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Jobcenter streicht wieder Schwangeren Hartz IV

Kinder im Alter von unter drei Jahren in der SGB II-Statistik

Immer wieder behaupten vor allem konservative, neoliberale oder rechte Kreise, dass die Zahl der Hartz IV Bezieher mit der Geburtenrate der Betroffenen ansteige. Dieser 'Eindruck' wird fortlaufend in Debatten verwendet, um Arbeitslosengeld II Leistungen perspektivisch zu kürzen. Zudem wird mit dem Scheinargument die Angst verbreitet, die Sozialausgaben würden somit den bundesdeutschen Haushalt immer weiter belasten. Das Bremer Institut für Arbeitsmarktforschung und Jugendberufshilfe (BIAJ) hat sich die Zahlen aus der Hauptstadt Berlin genauer angeschaut. Das Ergebnis: Die statistische Auswertung deckte sich keineswegs mit dem sozialrassistischen Argument, 'Hartz IV Familien bekommen viele Kinder'. Hier nun die Ergebnisse...

Jobcenter streicht wieder Schwangeren Hartz IV

Schon wieder hat ein Jobcenter einer schwangeren Frau die kompletten Hartz IV Leistungen gestrichen. Nach Angaben des Erwerbslosen Forums Deutschland (ELO) hat das Jobcenter Bonn die Sanktion ausgesprochen, weil die Betroffene aufgrund einer ärztlich verordneten Bettruhe einen Meldetermin beim Fallmanager nicht wahrgenommen hatte. In einem Anschreiben heißt es, sie sei 'trotz Belehrung über die Rechtsfolgen der Aufforderung zur Mitwirkung' nicht nachgekommen.. Weiter lesen:

Deutlich mehr Sanktionen gegen ALG II Bezieher

Jobcenter haben im vergangenen Jahr deutlich mehr Sanktionen gegen Bezieher von Hartz IV Leistungen ausgesprochen, als im Vorjahreszeitraum. Das ergeht aus einer kleinen Anfrage im Deutschen Bundestag an die Bundesregierung durch die SPD Fraktion...Weiter lesen:


Rick Perry Gardasil Problem


The Unacceptables

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: 'And so begins again the Herculean task of wrapping my poor, abused mind around yet another crop of Faustian caricatures lined up to scrap and scrape for the Republican presidential nomination. They seem to get worse every year, but this time around, there are definitely a lot more bananas in the bunch.'

Bush III Takes His Stand in South Carolina

Tolu Olorunda, CounterPunch: 'When Perry speaks, a notion is nudged - that a joke far too turbulent is traveling within him, and only the truly perverted hold antennas strong enough to detect the signals. He smiles using up as little fraction of chin space possible, speaking of his Horatio Alger parents, sinking his right and left pupil deep down, casting a gaze far off beyond the camera s lenses. And those bullet eyes seem to hold his darkest secrets, flashing every now and then, as the cadences pick up and arms rise and drop like hammers, rhythmically knocking every word into place: the governor has just resurrected Reagan and Lincoln to remind supporters what presidents once used to be: White.'

Wall Street firms donated $11.2 million to members of debt 'super committee'

The bipartisan 'super committee' created by the debt ceiling deal is comprised of lawmakers who have received big bucks from special interest groups, according to a report by MapLight.

How to Make the Super Congress Open and Accountable

The last thing we need is an all-powerful congressional committee allowed to make crucial spending decisions without the scrutiny of an engaged citizenry and press.

From Information Clearing House


The Super Committee s Super-Close Ties to Banking and Finance

Lynn Parramore, New Deal 2.0: 'The folks at Maplight have released some disturbing numbers on who has been the most generous to the 12 members of the newly-formed Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, fondly known as the 'Super Committee.' Maplight reports that the 10 biggest organization contributors (this includes PACs and Employees) to Super Committee Members are: Club for Growth, $990,066; Microsoft Corp., $810,100; University of California, $629,495; Goldman Sachs, $592,684; EMILY's List, $586,835; Citigroup Inc., $561,081; JPMorgan Chase & Co., $494,316; Bank of America, $349,566; Skadden, Arps, et al., $347,356; General Electric, $340,935 ... Guess how these folks feel about paying their fair share in taxes?'

Iraq agrees to extend U.S. military role

Panetta: Iraq has agreed to keep American troops in Iraq beyond a year-end deadline for their withdrawal, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday.

From Information Clearing House

From Civil To Savage

By Joseph McBrennan

Our nation is getting desperate. When will chaos rise in our streets?

Why Persecute the Poor for Being Poor?

By Yolanda Pierce

Raquel Nelson s conviction for causing her own child s death by jaywalking shows America s indifference to the cost of poverty.


Poverty. Just Say It

Kathy Mulady, Equal Voice Newspaper: 'Some worry that the conversation about the 'p' word is more about the 'nouveau poor' than about the 37.3 million people who were living in poverty before the recession. Others say it is the crumbling middle class, changing demographics and raised consciousness of people living closer to the edge that have sparked the conversation. Talk about poverty is moving beyond the choir of social service organizations, churches and unions, and grabbing the attention of journalists - and even talk show hosts - who are using their platforms to give voice and visibility to the poor.'

The climate movement biggest civil disobedience action ever

This Is Getting Exciting

By Bill McKibben

The climate movement s biggest civil disobedience action ever is about to take Washington by storm.

Moodys Analyst Breaks Silence

Ratings Agency Rotten With Conflicts, Corruption, And Greed

By Henry Blodget

A former senior analyst at Moody s has gone public with his story of how one of the country s most important rating agencies is corrupted to the core.


Deficits, Debts and Deepening Crisis

Richard D. Wolff, Truthout: 'Standard & Poor's downgrades US debt, stock markets gyrate around the world, Sarkozy and Merkel perform yet another empty summit, the Chinese and Japanese economies look worrisome. Serious commentators worry about global recession, another global banking collapse, eurozone dissolution and austerity programs that only make matters worse. Nouriel Roubini, famed professor at NYUs Stern School of Business asks this month, 'Is Capitalism Doomed?' His answer: maybe.'


The consequences of corruption

Libya And The End Of Western Illusions

By Thierry Meyssan

Five months into the bombing campaign, it is no longer possible to believe the initial official version of the events and the massacres attributed to the "Gaddafi regime".

Tripoli on the Cusp

By Franklin Lamb

Truth be told, some foreign observers, and certainly this one, having been based in Tripoli the past nearly eight weeks, have not taken very seriously occasional media predictions that Tripoli might soon be invaded by 'NATO rebels'.

CO2-Deponie unterm Meeresgrund?

BUND verweisen auf unerforschte Gefahren, die von der Einlagerung von Kraftwerksabgasen unterm Meer drohen.

Der Crash und die sieben wichtigsten Fehlannahmen der Finanzwirtschaft

Marktbereinigung, Zyklen, Konjunktur, Kurskorrektur - das hören wir bei jedem Crash.

Deutschlands freudlose Arbeitnehmer

Arbeitsstress und zu wenig Lob vom Chef lassen die Arbeitszufriedenheit sinken und die Krankenstände steigen.


Großbritanniens 'Broken Society' im Spiegel der Gerichtsdaten

Jung, männlich und ohne Arbeit


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