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'Mission Unaccomplished': Iraq 'One of the World s Most Neglected Crises'

Sinkende Rüstungsausgaben lähmen den Wirtschaftsaufschwung

In den USA sind Politik, Wirtschaft und Forschung seit langem eng verzahnt.

Je weniger gewusst wird, desto radikaler die politischen Einstellungen?

Eine US-Studie behauptet, dass extreme politische Haltungen von weitgehend eingebildetem eigenen Verstehen unterstützt werden.üstung

Putting People and the Planet Before Profits

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

This past week of economic news reveals both the ruthlessness of big finance capitalism on people and the planet and that people are working for alternative, more just and sustainable, solutions.

Entertainment As Propaganda


Dr. Michael Parenti discusses the use of entertainment media as propaganda, and the relationship between government agencies and the production of such content.

Imperial Gigantism and the Decline of Planet Earth

By Tom Engelhardt

The story of the years since the Soviet Union fell may prove to be a tale of how American domination and decline went hand-in-hand.

The Military Is Misunderstood


Noam Chomsky speaking at the CPE press conference about the myth of free market capitalism in the United States.

"Why Are We Not Calling This Fascism?"

Interview With Chris Hedges


Chris Hedges, Truthdig, joins Thom Hartmann. The AP scandal is just the latest example of an ongoing - and often corporate backed - assault on our most basic democratic rights.

Terracide and the Terrarists

By Tom Engelhardt

Destroying the Planet for Record Profits.

The 'Cult of Capitalism'

America Is Being Led Astray By Narcissists

By Paul B. Farrell

Capitalism is now a cult, and Jamie Dimon is the self-appointed leader of the ''cult of capitalism.''

Humanity Imperiled: The Path to Disaster

By Noam Chomsky

How to Destroy a Planet Without Really Trying.

Eve Of Destruction


When human respect is disintegratin' This whole crazy world is just too frustratin'.


By Edward Bernays

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.


Keynesianism and crony capitalism

The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Keynesian Phrenology

America: Addicted to War

Keynesianism: Policies of Selfishness, Irresponsibility and Immediate Gratification


Disaster Capitalism Strikes as Hedge Funds Circle Near-Bankrupt Municipalities Like Vultures

Rise Up or Die

Beware Capitalist Tools


The New World Order is unimpeachable
by Philip Giraldi


Sinclair Lewis once wrote that if fascism ever comes to the United States it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross. Lewis might have been describing our contemporary 'political Christians,' the mostly evangelicals who believe that Washington has a manifest destiny to make the world behave while simultaneously expunging the constitution of all those troubling un-Biblical bits that were pulled together into the Bill of Rights. Well, it hasn?t quite happened that way...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Capitalism Makes Us Crazy

Dr. Gabor Maté on Illness and Addiction

Kyung Jin Lee, National Radio Project: What s the connection between the increase in chronic diseases, mental illness and drug addiction in our society today? Dr. Gabor Maté talks about the relationship between mind and body health and what the rise of capitalism has done to destroy both.

The Real Reason America Can t Make a Nuclear Deal with Iran

By Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

The Iranian nuclear issue has at least as much to do with the future of international order as it does with nonproliferation.

U.S. beefs up super bomb to wipe out Iran nuke site

The Pentagon has beefed up its biggest ''bunker buster'' bomb so it can destroy Iran s most heavily armed and protected nuclear site, U.S. officials said.

US upgrades bunker buster to thwart Israel strike in Iran

U.S. officials told Israel that the United States has new weapons capable of destroying Iran s underground nuclear site in Fordow, an American daily reported.

3 Glaring Hypocrisies in Obama s Iran Policy

By John Glaser

Americans need to stop pointing the finger at the ''bad guys'' Washington is so keen to warn us about, and start paying attention to their own government s crimes.

Nuclear Iran Unlikely to Tilt Regional Power Balance

By Jim Lobe and Joe Hitchon

A nuclear-armed Iran would not pose a fundamental threat to the United States and its regional allies like Israel and the Gulf Arab monarchies, according to a new report.

From Information Clearing House

US Pledges to Arm Syrian Opposition as New Terror Bombing Hits Damascus

By Alex Lantier

As it fans the flames of sectarian warfare, Washington is setting the stage for a war that could ignite the entire Middle East and be far more destructive and costly than the already deeply unpopular wars launched by the Bush administration.

Americans against U.S. intervention in Syria, N. Korea

Sixty-two percent of Americans continue to say the United States does not have a responsibility to intervene in the fighting in Syria, while 24 percent of Americans think the United States does have a responsibility to do something about the fighting between government forces and anti-government groups there, a four point increase since last month.

Obama Moving Toward Sending Lethal Arms to Syrian 'Rebels", Officials Say

By Karen DeYoung

The officials did not specify what U.S. equipment is under consideration, although the rebels have specifically requested ­antitank weapons and surface-to-air missiles.

The Free Syrian Army is Being Taken Over by Groups of Jihadist Thugs

By Paul Wood

Ghadi had spent the past two years on the run from the Syrian regime but it was the rebels fighting against the government, the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) who finally caused him to abandon the revolution and flee Damascus.

Stealing Syria s Oil: The EU Al-Qaeda Oil Consortium

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin

In spite of the fact that it has now been confirmed by most media sources that the Syrian 'opposition' is Al-Qaeda, London and Paris persist in their insane drive to arm the terrorists, using the spurious argument that if they don t arm the 'moderates' the 'extremists' will take over the country.

From Information Clearing House


Washington Is Insaneóid+Ó+Colmáin

Total Power Drives the Ruing Class Insane

'This Is Too Insane'


Washington Is Insane

By Paul Craig Roberts

In the 21st century the two hundred year-old propaganda that the American people control their government has been completely shattered.

Stabbing the 4th Amendment

The Police State


Building Consent For A Police State


CNN: If You Are Not Doing Anything Wrong Why Should You Care If They Are Watching YOU?"

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