Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Mounting moral, legal and strategic challenges to US embrace of drones


US Drone Wars: Murder, Inc.

By Stephen Lendman

Imagine living in a country run by officials who think war is good.

We must ban use of drone weapons


Thou shalt not kill is a pretty fundamental rule in most societies. But murder and maiming of innocent bystanders frequently occurs as a result of the use of stealth bombers or drone missiles in Afghanistan.

Living on death: San Diego s drone industry doubles in size

The industry, which is centered in North County, generated at least $1.3 billion locally in 2011 and directly and indirectly supported 7,135 jobs. The report says the true impact could be far higher due to classified programs that are not included in public records.

US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran

Arab spring has left US-friendly rulers in region nervous about possible impact of an Israeli strike on Iran s nuclear programme.

From Information Clearing House


Show Us the Benghazi Drone Videotape

Nick Mottern, Truthout: According to a report, the Obama administration is studying a videotape that ''saw'' the last hour of the attack in Libya. Obama must immediately make this video available to the public as a transparency measure on drone policy.


Will Democrats challenge drones?

The Nation
by Jeremy Scahill


As the dust settled from last night s election excitement, progressives awoke to a sobering question: are we in for four more years of drone strikes and extrajudicial killings? On Democracy Now!, Nation correspondent Jeremy Scahill spoke with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, one of the few members of Congress willing to speak out against Obama s abuse of power in killing US citizens. 'It s amazing that we are in an America that we have to defend the rights of Americans to be free from assassinations by their own country,' Kucinich said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Hitachi will in Großbritannien AKWs bauen

Der Konzern Hitachi, der den zerstörten Reaktor 4 in Fukushima gebaut hat, steigt in die Fußstapfen von Eon und RWE, die sich vom Bau neuer AKWs verabschiedet haben.


Französisches AKW immer teurer

Atomstrom aus neuen AKW wird selbst ohne Berücksichtigung weiterer Kosten rein vom Bauwerk her so teuer, dass er nicht mehr mit anderen Energiequellen konkurrieren kann.

''Atomstrom ist ein Verbrechen an der Schöpfung''

Viele Stunden seiner Zeit widmet Franz Alt dem Schreiben, Recherchieren und Werben für Erneuerbare Energien und die Energiewende. Als langjähriger Fernsehjournalist, Rundfunkreporter und Buchautor hat er über Jahre hinweg Erfahrungen und Informationen gesammelt, die ihn zu einem wichtigen Ansprechpartner auch von Politik und Wirtschaft zum Thema Energiewende und Erneuerbare Energien machten und machen. Auf seiner Homepage '''' hält er seine Leser mit aktuellen Berichten und Beiträgen zu seinen Tätigkeiten und zur Energiewende auf dem Laufenden. Für Milk the Sun steht er Rede und Antwort.

Wahlkampfspenden lohnen sich

Unternehmen, die den US-Präsidentschaftswahlkampf unterstützen, können mit einer überdurchschnittlichen Entwicklung ihrer Aktienkurse rechnen.

Lügen und Beschuldigungen

Endspurt im US-Wahlkampfmarathon.

Hurricane Draws Out Political and Economic Fallacies

Jersey Shore: No more


Disaster Capitalism, If Mitt was President (During Hurricane Sandy)

By Mike Whitney

He would have required that victims produce a valid ID, proof of insurance and FICO scores before providing them with first aid or medication.

Obama and Romney Remain Silent on Climate Change, The Biggest Issue of All


Despite hurricane Sandy, neither Obama nor Romney will speak about global warming. The danger this poses is huge.

Tropical Storm Sandy: Natural or Political Disaster?

By James Petras

Neo-liberal policies, climate change and militarist empire building leading to domestic neglect and decay.

From Information Clearing House


In Sandy s Wake, New York s Landscape of Inequity Revealed

Low-Income NY Residents Weather Super Storm Sandy Aftermath

What Climate-Driven Hurricane Sandy Teaches about Cooperation

The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse: Hurricane Sandy Rides In

Russia Scolds America Back

Teaching Freedom

Should You Vote for President?

Recapturing an Epic Achievement

Americans Proudly Voting for Evil

Anticipating the Devolution of Big Government

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