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- Santé: la justice ordonne les premiers remplacements des nouveaux compteurs électriques par des analogiques (USA)

Mehr Sanktionen bei Hartz IV

Laut eines Berichts des Nachrichtenmagazins 'Focus' will die Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) weitaus mehr Sanktionen gegenüber Hartz IV Beziehern aussprechen, als dies in den Vorjahren bereits der Fall war. Laut des Magazins müssen sich 'einige hunderttausend Hartz-IV-Empfänger' im laufenden Jahr auf empfindliche Regelsatz-Kürzungen einstellen. Weiterlesen:

Bündnis rief in Bonn zum Zahltag auf

Ein Bündnis aus Erwerbsloseninitiativen und Mitgliedern der Linkspartei hatten heute am Bonner Jobcenter zu einem 'Zahltag' aufgerufen. 'Zahltag' hat sich mittlerweise als Aktions- und Protestform etabliert, um Erwerbslose im Amt solidarisch zu begleiten damit berechtigte Ansprüche durchgesetzt werden können, was oftmals einem Betroffenen alleine nicht gelingt. Die Bonner Hartz IV-Behörde scheint diese Aktionsform des Protests überhaupt nicht zu mögen und sorgte heute für ein zusätzliches Aufgebot an Sicherheitsmitarbeitern. Weiter lesen:ür+Arbeit


Romney Estate Tax Cut Would Save the Koch Brothers Up to $8.7 Billion Each

Pat Garofalo, ThinkProgress: 'Tomorrow, 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is slated to give a 'major spending policy speech' at Americans For Prosperity s Defending the American Dream Summit. Both the conference and AFP itself are funded by money from the billionaire Koch brothers. Leaving aside that Romney intends to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, he has proposed a huge giveaway to the very rich by suggesting the complete elimination of the estate tax ... Currently, more than half of the estate tax is paid by the richest 0.1 percent of households. And according to a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, the Koch brothers heirs' would save a combined $17.4 billion in estate taxes thanks to Romney s plan.'

You Don t Know Mitt: Ninety-Nine Facts About Mitt Romney

Jude Legum, ThinkProgress: 'Mitt Romney, still the odds-on favorite to capture the GOP nomination, has entered the 'Mittness Protection Program,' avoiding scrutiny whenever possible. As a result, his actual views and record are still largely unknown. To solve this problem, ThinkProgress has compiled 99 key facts about Mitt Romney.'


Why Mitt Romney s Entitlement-Privatization Plan is Crazy

One U.S. veteran attempts suicide every 80 minutes

Hidden tragedy of Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

From Information Clearing House

At Least 15 Protesters Arrested Outside Goldman Sachs

'These are the Times...'

By John Perkins

By 1980, the Reagan administration understood that its most effective weapon to protect corporations against labor movements was debt.

Arrested in Front of Goldman Sachs

By Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges made this statement in New York City s Zuccotti Park on Thursday morning during the People s Hearing on Goldman Sachs, which he chaired with Dr. Cornel West.

Jesse Ventura: 'I Will Never Stand For The National Anthem Again'

By Tom Scheck

'I will not be treated like a criminal,' Ventura said. 'In our airports today, we citizens are treated like criminals. We are guilty until we are proven innocent.'


At Least 15 Protesters Arrested Outside Goldman Sachs

Oligarchy, American Style

No Immunity for Wall Street Banks


Too Big to Jail

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: 'Can we all agree that a $1 billion swindle represents a lot of money, and the fact that Citigroup agreed last week to pay a $285 million fine to settle SEC charges for 'misleading investors' demonstrates a damning admission of culpability? So why has Robert Rubin, the onetime treasury secretary who went on to become Citigroup chairman during the time of the corporation s financial shenanigans, never been held accountable for this and other deep damage done to the U.S. economy on his watch? Rubin s destructive impact on the economy in enabling these giant corporate banks to run amok was far greater than that of swindler Bernard Madoff, who sits in prison under a 150-year sentence.'

US Should Be Paying Bills, Not Funding Wars

By Aaron Adams

The world needs reassurance of the US' commitment to pay its bills, not more promises of American willingness to serve as a proxy military for wealthy allies.


US Deports 46,000 Parents With Citizen Kids in Just Six Months

Seth Freed Wessler, ColorLines: 'Between January and June of 2011, the United States carried out more than 46,000 deportations of the parents of U.S.-citizen children ... The Applied Research Center has also found a disturbing number of children languishing in foster care and separated from their parents for long periods. After a year-long national investigation, we estimate there are at least 5,100 children in foster care who face barriers to family reunification because their mother or father is detained or deported.'

Challenging the Vaccine Dogma

Hands Off Iran!

A Perversely Perfect War

Herman Cain Supports U.S. War With Iran


Bombs Can t Conquer Iran

By Simon Jenkins

A post-imperial virus has infected foreign policy. We have been here before, we know the human cost, and now we must stop.

Israel Preparing For Strike on Iran

Al Jazeera Video

On Wednesday, it test-fired a long-range ballistic missile, its first in three years. And earlier in the week, the military was involved in joint exercises with the Italian air force near Sardinia.

Sarkozy condemns Iran nuclear programme

President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Iran s nuclear programme on Friday and said France would not stand idly by 'if Israel's existence were threatened'.

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

British officials consider contingency options to back up a possible US action as fears mount over Tehran s capability.

Syria and Iran: The Great Game

By Alastair Crooke

Regime change in Syria is a strategic prize that outstrips Libya - which is why Saudi Arabia and the west are playing their part.

Peres: Israel Closer than Ever to Military Action in Iran

President Shimon Peres: A military strike on Iran will probably solve the nuclear issue better than diplomacy. Time is running out.

'Iran far from posing existential threat': Ex-Mossad Chief

Ephraim Halevy warns strike on Iran could have devastating effect for region. 'Ultra-Orthodox radicalization poses bigger threat than Ahmadinejad,' he says.,7340,L-4143909,00.html

The Face of Imperialism

An interview with Michael Parenti

By Paul Weinberg

The ultimate goal is the 'Third Worldization of the entire world including Europe and North America.'

Senior Cleric Warns of Iran s Powerful Reprisal for US Plots

By Fars News Agency

Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami, warned on Monday that Tehran would reciprocate any US move and plot against the Islamic Republic with such strong acts of reprisal that Washington and its allies would never forget.

Ron Paul: Befriend Iran

By Associated Press

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says 'offering friendship' to Iran, not sanctions, would be a more fruitful to achieving peace with Tehran.

Israel and U.S. Plan Largest Joint Exercise

Israel and the U.S. will embark on the 'largest' and 'most significant' joint exercise in the allies' history, said Andrew Shapiro, U.S. assistant secretary for political-military affairs.

Russia warns against any military strike on Iran

'This would be a very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences,' Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said when asked about reports that Israel planned a military strike against Iran.

Russia criticizes release of IAEA Iran report

'We have serious doubts about the justification for steps to reveal contents of the report to a broad public, primarily because it is precisely now that certain chances for the renewal of dialogue between the 'sextet' of international mediators and Tehran have begun to appear,' the ministry said.

Russia accuses Israel of using 'dangerous rhetoric' against Iran

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accused Israel on Tuesday of using 'dangerous rhetoric' that could lead to a war with Iran, amid rising tensions over the latter s nuclear program.

Report 'Brings Israel Attack On Iran Closer'

An attack by Israel on Iran s nuclear programme has lurched from doomsday scenario closer to reality.

From Information Clearing House


Alleged Iran 'assassination plot' on US soil really another FBI sting operation.

Supposed Iranian assassination plot a geostrategic absurdity

After IAEA report on Iran, 'we are five minutes to zero hour'


Iran Plot: A Pretext for War

Richard Javad Heydarian, Foreign Policy in Focus: 'At this juncture, it may be too early to pass a credible judgment on the substance and validity of the allegations, but there are just too many reasons to dismiss them as another cynical attempt to further isolate Iran. In the greater scheme of things, such accusations might be part of America s strategy to push its 'regime change' agenda in Iran. Although only a trial in an impartial, credible, and civilian court could shed light on the truthfulness of the U.S. claims, we have every reason to take Washington s allegations with a grain of salt.'


War and the word cloud
by Justin Raimondo


An alleged 'nuclear weapons' site in Syria has been revealed to be a textile factory - and another of the War Party s tall tales is debunked. ... The War Party doesn t give up quite so easily, however: now we are being told that the International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA), the UN s nuclear watchdog agency, has a new report coming out with satellite photos of a supposed nuclear facility in Iran - just as in the case of the two Syrian sites...

Clarke: Cyber weaknesses should deter US from waging war

New Orleans Times-Picayune


America s critical computer networks are so vulnerable to attack that it should deter U.S. leaders from going to war with other nations, a former top U.S. cybersecurity official said Monday. Richard Clarke, a top adviser to three presidents, joined a number of U.S. military and civilian experts in offering a dire assessment of America s cybersecurity at a conference, saying the country simply can t protect its critical networks...

Iran: Five minutes to zero hour
by Justin Raimondo


After the big build-up, the actual content of the IAEA report is a major let-down: the movie is nothing like the previews. That isn t stopping the 'mainstream' media from running screaming headlines. ... CNN stated flatly: 'Iran Developing Nuclear Bombs.' Yet the report nowhere said anything this definitive: examined under a microscope - which is how we should look at any and all pretexts for war - the whole tissue of suppositions and 'secret' information is revealed in all its embarrassing flimsiness...

Ignore the hawks on Iraq

Cato Institute
by Malou Innocent


'For many hawks, staying the course in Iraq is not enough. Many of them now advocate a military strike on Iran, a country with three times the population and four times the territory of Iraq. Those who years ago were gullible enough to believe that Iraq would be a 'cakewalk" are today worthy only of being ignored...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Will Israel attack Iran?


IAEA s 'Soviet Nuclear Scientist' Never Worked on Weapons

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