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Fading Faith, Rising Fury: The Fallout from the Debt Ceiling Debacle

Bo Cutter, New Deal 2.0: 'The American people are completely right in their accelerating level of horror at how our political system is functioning and how our leaders are behaving. It is unimaginable that we actually had a debate in August over whether it was a good idea to default on debt the American government had issued with its full faith and credit. But, of course, we did.'

Rick Perry, Pay-for-Play Jailer

William Fisher, Truthout: 'Given what we know about Gov. Rick Perry s keen predilection toward 'crony capitalism,' we should not be surprised to learn that he s a big fan of private for-profit prisons. Lobbyists and executives from that industry have contributed generously to Perry s re-election campaign, and he returned the favor by proposing policies that would benefit the prison industry.'

Eyewitness to Texas Wildfires Watches Austerity Burn Rural Community

Dallas Darling, Truthout: 'When I arrived in Bastrop, I encountered a second set of wildfires: angry, bitter citizens. At one meeting, residents - who had spent nearly a week wondering if their homes had been destroyed by the fire or remained standing - shouted questions at county officials.... Most Bastrop residents did not make the connection between Gov. Rick Perry s deep budget cuts to local police and fire departments and the chaos they were facing, or criticize the Department of Homeland Security s (DHS) stripping of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of funding and staff to address national disasters (nor did they mention the ongoing wars around the globe sucking money from domestic programs).'

Rethinking the TSA: No Longer Accepting Police Repression in Exchange for Safety

William John Cox, Truthout: 'Everyone who travels by air in the United States has a depressing story to tell about airport screening. Media stories of a gravely ill 95-year-old grandmother forced to remove her adult diaper before being allowed on a plane and viral videos showing terrified children being intimately touched by TSA agents are more than depressing. They are a chilling commentary on the police state increasingly accepted by the American public in the name of security.'

The Unpatriotic Act: Ten Years Later

Stephen Rohde, Truthout: 'In its report, the ACLU warns that it is 'not too late to strengthen our laws, to take back our data, and to ensure that government surveillance is conducted under effective and reasonable constraints, subject to meaningful oversight.' But the ACLU reminds us that, 'we have to speak up now, before our surveillance society is irrevocably entrenched and we find that we have permanently sacrificed our essential values.'


More Proof America Is A Police State

Video Shows NJ Police Unleashing A Riot Team To Arrest A Crowd, Protesting A Police Killing.

From Information Clearing House


TSA Releases VIPR Venom on Tennessee Highways

Ventura s Venture Against the TSA


Tennessee Joins TSA In Creating Random Check Points

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

As I have noted in this column before, the one thing that the bogus 'war on terror' and 'war on drugs' does is it justifies and ratchets up the emerging surveillance state in America. In this regard, virtually every constitutional and historical protection of our God-given and civil rights are being systematically and thoroughly expunged--in the name of 'national security.' The State of Tennessee should be ashamed of itself--and the people of Tennessee should be outraged! The problem is, this kind of unlawful activity has been taking place for years.........


Four reasons to repeal the Patriot Act

Downsize DC
by Jim Babka


Ten years ago this month, Congress passed the so-called Patriot Act without taking the time to read or debate it. It was signed into law on October 26, 2001. This tenth anniversary is the perfect time to call for its repeal...

The TSA monster is coming for you

Downsize DC
by James Wilson


The TSA s 'VIPR' program is a growing bureaucratic monster that will bring groping and body scans to train stations, highways, sporting events and concerts, as well as shopping malls near you. This is just the latest instance of the Federal State s poisoning of American rights and freedoms...

Abolish the TSA!

Campaign For Liberty
by Tim Shoemaker


'I have had it with the TSA. I am disgusted by having to write about their offensive, innappropriate screening procedures and agent misconduct on a regular basis. I am fed up with them getting a 'pass' around the Constitution in the name of 'national security.' In this latest example, a young woman who travels frequently for work was fondled so roughly she had to readjust her clothes after they were finished...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Der Krieg gegen den Terror

Next-up News Nr 1814

- DEMO Anti Nuke 24 09 2011 Pont Avignon France Collectif Anti Nucléaire 84


EU-Kommissar Oettinger sollte nicht Handlanger der Atomlobby sein

Der Vorschlag von Energiekommissar Günther Oettinger anderen EU Ländern Mitsprache bei der Schließung von Atomkraftwerken zuzubilligen, wäre ein neuerlicher Anschlag auf nationale Souveränitäten.

Plädoyer für die Qualitäten der stillen Menschen

Energieverantwortung den Regionen selbst übertragen

Was muss passieren, um nachhaltiges Denken, Leben und Handeln tatsächlich zu realisieren? Man muss uns selbst die Aufgabe und die Verantwortung übertragen. Wir müssen für unser Tun mit unserem Lebensumfeld 'grade stehen'. Erst dann liegt uns das positive Ende am Herzen ... Gastkommentar von Manfred Faustmann.

Plädoyer für die Qualitäten der stillen Menschen

Unsere Gesellschaft besteht zu einer Hälfte aus stillen und zur anderen aus lauten Menschen. 'Wir brauchen die Nachdenklichen mehr denn je', so meint die US-Amerikanerin Susan Cain und erläutert in ihrem Buch 'Still', warum das so ist.


Warnsignal Meer in Zeiten des Klimawandels

Wissenschaftler zweifeln an Erfolg des Klimagipfels in Durban.


Steht der finanzpolitische GAU bevor?

George Soros warnt vor einer finanziellen Kernschmelze der Euro-Zone...

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