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Senators Attack Government Use of Patriot Act


Democratic Senators Issue Strong Warning About Use of the Patriot Act

By Charlie Savage

A handful of Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee have warned that the government is secretly interpreting its surveillance powers under the Patriot Act in a way that would be alarming if the public, or even others in Congress, knew about it.


Total Information Awareness: Sweeping New Surveillance Measures Approved in US

Charlie Savage, The New York Times News Service: ''The Obama administration is moving to relax restrictions on how counterterrorism analysts may retrieve, store and search information about Americans gathered by government agencies for purposes other than national security threats.... The guidelines will lengthen to five years, from 180 days, the amount of time the center can retain private information about Americans when there is no suspicion that they are tied to terrorism, intelligence officials said.''

Heu statt Regenwald für Bayerns Kühe

Why Republicans Aren Not Mentioning the Real Cause of Rising Prices at the Gas Pump

Robert Reich, Robert Reich s Blog: ''As I have noted before, oil supplies aren t being squeezed. Over 80 percent of America s energy needs are now being satisfied by domestic supplies. But Wall Street is betting on higher oil prices in the future - and that betting is causing prices to rise. These bets are pushing up oil prices because Wall Street firms and other big financial players now dominate oil trading.''


Big oil, big government, and big hypocrisy

Libertarian Alliance
by Kevin Carson


It s interesting that politicians who so tirelessly proclaim their opposition to government meddling in the economy, and deny the effectiveness of such meddling, would express such hubris on the ability of activist government to solve an economic problem. Not only do these people fail to understand the nature of the problem they are promising to fix, but the promised fix itself is chock full of government intervention...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Occupy Your Constitution

Occupy Wall Street Has Told You So

J.A. Myerson, Truthout: ''The police were very careful to block all entrances to Goldman Sachs' global headquarters, which the march's route passed. As always, they caught an earful from the protesters whose point they were demonstrating. 'Your back is turned to the real crooks,' one protester harangued. Another piped up, 'You should be protecting us from them, not protecting them from us.''

Giving Up Your Bank for Lent

Michael Winship, Moyers & Co.: ''Inspector General David Montoya said, 'I believe the reports we just released will leave the reader asking one question: how could so many people have participated in this misconduct? The answer: simple greed.' Simple greed, hey banks, how about giving that up for Lent?''

Occupy Your Constitution

Camilo A. Ramirez and Marcus Michelsen, Truthout: ''We, the people, the fourth branch of government, are in a race against the clock to establish explicit constitutional safeguards against our government's aggression. By wielding both the accusation of terrorism and the remedy against it, the executive branch has taken over the role of creating the legal regime through which it operates.''


How the Goldman Vampire Squid Captured Europe

Israeli strike on Iran could raise gas prices to $6-per-gallon, analysts say

Other analysts agreed that airstrikes would cause a spike in global crude oil prices, and a corresponding jump in U.S. gasoline prices that are currently averaging $3.82 per gallon. But some declined to predict how large that spike would be.

U.S. Navy Launches Huge Iran Surge: Gunboats, Super-Torpedoes, Sea-Bots

By Spencer Ackerman

Consider it Teddy Roosevelt's gunboat diplomacy for the 21st century.

'Strike on Iran could be counterproductive'

A recently retired US general now working for a Jewish national security think tank cautioned Tuesday that military strikes against Iran could be counterproductive.

From Information Clearing House


Mutually assured madness

In These Times
by George Kenney


In terms of nuclear nonproliferation, the West s clash with Iran over its nuclear program appears to make sense. But once one peels back the layers of rhetoric surrounding the West s demands, our real priority seems to be regime change. Those opposed to an unnecessary war with Iran are thus faced with two complicated challenges: First, to debunk the manufactured hysteria over Iranian nuclear activities, and second, to make explicit the unexamined assumptions behind the use of regime change as a default reaction...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iran strike imminent: Russian diplomat

''The attack will be mounted before the end of this year. Israel is blackmailing [U.S. President Barack] Obama by confronting him with a dilemma: either he supports the war option or will lose the support [of the U.S. Jews],'' a high-ranking official of the Russian Foreign Ministry told the newspaper ahead of the U.N. Security Council meeting on Syria on Monday.

U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports

India has failed to reduce its purchases of Iranian oil, and if it doesn t do so, President Barack Obama may be forced to impose sanctions on one of Asia s most important nations, Obama administration officials said yesterday.

No sanctions on US wheat?

Iran makes second US wheat purchase: USDA

A weekly export sales report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday showed that Iran has bought an additional 60,000 tonnes of U.S. wheat.

Iran food stockpiling grows as grain ships near port

Vessels carrying at least 360,000 tonnes of grain are lined up to unload in Iran, Reuters shipping data showed on Thursday, a sign that Tehran is succeeding in stockpiling food to blunt the impact of tougher Western sanctions.

From Information Clearing House

Pakistan Says End Drone Strikes

Pakistan has told the White House it no longer will permit U.S. drones to use its airspace to attack militants and collect intelligence on al-Qaeda and other groups, according to officials involved in the talks.

Pakistan Tells America: Remove Your Drones

On Tuesday a Pakistani Parliamentary Commission demanded that American drones end military operations inside the country.

Opposition to block NATO supplies restoration

Opposition to block NATO supplies restoration Islamabad-Opposition parties have vowed that they would block every move towards restoration of NATO supply. The opposition parties had a meeting at Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman s residence in Islamabad.

U.S. kills 4 people in Pakistan

A US drone launched a missile attack on a militant compound in Pakistan s northwestern tribal region near the Afghan border early Friday, killing four insurgents, security officials said.

Obama Administration Silencing Pakistani Drone-Strike Lawyer

By Medea Benjamin

The U.S. media has little interest in airing the stories of dirt poor people in faraway lands who contradict the convenient narrative that drone strikes only kill ''militants.''

From Information Clearing House


Robots Kill, But the Blood Is on Our Hands


US Plans No Charges Over Deadly November Strike in Pakistan

Eric Schmitt, The New York Times News Service: ''The United States military has decided that no service members will face disciplinary charges for their involvement in a NATO airstrike in November that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, an accident that plunged relations between the two countries to new depths and has greatly complicated the allied mission in Afghanistan.


US: Despite civilian casualties and Pakistani disapproval, drone strikes will continue

Homeless In The USA

One Family s Story In Pictures

By Lucy Nicholson

One in 45 children, totalling 1.6 million, is homeless, the highest number in United States history.

Hunger: The Real Irish American Story Not Taught in Schools

By Bill Bigelow

During the first winter of famine, 1846-47, as perhaps 400,000 Irish peasants starved, landlords exported 17 million pounds sterling worth of grain, cattle, pigs, flour, eggs, and poultry, food that could have prevented those deaths.

Survey finds 23 percent rise in street homelessness in New York City

In a cynical attempt to limit press coverage of the survey, the agency released the data late on a Friday afternoon.

From Information Clearing House


Rhode Island Enacts Nation s First 'Homeless Bill of Rights'


Both The Market and Government Are Irrational

By Paul Craig Roberts

Those dependent on Social Security and Medicare are finding that these programs are being blamed for budget deficits caused by multi-trillion dollar wars of choice.

On the Road to Catastrophe

By Mike Whitney

Uncle Sam-who had to bail out the whole freaking financial system after the last subprime fisasco-is now ''your friendly subprime auto dealer''?

When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average)

By Lee Fang

What s the best way to ''buy'' a member of Congress? Secretly promise them a million dollars or more in pay if they come to work for you after they leave office.


Four Years After Wall Street Crash, Regulation of Financial Markets Is Still Spotty

Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: ''Almost four years after America s financial near-collapse, regulators are now empowered to police financial markets as never before. Yet some of the most important rules to curb Wall Street s bad behavior have yet to take effect and could be watered down.... [O]nly about 33 percent of the new rules to rein in Wall Street are in force, according to the Davis Polk law firm, which specializes in regulation and puts out a monthly report on Dodd-Frank.''

Top Ten Media Failures in the Iran War Debate

By Stephen M. Walt

Americans haven't been well-served by media coverage of the Iran debate.

Karsai fordert sofortigen Abzug der US-Truppen aus den afghanischen Dörfern

Taliban brechen Gespräche mit den Amerikanern ab

Der afghanische Präsident Karsai fordert sofortigen Abzug der US-Truppen aus den afghanischen Dörfern.

Hat wirklich nur ein einzelner US-Soldat das Blutbad angerichtet?

Das Pentagon hat nach Medienberichten afghanischen Behörden Bilder einer Überwachugskameras vorgelegt, was allerdings die Vermutung bestärkt, dass es weitere geben könnte.

North American Command: U.S., Canada, Mexico

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