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Koch Political Group Brags About Bullying GOP Lawmakers Into Denying Climate Science

Marie Diamond, ThinkProgress: 'While the science supporting climate change has only gotten stronger, the onetime Republican consensus on the issue has fallen apart. The reason, quite simply, is the right-wing polluter Koch Industries and its political front group Americans for Prosperity. They have become the unparalleled enforcer of far right-wing ideology, funneling millions of oil and coal industry dollars cash across the nation to spread their message of global warming denial.'

California Governor Calls Doubters of Climate Change 'Political Lemmings'

David Siders, McClatchy Newspapers: 'Ninety seven percent of the scientists who research climate change are people who, from their own understanding of the science, are completely convinced that greenhouse gases are associated with climate change and global warming,' Brown said. 'But when you go into the political class, then it s a very different thing.'

Cybermobbing: 37 Grad über Rufmord im Internet


Beim Cybermobbing können die Täter anonym bleiben und beleidigende Äußerungen und persönliche Informationen über ihr Opfer einer großen Öffentlichkeit...

License to Profit: Legalized Corruption in the US Congress

Dave Johnson, Truthout: 'Are members of Congress corrupt? Perhaps we should define the term. There is the terrible, 'legal' corruption of pay-for-play campaign contributions, with wealthy donors and big corporations paying to get tax cuts, subsidies, special laws and 'access.' This is part of why our government is responsive to the agenda of the 1 percent and their corporations only.'


Poll: 3/4 say don t reelect Congress

The anti-incumbent sentiment toward members of Congress has reached a 19-year high, with three out of four voters saying most lawmakers do not deserve to win reelection, according to a new Gallup poll Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Over 46 Million Americans On Foodstamps For The First Time Ever

Since the start of the Second Great Depression, food stamp participation has increased by 18.7 million, and is now at an all time higher 46.3 million.

Mom Shoots Children and Kills Self After Being Denied Food Stamps


In a final and violent act of desperation, a 38-year-old mother in Texas bombarded herself in a welfare office on Tuesday after being denied food stamps. She took her own life and shot her two children before the stand-off ceased.

From Information Clearing House

A New Arms Race Looms between Russia and US

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia s ambassador to NATO, wanted to push his American negotiating partner into a corner. 'If space aliens were to completely disarm Iran,' he asked, 'would Washington continue with its plans to build a missile defense system in Poland?',1518,801961,00.html

U.S. Meddles in Russia

Russia historian Stephen F. Cohen says the U.S. assumption of Russia s weakness causes us to attempt to meddle in the country s political life.!

From Information Clearing House

Overcoming Barriers to Killing

By Butler Shaffer

Beginning in early childhood, schools have inculcated young minds in the alleged virtues of obedience to the centralized authority of the state, without whose continuing supervision, we have been told, would render our lives 'nasty, brutish, and short'.

Absurdity Rules the World

By Siv O'Neall

Respect for power and blind obedience were the result of the U.S. educational system. ''I pledge obedience to the flag of the United States of America ...'' Millions and millions of yes-men had been molded out of the clay of propaganda and history books.'Neall

George W. Bush cancels visit to Swiss charity gala over fears he could be arrested on torture charges

By Daily Mail

'Occupy Our Homes' Protesters Highlight Foreclosures Nationwide

Pay Inequality Additional Burden For Women of the 99%

'If You Want to Talk to Someone from Goldman Sachs, Call the Treasury'

Localization v. Globalization: A False Dichotomy

The Winter of Our Occupation


Families Join the Occupy Movement as the 99 Percent Takes On the Housing Crisis

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: 'On Tuesday, the Occupy Our Homes national day of action against foreclosure saw home occupations, civil disobedience actions and community events in more than 20 cities, reflecting a shift in focus from tent cities to local neighborhoods.'

Unions and Immigrants Join Occupy Movements

David Bacon, Truthout: 'When Occupy Seattle called its tent camp 'Planton Seattle,' camp organizers were laying a local claim to a set of tactics used for decades by social movements in Mexico, Central America and the Philippines.'

Unemployed Confront Congress at Take Back the Capitol

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America s Future: 'Today thousands of unemployed people and others came to D.C. to tell Congress and 'K Street' that they need jobs not cuts; that we should tax the rich, and that unemployment benefits must be extended before they run out at the end of the year....This is not the OccupyDC group, but it is supportive and very much like the Occupy group, with 'Mic Check' and 'We are the 99%' and 'Banks got bailed out, we got sold out' chants going on everywhere.'


GOP seeks to cut unemployment benefits

The Republican proposal is expected to reduce the total number of weeks unemployed workers are eligible for aid by as much as 40 weeks and tighten rules for eligibility.

From Information Clearing Houseé+E.+Deprez

US Obstinacy at Climate Talks Destroying Hope, Planet

World 'Heading for 3.5 C Warming': Study

Analyst Blasts U.S. Negotiator at Climate Talks: Warns of 'Eco-Apartheid'

US College Student Shames US Climate Delegation in Durban

'Corporate Colonialism': Indigenous Peoples Slam Carbon Markets

After Durban: Climate Activists Target Corporate Power

After Durban: We Must Pull the Emergency Brake Before the 1 Per Cent Drive Us Off the Cliff

Durban s Climate Debacle


Marching Off the Cliff

Noam Chomsky, Truthout: 'It s no secret that the US government is lagging on climate issues.... To gain perspective on what s happening in the world, it s sometimes useful to adopt the stance of intelligent extraterrestrial observers viewing the strange doings on Earth. They would be watching in wonder as the richest and most powerful country in world history now leads the lemmings cheerfully off the cliff.'

At Durban Talks, Government Officials Fiddle as Planet Burns

Laura Carlsen, Foreign Policy in Focus: 'Government representatives, gathered at climate change talks in Durban, South Africa, have been fiddling for the past week.... Durban, like Cancun, in the end will be mostly just another global showcase for this clash of worldviews.... One of the most important steps will be to broaden the focus from once-a-year meetings in high-carbon conference centers, to the fields, communities and town halls where alternatives are already growing and a stronger political consensus can be built from the bottom up.''Keefe

Deutschland wird von Standard & Poors direkt angesprochen, die Zentralbank eifriger Geld drucken zu lassen

Governments Are Going Broke Worldwide

Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement

The Neocon Pathology


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