third-Worldization of America

By The Polemicist

The practice of civil forfeiture has become a lucrative system of 'policing for profit,' a system that has literally legalized highway robbery and turned police into pirates.

From Information Clearing House


Living in a One-Superpower World (or Edward Snowden vs. Robert Seldon Lady)

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: Whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden, are not given the same advantage as covert operatives who have committed crimes in the name of the War on Terror and ''disappeared'' with the help and protection of the US government.

What 'Orange Is the New Black' Gets Right about the Prison System and What It Leaves Out

Jesse Lava, Truthout: While many crime dramas are guilty of 'sensationalizing crime and dehumanizing criminals' Netflix s new drama 'Orange is the New Black' takes a hard look at the realities of crime and punishment in the American prison system that many shows never dare to touch.

When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination: a Critical Pedagogy Manifesto

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: Rather than create autonomous, critical and civically engaged students, the un-reformers kill the imagination while depoliticizing all vestiges of teaching and learning.


Obama on Encouraging Whistleblowers (2008): Down the Memory Hole

Everyone Is Now A Terrorist According to The US Government

The Police State Mindset in Our Public Schools

A Government of Wolves


'The triumph of the security state'


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