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Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston


Boston bombers' uncle married daughter of top CIA official

The uncle of the two suspected Boston bombers in last week s attack, Ruslan Tsarni, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller.

Russia caught Boston bomb suspect on wiretap

Russian authorities secretly recorded a telephone conversation in 2011 in which one of the Boston bombing suspects vaguely discussed jihad with his mother, officials said Saturday, days after the U.S. government finally received details about the call.

I Could Justify Fighting in Afghanistan, Until the Boston Bombing

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff

Had my war brought the horrors of battle home?

After the Boston Bombings: A Police Chief for Peace

Veteran police chief David Couper reflected on the dangers of loose explosives, why we should resist militarizing the police, and how cops who serve as ''social workers in blue'' can do more to keep us safe than SWAT teams and ''police officers who look and act more like robots than peacekeepers.''

Terrorism in Boston: War is War, No Matter What You Call It

By Fred Reed

Never have so many been so controlled by so few. It s brilliant.

From Information Clearing House

Torture: A Case of Government Failures


'Torture Reinforcements' Not 'Medical Personnel' Arrive to Combat Gitmo Hunger Strike

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikers Treated Like Animals: Lawyer

Gitmo Groups Call Out Obama Over Political Cowardice

A Hundred Hungry Men at Guantánamo

Justice for Prisoners at Guantanamo


Force-feeding Breaches Law, UN Says Amid Guantanamo Strike


Out of 166 inmates held at the prison at the remote US naval base in southeastern Cuba, 100 are on hunger strike, according to the latest tally from military officers. And of those, 21 detainees are being fed through nasal tubes.

Guantanamo Detainee Gives First Inside Account Of Raid

By Reprieve

''We all should have learned the danger of a secret prison from the Soviets. Unfortunately the US military has been dissembling again.''

Enough To Make You Gag

Editorial By The Economist

The prison is a deeply un-American disgrace. It needs to be closed rapidly.

Guantánamo Bay force feeding inhuman and degrading, says UN

Officials call on US to either charge or release detainees amid fears for welfare of at least 21 hunger strikers being forcibly fed.

This is truly a disgrace

By Sheldon Richman

Justice demands to know why people against whom there is apparently no trial-worthy evidence are to be left to rot in an American prison in Cuba. This is truly a disgrace.

From Information Clearing House


Innocent people still held at Guantanamo

UK s military chief warns intervention in Syria risks all-out war

Richards s caution reflects apprehension among American military chiefs. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, has warned Congress that any use of force in Syria would be ''unlikely to produce predictable outcomes''.

Syria: Al-Qaeda s battle for control of Assad s chemical weapons plant:
A battle near a factory believed to be one of the Syrian regime s main chemical weapons plants shows just how close such weapons could be to falling into al-Qaeda s hands, writes Colin Freeman.

International troops should 'be ready operationally' to invade Syria, says John McCain

A group of nations should get troops ready to invade Syria in order to secure possible stocks of chemical weapons, a senior U.S. senator said on Sunday.

Chemical Weapons Proof Not Needed for Syrian No-Fly Zone: McCain

The atrocities already committed by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad are justification enough for such action, which is needed to contain a conflict that is spilling over into other Mideast countries, McCain, an Arizona Republican, said today on NBCs ''Meet the Press.''

No good military options for U.S. in Syria

Despite President Barack Obama s pledge that Syria s use of chemical weapons is a ''game changer'' for the United States, he is unlikely to turn to military options quickly and would want allies joining him in any intervention.

Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy

In Syria s largest city, Aleppo, rebels aligned with Al Qaeda control the power plant, run the bakeries and head a court that applies Islamic law. Elsewhere, they have seized government oil fields, put employees back to work and now profit from the crude they produce.

Russia wary of Syrian WMD claims

''I think it is unacceptable to use it, to speculate on (the use of chemical weapons) for geopolitical purposes,'' he was quoted by state-owned news agency RIA Novosti as saying.

Why Would Syria Use Chemical Weapons Now?

By Tim Marshall

Why attempt a very limited attack, resulting in no obvious military advantage?

West s WMD Lies Fray as Syrian Army Overruns Terrorist Proxies

By Tony Cartalucci

Absurd ''chemical weapons'' claims begin to fall apart amidst NATO s desperate bid to save its collapsing terror front in Syria.

The Free Syrian Army has fallen prey to gangsters and fanatics

BBC journalist Paul Wood talks to Syrian revolutionaries who have deserted the Free Syrian Army in outrage at the atrocities the rebels are committing against ordinary people.

Sen. McCain Calls For U.S. To Intervene In Syria

''Well, we can take out his assets through long-range cruise missiles. We can establish a no fly zone, a safe zone''.

From Information Clearing House


'Killing innocents in drone strikes is a war crime'

Killing innocent tribesmen in drone strikes is a war crime in violation of the Geneva Convention, said Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice (CJ) Dost Muhammad Khan.

RAF s role in US drone attacks that killed hundreds of Iraqis

MoD admits for first time that Britain helped pilot the aircraft from American base.

UK: Hundreds of anti-drone protesters march against UK flight-control centre

Marchers protest the navigation from RAF Waddington of unmanned Reaper aircraft in Afghanistan.

US Drone Strikes Being Used As Alternative to Guantánamo, Lawyer Says

By Dan Roberts

Lawyer who drafted White House drone policy says US would rather kill suspects than send them to Cuban detention centre.

From Information Clearing House


The New Face of American Serial Killers

US Presidents Must be Prosecuted for Military Aggressions, War Crimes

By Matt Carr

George Bush s Library

One of the great things about being an American president is the complete immunity that comes with the job. No matter what you do or what laws you might break, you will never pay more than a mild political price for it.

US Presidents Must be Prosecuted for Military Aggressions, War Crimes

By David Swanson

I do assess with varying degrees of horror that a lot of people are going to die.

George W s $250 Million Can of Whitewash

By Jim Hightower

Who paid for the new George W. Bush Presidential Library?

Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes


Yet another serious escalation of the Obama administration s attacks on press freedoms emerges.

Is the Government Spying on Reporters More Often Than We Think?

There s evidence that the Justice Department s seizure of Associated Press phone records is far from unprecedented.

White House knew IRS probe findings earlier

White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler told White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and other top officials about the IRS findings nearly a month ago, press secretary Jay Carney said Monday.

The scandalous erosion of US civil liberties


While the US media is focused on the latest political scandal, civil rights in the United States continue to be eroded.

When the Justice Department Pursues Reporters as Spies

By Kevin Gosztola

There is a wide surveillance state that the Justice Department has proven over recent years it will use to increase the likelihood that prosecutions of individuals will be successful.

Justice Department s Overreaching on Leaks Threatens Freedom of the Press

By Gabe Rottman

There are a couple of angles here that make the Rosen warrant unique and uniquely troubling.

From Information Clearing House


President Obama s Law Day Proclamation Rings Hollow So Long as Torturers Go Unpunished

Stephen F. Rohde, Truthout: If Obama truly believes in upholding our proud legal tradition, he needs to immediately instruct his Justice Department to investigate and prosecute any government official who broke the law.

Bush s Legacy Ought to Be on Trial; Instead, It s Put on Display

Jodie Evans and Charles Davis, Code Pink: ''Kill a few, they call you a murderer. Kill tens of thousands, they give you $500 million for a granite vanity project and a glossy 30-page supplement in the local paper.''

No Redemption for George W. Bush

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Former President George W. Bush was a bad president, but what Krugman finds most abhorrent is the ''unprecedented level of systematic dishonesty'' that he brought to American political life.


Obama DOJ Formally Accuses Journalist in Leak Case of Committing Crimes

Obama Administration Has Sent a Chill Through the Media Community


All the president s liars

by Timothy J Taylor


Lying and outright perjury, which is lying while under oath during a judicial or official legislative proceeding, are so commonplace within the highest levels of the United States federal government executive branch today that the Average American hardly takes notice, much less demands that anything be done about it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big brother to switch off your fridge: Power giants to make millions, but you must pay for 'sinister' technology

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Wozu noch Wahlen abhalten, wenn es keine Wahl mehr gibt?

Die Antiquiertheit der Demokratie

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