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Libya 2.0: Sarkozy urges UN to support Syrian people

French President Nicolas Sarkozy took a swipe at Syria on Tuesday for its harsh military repression of pro-democracy protesters, calling on the UN to give the Syrian people the same assistance given to the Libyans, dpa reported.

Syria, defectors form dissident army in sign uprising may be entering new phase

A group of defectors calling themselves the Free Syrian Army is attempting the first effort to organize an armed challenge to President Bashar al-Assad s rule.

Thousands of Syrian Army defectors join militias

The militias were believed to be aligned with the Free Syrian Army, commanded from neighboring Turkey. The sources said between 3,000 and 5,000 fled the Syrian Army, some of them with their weapons.

Thousands of troops desert from Syrian army

Scores of officers and thousands of soldiers have defected in recent weeks, according to one former lieutenant, amid a mounting death toll and reports of brutality against protesters by government forces.

The West kicks itself because of UN Security Council s decision on Syria

If the West does not make Russia and China vote 'the right way', the EU and the USA will simply ignore the Council, as it happened in 1999 and 2003 with Yugoslavia and Iraq.

From Information Clearing House


US and Pakistan agree to limit troops

The United States and Pakistan have reportedly agreed to limit the number of American troops in that country, amid frayed relations between the two nations and a struggle to repair them.

US kills three people in Pakistan

A US drone strike has left at least three people dead in northwestern Pakistan, reports by the country s security officials say.

Pakistan Blasts Mullen s Comments

Pakistan s foreign minister warned the U.S. that it risked losing an ally after the U.S. s top military commander claimed Pakistan s military spy agency was aiding a militant group believed to be responsible for an attack last week on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Pakistan warns US 'no boots on our ground'

Pakistan would not tolerate any incursion on its territory by US forces targeting militant groups, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Thursday, calling for Washington to provide the intelligence Islamabad needs to take them out itself.

From Information Clearing House

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- Scandal: Professional Radiation Exposure Open Letter/Exposition professionnelle aux irradiations: Lettre ouverte Direction Départementale du Travail

Troy Davis: Unvergessen!

'Wir sind erschüttert, zornig und trauern mit den Hinterbliebenen. Heute um 5:00 Uhr MESZ wurde in Georgia/USA der Afroamerikaner Troy Davis exekutiert. Er wäre am 9. Oktober 42 Jahre alt geworden. Die von seinem Anwalt eingereichten 'Berge von Unschuldsbeweisen' und die weltweiten Proteste gegen diesen barbarischen Akt (selbst Todesstrafenbefürworter vor Ort hatten für eine Wiederaufnahme des Verfahrens demonstriert!) hatten bewirkt, dass sich in letzter Minute doch noch der Oberste Gerichtshof der USA mit seinem Fall befassen musste. Dieses höchste Justizgremium der USA hat nun erneut Blut an den Händen?' Presseerklärung zur Hinrichtung des Afroamerikaners Troy Davis in den USA von Heinz W. Hammer in Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Online-Flyer vom 22.09.2011

Siehe dazu auch:

RIP Troy Davis

'The state of Georgia shamefully executed Troy Davis on September 21, 2011 despite serious doubts about his guilt. But our fight to abolish the death penalty lives on?' Erklärung von Amnesty International USA

Troy Davis: Soli-Aktionen und Live-Bericht

'Dieser Artikel gibt einen Überblick über spontane Solidaritäts-Kundebungen für Troy Davis und verweist auf die sehr gute Berichterstattung von und vor allem die Live-Berichterstattung währen der angesetzten Hinrichtungszeit von 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr Ortszeit (24:00 bis 2:00 Uhr in Berlin).' Dossier bei indymedia von 'Gegnerin der Todesstrafe' vom 21.09.2011

Aus: LabourNet, 22. September 2011


Nach dem Justizmord an Troy Davis: Das Erbe

Die traditionelle US-Bürgerrechtsbewegung NAACP dokumentiert die letzten Worte von Davis: 'Troy Anthony Davis final words' am 22. September 2011:

Siehe dazu auch: 'The legacy of Troy Davis" - ein Video in dem Familie und Unterstützer über das Erbe der Person und des Kampfes sprechen:

Aus: LabourNet, 23. September 2011


22. September 2011 Katja Kipping

Trauer um Troy Davis

Die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der LINKEN, Katja Kipping, erklärt zur Hinrichtung von Troy Davis im US-Bundesstaat Georgia:

Troy Davis ist tot. Er wurde hingerichtet, obwohl erhebliche Zweifel daran bestanden, dass er das ihm zur Last gelegte Verbrechen überhaupt begangen hat. Seine Hinrichtung war Unrecht, jede Hinrichtung ist Unrecht. Wir trauern um Troy Davis. Unsere Gedanken sind bei seiner Familie und seinen Freunden. Die Bundesregierung darf zu diesem Akt der Barbarei vor den Augen der Weltöffentlichkeit nicht schweigen. Der Außenminister sollte den Tod von Troy Davis wie sein französischer Kollege zum Anlass für einen offiziellen Protest nehmen. Die Geltung der Menschenrechte muss auch dann eingefordert werden, wenn sie von einer Weltmacht verletzt werden. Die Vereinten Nationen haben die Todesstrafe geächtet. Wir erklären uns solidarisch mit allen, die weltweit gegen die Todesstrafe kämpfen.


Perry faith-based foreign policy directive
by Justin Raimondo


If Rick Perry makes it to the White House, what will American foreign policy in the Middle East look like?...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama has deported more than a million unauthorized immigrants

Mother Jones
by Adam Serwer


On September 9, I wrote that the Obama administration, based on statistics from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was nearing its millionth deportation. It seems I was only about three days off. According to Reuters, the administration hit that milestone on September 12. How does that compare with Obama s predecessor, George W. Bush? The answer, if you have been hearing Republicans accuse Obama of 'backdoor amnesty' and holding the border hostage, may surprise you...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Targeting Immigrants

Nancy Murray and Kade Crockford, Truthout and ACLU Massachusetts: 'Ashcroft s vow to 'use all weapons within the law' against noncitizens to 'enhance security for America' initially targeted Muslims. They have been singled out for discriminatory enforcement of immigration regulations, from the post-9/11 'special interest' arrests to the present. But the search for the 'terrorists among us' has had a broad reach.'

The Terrible Post-9/11 Truth: Our Government s Been Hijacked

Michael Winship, Truthout: 'The World Trade Center collapse created the largest number of workplace fatalities in the history of the United States. Government bumbling and dissembling about air quality downtown and conditions at the site, the rush back to business as usual, may have irreparably killed and injured countless others.'

Why Are American Citizens Getting Locked Up and Even Deported by Immigration Authorities?

Rania Khalek, AlterNet: 'Although it s difficult to obtain an exact number of Americans illegally detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ? over 4,000 US citizens were detained or deported in 2010 alone?. The [New York] Times points out that 'Any case where an American is held, even briefly, for immigration investigation is a potential wrongful arrest because immigration agents lack legal authority to detain citizens.'

Reluctant Migration: The Vicious Cycle of Debt, Deportation and Flawed Policy That Drives Central Americans Over the Border Again and Again

Murphy Woodhouse, Truthout: Mass deportation does little to stem the tide of Guatemalans who repeatedly risk ''one of the most dangerous human journeys on earth'' to save their land, their lives and their livelihoods.

Streamlined Deportation: ''No One Here in This Room Can Help You''

ST McNeil, Truthout: The US is breaking deportation records, despite cost overruns, judicial inefficiency, due process and human rights violations and a Democrat in the White House. Will four more years of Obama change the immigration system built to jail or deport first, ask questions never?


Explosions Caused By Jet Fuel and Water Sprinklers Brought Down Twin Towers on 9/11, Scientists Say


Nearly 205K Deportations of Parents of U.S. Citizens in Just Over Two Years

The federal government conducted more than 200,000 deportations of parents who said their children are U.S. citizens in a timespan of just over two years, according to new data.

From Information Clearing House


Dream 9 Youths Shed Light on US 'Deportation Machine'

US is too big

Liberty For All
by Thomas Naylor


Through an unwieldy combination of big government, big military, big business, big labor and big cities, we have created an unworkable mega-nation which defies central management and control. Not only is the United States too big, but it has also become too authoritarian and too undemocratic, and its states assume too little responsibility for the solution of their own social, economic, and political problems...

Blaming America

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


One of the most fascinating aspects of the post-9/11 debate has been the 'Blame America' phenomenon. Whenever libertarians have pointed to the role that U.S. foreign policy played in producing the anger and rage that ultimately manifested itself with terrorist retaliation on 9/11, statists have responded, 'Oh, so you are blaming America for the attacks'...

What defense cuts?

Cato Institute
by Benjamin H. Friedman and Caitlin Talmadge


Much deficit deal analysis has focused on why it could lead to big defense cuts - anywhere from $350 billion to $1 trillion over the next decade. Hawkish members of Congress and Pentagon officials, including new Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, are warning about the dangers of a hollow military force. Contractors, meanwhile, are already lobbying heavily to protect their programs. Yet the Senate Appropriations Committee last week unveiled its spending caps for fiscal year 2013 - without a big defense cut...

Founding Fathers to 'Super Committee': Bring troops home

Christian Science Monitor
by David J. Theroux


As the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction ... the 12-member panel should give serious consideration to what America s Founding Fathers would have done to control federal spending. If the committee members did that, they would have little choice but to recommend that the Obama administration immediately begin a steady withdrawal of all US troops from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce America s military presence overseas...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory


The Plan is for the United States to rule the world

By David Armstrong

The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike.

Resisting the Corporate Theft of Seeds

Dr. Vandana Shiva, The Nation: 'We are in a food emergency. Speculation and diversion of food to biofuel has contributed to an uncontrolled price rise, adding more to the billion already denied their right to food. Industrial agriculture is pushing species to extinction through the use of toxic chemicals that kill our bees and butterflies, our earthworms and soil organisms that create soil fertility. Plant and animal varieties are disappearing as monocultures displace biodiversity. Industrial, globalized agriculture is responsible for 40 percent of greenhouse gases, which then destabilize agriculture by causing climate chaos, creating new threats to food security.'

Message to Banks: Pay US Back

George Goehl and LeeAnn Hall, Truthout: 'Today, the Association of Washington Business, the powerful chamber of Washington State businesses, is in the midst of its annual policy summit in the beautiful mountain resort of Suncadia. There are golf tournaments, wine tastings, a keynote by Gov. Christine Gregoire and seminars such as, 'Where Will the Money Come From?' led by Phyllis Campbell, the Northwest regional director of JP Morgan Chase Bank. But attendees will also have some unexpected visitors. Called the 'Showdown at Suncadia,' hundreds of homeowners, community leaders, union members, and more from across the state are interrupting this gathering in a series of creative, direct actions to demand that the big banks and corporations pay their fair share to help fix the economy.'


The Real Peace of Ron Paul

War On Terror Or War On Freedom?

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

A recent major investigative report by the Los Angeles Times sheds light on what all this 'war on terror' is actually costing- and actually accomplishing. According to the report, 'A decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, federal and state governments are spending about $75 billion a year on domestic security, setting up sophisticated radio networks, upgrading emergency medical response equipment, installing surveillance cameras and bombproof walls, and outfitting airport screeners to detect an ever-evolving list of mobile explosives.........


Is the War on Terror a Hoax?

We the Ruled

New Study Says U.S. Night Raids Aimed at Afghan Civilians


US attack kills 10 Afghan civilians

The overnight attack took place in a district in Nangarhar province near the border with Pakistan on Wednesday.

U.N. Says Afghan Clashes on Rise

Violence in the Afghan war is escalating, with almost 40% more security incidents in the first eight months of 2011 compared to the same period last year, according to a new United Nations report.

From Information Clearing House


Is This One of America Worst Miscarriages of Justice?


11:08PM: The Time America Lost A Piece Of Her Soul

By Russell Simmon

Is it possible that we are known for feeding war machines, lining the pockets of the rich and killing innocent men and women? Is this what our great republic has been reduced to?

Troy Davis' Last Words Before He Was Put To Death

By Bossip Staff

As he lay dying in a Georgia prison, Troy Davis had a few words to say to his alleged victim s family.

Troy Davis issues parting cry before execution

Troy Davis, an American convicted two decades ago of killing an off-duty policeman, has urged opponents of the death penalty to fight on after he is executed Wednesday following a failed bid for clemency.

From Information Clearing House


Attica s 40th Anniversary: Still on the Wrong Road

Michael E. Deutsch, Truthout: 'Attica and its aftermath exposed the powder kegs ready to explode inside the US prisons and the urgent need to change the reigning penology and administrative practices throughout the federal, state and local prison systems. Attica uncovered the hidden reality that the prisons and jails were increasingly the socioeconomic destination for the poor and wildly disproportionate numbers of black people, as well as political militants.'

Weiterer FDP-Politiker unter Plagiatsverdacht

Der Bundestagsabgeordnete Daniel Volk rechtfertigt sich mit unsauberer Arbeit.


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