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How the Prison-Industrial Complex Destroys Lives

Mark Karlin, Truthout: In a political climate based on emotion and often-distorted media imagery, the public needs to create demand for more rational policies by its leaders on incarceration by seeking diverse voices to make the argument, according to Marc Mauer, author of Race to Incarcerate.


What the College Industrial Complex Doesn t Want You To Know


America s Greatest Affliction: The Presstitute Media

By Paul Craig Roberts

America is the shining light on the hill, the font of freedom and democracy brought to the world courtesy of the military/security complex out of the barrel of guns and hellfire missiles from drones.

The Right-Wing Cult Machine Exposed

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: ''Far-right conservatism has become a cult, and Rush Limbaugh is its leader.''


Limbaugh s 'Big Lie' Strategy

Why Are Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity So Eager To See More Dead Americans?

The Supreme Court s Destruction of the Right to Strike

Ann C. Hodges and Professor Ellen Dannin, Truthout: In their continuing series on the National Labor Relations Act, two legal experts explain how the Supreme Court nullified the NLRA-enshrined right to strike by inventing an employer s right to hire replacement workers.


'The Gilded Age' Statistics Corporations Don t Want Workers, or Anyone, to See

From Gulf Spill to Keystone XL

Keystone XL Pipeline Could Cost $100 Billion Per Year in Health and Environmental Damages

Scientists Slam Keystone XL Review Process as Conflicts-of-Interest Probe Deepens

State Department Ignores Keystone XL s Ugly Toll on America s Endangered Wildlife

Canada on Fast-Speed Race 'to Destroy the Environment'

Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows

Tar Sands Mining Pollution Far Worse Than Industry Reports


Lobbyists for Canadian Pipeline Have Deep Ties to White House

By Pratap Chatterjee

TransCanada and the provincial government of Alberta are paying former advisors to the Obama administration, as well as former staff of the Hillary Clinton and John Kerry presidential campaigns, to help them lobby for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sands fuel to the U.S.

The Obama Tar Sands Pipeline?


Discover the facts about the Keystone XL pipeline. Former Obama administration greens jobs advisor Van Jones cuts through the myths and explains what is really going on.


''It Can t Happen Here''...But It Is Happening There

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Despite what TransCanada may say in its press releases and public relations campaigns, the Keystone XL pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen.


Stop Tar Sands Ecocide, Block Canada s Energy East Pipeline

Spain unemployment hits record high of 27.2%

With more than 6 million people unemployed for the first time, Spain s jobless rate shot up to a record 27.2% in the first quarter, the National Statistics Institute said Thursday, in another grim picture of the recession-wracked country.

French jobless claims hit all-time high in March

The number of jobless people in France hit an all-time high in March, piling more gloom on cash-strapped households and fresh doubt on the government s pledge to reverse the unemployment trend by year-end.

UK food bank users triple in a year as economic problems continue:

The largest food bank provider in the UK, warned the dramatic increase in the number of food bank users is to continue in the coming months due to the government s welfare reforms, including the 1 percent benefit cap, the bedroom tax, and the 10 percent cut in council tax support.

From Information Clearing House

The Bush-Blair Legacy Continues

Iraqi police say 41 killed in clashes between ''gunmen'' and police in northern city of Mosul: Iraq s prime minister appealed for calm following three days of violence that has left more than 150 dead.

Obama leaves Iraq war out of speech to honour George W Bush

Instead, he opted for kind words about the man he once castigated day after day on the campaign trail, to cheers from Democratic supporters. In Texas, Obama spoke of Bush s ''generosity'', ''strength'', ''resolve'' and ''compassion''.

The Full Power Of Vice President Dick Cheney Is Only Now Becoming Clear

On Sept. 16, 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney said that America would have to ''spend time in the shadows'' and work on the ''dark side.''

Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As Wave of attacks in Iraq kills 460 in April

Violence in Iraq rose sharply in April, killing 460 people according to AFP figures, as May started off with attacks that left 13 people dead Wednesday, including six police and four anti-Qaeda fighters.

Libya, Syria, Lies, Perfidies and Tony Blair

By Felicity Arbuthnot

Having covertly provided arms and equipment to insurgents from numerous different countries for over two years, they have now moved to the overt stage.

Tony Blair criticised in Chilcott Iraq report

It is understood that Sir John is to write to Mr Blair to warn him that he will be criticised in the report over his promises to former Presdent George Bush that the UK would support the USA in a war while negotiations were still taking place at the UN.

Former head of MI6 threatens to expose secrets of Iraq 'dodgy dossier'

Sir Richard, who provided intelligence about Saddam Hussein s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) that was apparently 'sexed up' by Tony Blair s government, has revealed that he could go public after the Chilcot Inquiry publishes its findings.

Tony Blair s Malawi Adventure

By Elliot Ross

Malawians could cash in on the former British prime minister s trip through the Arrest Blair campaign, says Elliot Ross.

Tony Blair: Libya, Lockerbie, Arms and Betrayals

By Felicity Arbuthnot

This will surely have you falling down with surprise.

'The Killing Of Tony Blair': George Galloway and Max Keiser


'Blair killed the labor party, killed one million people and is making a killing.'

War Criminal Says: The Hand-wringing Has to Stop. We Must Act

By Tony Blair

If we do not intervene to support freedom and democracy in Egypt and Syria, the Middle East faces catastrophe.

The Killing of Tony Blair

By George Galloway MP

'Some people make a living, others make a killing', an exclusive new documentary on Tony Blair which will break unexplored ground.

If Charles Taylor is a War Criminal, Then So are Obama, Bush and Clinton

By Glen Ford

'Clinton, Bush and Obama have instigated, encouraged and collaborated in the worst genocide since World War Two.'

Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As 'Al Qaeda strongest in Iraq since 2006'

Al-Maliki warned in Washington that terrorists "got a second chance" to thrive in Iraq, largely as the result of the rise of al-Qaeda fighters in neighboring Syria s civil war. He said the world needs to help Iraq deal with its deadly insurgency.

Fear Not the Path of Truth


This documentary follows Ross Caputi, veteran of the 2nd siege of Fallujah, as he investigates the atrocities that he participated in.

From Information Clearing House


Celebration in Texas Opens New Library for Notorious ''War Criminal''

Let George W. Bush Discuss His Legacy However He Likes...from the Hague

Dick Cheney s Heartless Hypocrisy


George W. Bush: Presidential criminal

by Timothy J Taylor


If there were ever any doubt there certainly isn t any now that George W. Bush is and was a presidential criminal. This man should be occupying a prison cell, not dedicating a $250 million complex to his failed and felonious presidency. He s not a war criminal because he never presided over any real war except for his own imagined undeclared 'war on terror.' He s just a common criminal who used his high office to commit crimes...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What the World s Executioner Wants To Hide

War crimes: Penal sanctions against Tony Blair

Fallujah is the symbol of Iraq s suffering


Authoritarianism Has Quietly Enveloped Every Part of American Life

By John Knefel

Peter King s recent call for law enforcement to ''realize that the threat is coming from the Muslim community and increase surveillance there'' was the most explicit endorsement of a largely-in-place policy that many Americans would prefer to ignore.

Naked Citizens: A Look Into Your Future


Welcome to London The Worlds Capital of Surveillance.

The US Is An Increasingly Unchecked Surveillance State:

By Murtaza Hussain

The US government extensively monitors its citizens' internet activities, with dangerous effects on personal liberties.

Obama Administration Spied on Fox News Reporter

By Olivier Knox

The details of the government s strategy against Rosen sound like something out of a spy novel.

Signs banning Muslims from parking lot causes outrage in US

Signs banning Muslims from using a shopping centre s parking lot mysteriously appeared this week in a city of the southern US state of Texas, generating massive outrage.

New York Police Reportedly Designates Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

Associated Press

Designating an entire mosque as a terrorism enterprise means that anyone who attends prayer services there is a potential subject of an investigation and fair game for surveillance.

Muslims Need Not Apply


How USCIS Secretly Mandates the Discriminatory Delay and Denial of Citizenship and Immigration Benefits to Aspiring Americans.

From Information Clearing House


Don t Ignore How Others See Us


Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How to Pre-Convict and Pre-Punish an American Muslim

Victoria Brittain, TomDispatch: Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, many innocent Muslim men are still in prison due to biased and antiquated legislation.

How the NYPD Uses Sports for Surveillance

Dave Zirin, The Nation: The NYPD has done a generation s worth of damage in its efforts to build bridges into communities.


On National Unity

The Empire Flows On


As Senate Plans to Double-Down, New Report Calls Border Drones 'Absurd'


Congressman Keith Ellison on US Drones in Africa and Media s Portrayal of Muslims

Jon Letman, Truthout: Truthout s exclusive interview with one of Congress' most prominent voices, also the first Muslim elected to serve there, in 2006, addresses the growing US military presence in Africa, immigrant civil rights and more.

Uncertainties Remain as FAA Integrates Drones Into American Skies

Josh Solomon, Medill News Service: Thousands of unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones, could be buzzing around in US airspace by 2015 because of a law passed last year, aiding in police investigations, scientific research and border control, but also raising safety and privacy concerns among some lawmakers and advocacy groups.

An Introduction to the Intellectuals and Institutions of American Imperialism

Andrew Gavin Marshall, The Hampton Institute: While many focus on its history, the heart of modern American imperialism is a series of influential experts, politicians and privately funded think tanks that reinforce the same imbalanced political and social power structures time and time again.

The US Military and the Unraveling of Africa

Nick Turse, TomDispatch: Be prepared once the war in Afghanistan winds down, there will be greater incentive and opportunity to project US military power in Africa.


Within The National (In)Security State: Fear as a Constant Companion

By Phil Rockstroh

The voices of those slaughtered worldwide by our pursuit of empire surround the nation in an enveloping, raging nimbus of accusation. Is it any wonder that we, as a people, are so prone to collective panic?

Financial Empire and the Global Debtors' Prison

By Jerome Roos

Financial Empire may have reduced us all to modern-day debt prisoners, but we can still become the social protagonists of history s greatest-ever prison break.

Decline Of Empire

The Signs of Decay

Video Interview

Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback, talks about the similarities in the decline of the Roman and Soviet empires and the signs that the U.S. empire is exhibiting the same symptoms: overextension, corruption and the inability to reform.

The Inescapable Reality of Blowback

By Anthony Gregory

They want us to die just for being Americans. They don t care which Americans die: military Americans, civilian Americans, young Americans, old Americans. Baby Americans. They don t care. To them, we are all mortal enemies.

U.S. gives big, secret push to Internet surveillance

Obama Administration Secretly Allowing Internet Surveillance

By Declan McCullagh

US Justice Department immunizing AT&T and other companies participating in a cybersecurity program from criminal prosecution under the Wiretap Act.

Web censorship: the net is closing in

Across the globe governments are monitoring and censoring access to the web. And if we are not careful millions more people could find the internet fractured, fragmented and controlled by the state.

Internet Privacy Bill CISPA Means 'No More Privacy'?

Video -

''It s not about Left vs. Right...It s about Liberty vs. Oppression'': Ben Swann

CISPA: The House passed it a week ago, but most don t know what it is

Critics of CISPA, say that it is an affront to American civil liberties, and the privacy of its citizens. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), ''the bill grants broad new powers, allowing companies to identify and obtain ''threat information'' by looking at your private information.''

AP Phone Records Seized By Justice Department As War On Leaks Continues

The Associated Press revealed Monday that the Justice Department secretly obtained two months of reporter and editor phone records from the spring of 2012, the latest and most illustrative example of the Obama administration s unprecedented war on leaks.

Here s the story the AP suspects led to sweeping Justice Dept. subpoena

The Department of Justice secretly obtained Associated Press phone records from 20 different phone lines over two months, according to the news agency. The subpoenaed phones records included personal and office lines for several national security reporters and editors as well as ''the main number for AP reporters in the House of Representatives press gallery.''

Justice Department Subpoena of AP Journalists Shows Need to Protect Calling Records

It no longer makes sense to treat calling records and other metadata related to our communications as if they aren t fully protected by the Constitution.

Holder Discloses IRS Criminal Probe

He said he ordered the investigation Friday, after the IRS apologized for what it said was inappropriate scrutiny of tax-exemption requests by conservative groups with ''tea party'' or ''patriot'' in their names.

Jon Stewart Rips Government Over IRS and AP Secret Monitoring


Stewart tore into the IRS, especially the apparent belief of Lois Lerner, the head of the division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, that an apology was enough for singling out Tea Party groups.

Obama and Press Freedom

The Posterior of Fascism

By Norman Pollack

The qualitative leap taken by Obama transforms now-familiar old-fashioned Imperialism and probusiness actions into a tightening of monopoly capitalism as assisted by military power in search of absolute arbitrariness in shaping the global structure and, not incidentally, silencing dissent at home.

Obama Worse Than Nixon?

Pentagon Papers Attorney Decries AP Phone Probe, Julian Assange Persecution


The AP example is a good example of something that Obama has done but Nixon never did.

This Is No Ordinary Scandal

Political abuse of the IRS threatens the basic integrity of our government.

Obama s cyber target list: full document text

Eighteen-page presidential memo reveals how Barack Obama has ordered intelligence officials to draw up a list of potential overseas targets for US cyber attacks.

From Information Clearing House


'Abuse of Power': Obama s DOJ Blasted for Seizure of AP Phone Records

Justice Department s Pursuit of AP s Phone Records Is Both Extreme and Dangerous

There Are Two IRS Scandals: One You have Heard Of And One You Havent

The Day the Obama Administration Went All Nixon on Us

Monitoring of AP Phones a ''Terrifying'' Step in State Assault on Press Freedom

Freedom, Security at Odds Again in DoJ Seizure of AP Records

The Major Sea Change in Media Discussions of Obama and Civil Liberties

Is Obama the New Nixon?

'Worse Than Nixon': Outrage Grows Over Obama Assault on Press


Storm Clouds Gathering

Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller

The IRS s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties

The Spectator President


Bill of Rights trashed by ''Justice'
by Timothy J Taylor


If any attorney at law should be familiar with the provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights it is certainly the Attorney General, who, just like every attorney in America, has sworn a solemn oath to preserve, protect, defend and uphold that supreme law of the land. You might think that the head of Justice would observe justice. But if you thought that in the case of current Attorney General Eric Holder, and his Justice Department, you would be wrong...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama Orders List of Foreign Cyber Targets

David S. Cloud, McClatchy Newspapers: President Obama has ordered his national security team to draw up a secret target list for possible cyber attacks, a major expansion of US planning for disabling and hacking into foreign computer networks, according to the top secret directive.

Boston and Freedom

By Andrew P. Napolitano

The American people made a pact with the devil in the weeks and months following 9/11 when they bought the Bush-era argument that by surrendering liberty they could buy safety.

Bush Library: Whitewashing War Crimes

80% of GOP Thinks Bush s Presidency Was a Success

By Abby Martin

The George W. Bush presidential library, serves as nothing more than a place to cement historical revisionism of Bush s true legacy.

Boston and Venezuela: Terrorism There and Here

By Prof. James Petras

We can gain insight into the larger meaning of terrorism and how it reflects, not merely the hypocrisy of the US government and mass media, but the underlying politics that encourages terrorism.

FBI Created 17 False Flag Terrorist Attacks


According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, in the past 10 years, there thave been 20 Terrorist plots against the US. Three of those plots were real but were discovered and stopped by private Americans. The other 17 were created-and then stopped-by the FBI.

'US domestic security turned massive failure'

Since 9/11 the United States spent over $700 billion on national security but as the Boston tragedy showed the money went to nothing, American lawyer Jesselyn Radack told RT.

From Information Clearing House


Fake FBI Terror Plots

Terrorism in Boston


The Real Questions About the Boston Attack

US-Aufschwung verschärfte Ungleichheit

Von 2009 bis 2011 stiegen die Vermögen der reichsten sieben Prozent um 28 Prozent, während jene der restlichen 93 Prozent um vier Prozent schrumpften.

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