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Financial Totalitarianism: The Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Rule of Speculative Capital

Max Haiven, Truthout: The revelation that key legislation for banking regulation was in fact drafted by Citigroup proves that the lack of change since the 2008 economic crash is no accident.

Global Power Project, Part 1: Exposing the Transnational Capitalist Class

Andrew Gavin Marshall, The influence wielded by banks and corporations is not simply through their direct wealth or operations, but through their affiliations and interactions with political and social elites, both nationally and globally.

The Structural Genocide That Is Capitalism

Javier Sethness, Truthout: The internal logic of capitalism results in structural violence that includes genocide, a review of Garry Leech s new book argues.

Challenging Casino Capitalism and Authoritarian Politics in the Age of Disposability

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: "There is by now an overwhelming catalogue of evidence revealing the depth and breadth of the corporate- and state-sponsored assaults being waged against democracy in the United States," writes Giroux in this excerpt from his latest book chronicling the war on education and youth.

Why Aren t Americans Fighting Back?

E. Douglas Kihn, Truthout: Within this polarized culture of the haves and the have-nots, the capitalist class has the advantage of knowing who their enemy is and what the endgame is: total domination. Working class Americans must define their desires and define their enemy to do battle with the 1%.

Global Power Project: Banking on Influence With Bank of America

Andrew Gavin Marshall, Occupy: Bank of America is, in short, a profound symbol of much that is wrong on Wall Street: massive fraud, money laundering, racketeering, conspiracy and weighty influence in Washington and beyond.

Banking on Influence With Citigroup

Andrew Gavin Marshall, Like all the big banks, Citigroup is heavily integrated with other dominant institutions in American and international society, which helps explain why the bank can break so many laws and get away with it.


Scott Ritter: The problem and the solution


The Era of Fiat Currency Capitalism


Capitalism, Democracy, and Elections

By Richard D. Wolff

Real democracy means that important decisions affecting people s lives are made genuinely and equally by the affected people. The capitalist organization of enterprises thus directly contradicts real democracy.

How Unchecked Capitalism Has Brought the World to the Brink of Apocalypse and What We Must Do Now

By Robert Jensen

We have both a moral obligation and practical reasons to work for justice and sustainability.

Health Disparities Between Rich And Poor Areas Are Only Getting Worse

By Tara Culp-Ressler

The United States has significantly worse health outcomes than other wealthy countries. New research documented the increasing reality that health is inextricably linked with wealth.

Bankers Own the World And are ultimately destroying it

By Chris Martenson

The Top 50 Companies Own 40% of Eveything.


Big Banks Making a Buck off Commodity Price Manipulation


Debt ceiling deal: DC wins, Americans lose

US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Campaign For Liberty


Washington, DC, Wall Street, and central bankers around the world rejoiced this week as Congress came to an agreement to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling. The latest spending-and-debt deal was negotiated by Congressional leaders behind closed doors, and was rushed through Congress before most members had time to read it. Now that the bill is passed, we can see that it is a victory for the political class and special interests, but a defeat for the American people...

From Information Clearing House


Overthrow the Speculators

How 'Fix the Debt' CEOs Plan to Make Billions in Offshore Havens


New ''Pirates'' Report on Corporate Tax Havens

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America s Future: The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has just released a report on tax havens that shows, under the guise of cutting deficits, companies are actually pushing a plan to line their pockets while adding to deficits.


The U.S. job market is still worse than at any point during the last downturn

Right now, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there s approximately one job opening for every 3.1 unemployed persons who are looking for work.

From Information Clearing House

Liberty in Shambles

Modern Communications Technology: Savior or Soma?

The Dangers of Telling the Truth: Snowden, Assange, and Manning

Smear Brigade Goes After Snowden and Greenwald

Our Un-American Rulers in Washington

US Secret Police Secrets

Prism Exposed: Data Surveillance With Global Implications

Edward Snowden Is the Educational Wave of the Future

How the USA Captures Whistleblowers and Other Political Enemies


Edward Snowden, Resistance and Inverted Totalitarianism

Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks: A Debate With Chris Hedges and Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone

Protesters Worldwide Rally to Support Whistleblower Edward Snowden

'Tip of the Iceberg': Senators Warn Far More Data May Not Be Safe


The character of Edward Snowden

Foundation for Economic Education
by Jeffrey A. Tucker


Edward Snowden, age 29 and now temporarily living in Hong Kong, is the overnight sensation who leaked details about the National Security Administration?s (NSA) practice of massive and sweeping surveillance of Americans? browsing habits. He has also provided a model of what it means to live a principled life, even when it comes at personal expense...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Greenwald Rages Against GOP Rep. Over Calls To Prosecute Journalists


''I was really staggered that a United States congressman, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, actually could go on national television and make up an accusation, literally fabricated out of whole cloth'''.

The Failure of the Rule of Law

The Strange Case of Barrett Brown

By Peter Ludlow

Amid the outrage over the NSA s spying program, the jailing of journalist Barrett Brown points to a deeper and very troubling problem.

Feds Seeking To Silence The Media Over Barrett Brown, After They Locked Him Up For Posting A Link

Brown is the journalist and activist who was arrested on a series of highly questionable charges, mostly focused on taking the astounding step of copying a URL pointing to a bunch of Stratfor emails that people in Anonymous had hacked, and placing it in a chat room.

Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?

By Ellen Brown

Reports are that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is engaged in a massive, covert military buildup. Somebody in government is expecting some serious civil unrest. The question is, why?

From Information Clearing House


The next head of Homeland Security

Americans now the target of Homeland Security


Ray Kelly? Seriously? Mr. President, It s Not What You Say; It s What You Do

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: President Obama negates everything he said about the Trayvon Martin killing when he supports ''stop and frisk'' NYPD Chief Ray Kelly as Janet Napolitano s successor as head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security Taps Generals to Run Domestic Drone Program: The Rise of Predators at Home

Tom Barry, Truthout: The continuing rise of Predator drones at home has been fueled by the bizarre merger of military influence in domestic affairs and the key role of border hawks in the politics of immigration reform.

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