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How JP Morgan ''supports'' the troops


Support the Troops?


Industrial Pollution Brings Suffering to 125 Million People

Kill-list 2.0: Obama's 'disposition matrix' maps out extrajudicial murders for years to come

US-led drone strikes, the targeted executions of suspected insurgents using remote-controlled, killing machines from tens of thousands of feet above the Earth, are not about to end.

From Information Clearing House


Exposed 'Kill Matrix' Gives Permanence to US 'War on Terror'

How the Western Establishment Created a Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

Together the western elites and Gaddafi helped to lead us into a simplistic two-dimensional vision of the world, full of exaggerations and falsehoods. A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

Who is the Worst Civil Liberties President in US History?

By Glenn Greenwald

The one common strain running through these historic civil liberties assaults is war. War almost always erodes political liberties.


Obama and Romney: War is peace

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


Both Obama and Romney want to continue America s perpetual war on terror. Obama sounded more bellicose than ever and yet Romney still managed to criticize him for being inadequately hawkish. The good news is both felt they had to promise peace at the end of the rainbow, a sure sign that voters are tired of unending wars. The very bad news is that on warmongering, deadly sanctions, reckless drone attacks, and the wide range of unremarked presidential power and civil liberties questions, both parties promise much more of the same...

A foreign policy of arrogant meddling

by Jacob Sullum


Obama and Romney agree the U.S. has a duty to liberate and pacify the world...

Needed: An American Spring

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


I confess that the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney has me bored, big time. I really don t care which of them is elected. For me, it doesn t make any difference. They are mirror images of each other, philosophically speaking. They both believe in the welfare state, the managed economy, and the warfare state...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


See You in Camp?

'Patriotic Millionaires' Are Power-Elite Creeps

Mom Found 'Guilty' By Court After Refusing TSA Pat Down On Daughter

By Steve Watson

A woman who stood up to TSA screeners and refused to allow them to grope her or her 14 year old daughter has been found guilty of ''disorderly conduct''.

With 60,000 dead, Mexicans Wonder Why Drug War Does Not Rate in Presidential Debate

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer

''They talk about a humanitarian tragedy in Syria (30,000 deaths) and still don t say anything about Mex (some 60,000).''

In Amerika There Will Never Be A Real Debate

By Paul Craig Roberts

You would never know that US citizens can now be imprisoned and executed without due process.

War on Drugs, Mexican Death Toll Could Exceed 120,000 As Calderon Ends Six-Year Reign

Although the now estimated 120,000 to 130,000 intentional homicides in Mexico, called ''homicidios dolosos'', outraged Le Monde, few other prominent news organizations in the United States or Mexico took notice.

Democracy, Dollars and Drugs

By Evgeny Khrushchev

The United States promotes drug production and consumption as a quintessential part of its undeclared '3D Diplomacy', democracy, dollars and drugs, to penetrate, corrupt and manipulate countries from within.

From Information Clearing House

UK Support For US Drones In Pakistan May Be War Crime

By Ian Cobain

The British government s support for US drone operations over Pakistan may involve acts of assisting murder or even war crimes, the high court heard on Tuesday.

Afghanistan drones to be remote-controlled from Britain

Britain is doubling the number of armed RAF drones flying missions in Afghanistan. And for the first time, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be controlled by airmen at computer screens in the UK.

From Information Clearing House

Obama Moves to Make the War on Terror Permanent

By Glenn Greenwald

Complete with a newly coined, creepy Orwellian euphemism, 'disposition matrix', the administration institutionalizes the most extremist powers a government can claim.

Come Back President Carter

By Alan Hart

What a tragedy it is that American presidents can only speak the truth when they are out of office.

Making the World a More Dangerous Place

By John Pilger

The day before Barack Obama arrived in Canberra last year to declare China the new enemy of the ''free world'', Gillard announced the end of her party s ban on uranium sales.

Australia s Boom is Anything but for its Aboriginal People

By John Pilger

Today, the despair is so profound that the second cause of Aboriginal death is suicide. It is booming.

Remembering Russell Means: ''I Am An American Indian Patriot''

Video Interview With Russell Means

''We live in a prisoner of war camp, that s why they call it a reservation''.

Rund 16 Millionen Deutsche ''arm oder sozial ausgegrenzt''?

Ob man sich einen Urlaub leisten kann, alle zwei Tage eine vollwertige Mahlzeit und die Wohnung warm halten, das Statistische Bundesamt liefert Sozialindikatoren.

''Eine Erpressungsmaschine''

Interview mit Helga Spindler über Erschöpfungserscheinungen des Rechtsstaates bei der Umsetzung der Hartz IV-Gesetzgebung und die Dämonisierung von Arbeitslosigkeit. Teil 2


Jede/r Fünfte in Deutschland von Armut oder sozialer Ausgrenzung betroffen

''Etwa jede/r Fünfte (19,9 %) in Deutschland, das sind rund 16 Millionen Menschen, war 2011 von Armut oder sozialer Ausgrenzung betroffen (2010: 19,7 %). Dieser Indikator ist neben der Armutsgefährdungsquote ein weiteres wichtiges Ergebnis der Erhebung LEBEN IN EUROPA 2011, wie das Statistische Bundesamt (Destatis) mitteilt. Armut oder soziale Ausgrenzung ist nach der Definition der Europäischen Union (EU) gegeben, wenn bei den befragten Haushalten eines oder mehrere der drei Kriterien ''Armutsgefährdung'', ''erhebliche materielle Entbehrung'', ''Haushalt mit sehr geringer Erwerbsbeteiligung'' vorliegen?'' Destatis-Pressemitteilung vom 23.10.2012

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Oktober 2012


Wohnen muss bezahlbar sein!

How Did Christians Become Warmongers?

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

And where are today s evangelical Christians giving a second thought regarding their fellow Christian brothers and sisters in many of these Middle Eastern countries that are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed by the puppet regimes being put in power by the US government at US taxpayer (including Christian taxpayer) expense? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but more Christians have been persecuted under the US-imposed regime in Iraq than......


And Your Point Is?

Have Evangelicals Always Been Warmongers?


No war for oil: US dependency and the Middle East

Foundation for Economic Education
by George C. Leef


Ever since the Royal Navy converted its ships from coal to oil in 1911, oil has been a 'strategic' resource. Powerful nations whose fleets and economies depend on abundant, readily available oil have schemed and when necessary fought to make certain they would be able to get all the oil they wanted...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Your Not Doing It In My Name

If humanity could speak, humanity would cry!


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