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Obama Capitulation to the Tea Party

Robert Borosage, Campaign for America s Future: 'The raw deal on the budget ceiling has been cut. The Tea Party terrorists - the extremist faction willing to hold the economy hostage to get their way - have won. The Republic, common sense and decency have been trampled. With the economy deeply depressed, 25 million people in need of full time work, the raw deal will impede any recovery. It precludes any serious action on jobs from the federal government. It will cost jobs as spending is cut. Instead of getting serious about a plan to revive this economy and put people back to work, Washington will remain fixated on what and how much to cut.'

Did Bush Leave Us Bankrupt, Corrupt, Ungovernable?

Dave Johnson, See the Forest: 'When you sell the farm, the farm is gone. Is it already too late for America?"


Next-up News Nr 1775

- Jean-Jacques Crèvec?ur: 'Toutes ces choses que nous vivons actuellement sont le symptôme de l'ancien monde qui s'effondre'.

Peter King reckless claim of al-Shabaab menace to the US

The New York congressman seeks to put the spotlight on Somali Americans as a domestic terror threat. The facts show otherwise.

From Information Clearing House

The damning of Tony Blair

Iraq war deal 'signed in blood' by former Prime Minister.

Former PM to be held to account on Iraq in Chilcot report on war.

Chilcot inquiry report will not reveal Tony Blair s pledges to George W Bush

Former cabinet secretary consulted Blair before suppressing documents described by Sir John Chilcot as central to inquiry.

From Information Clearing House

US-Iraq raid causes 'massacre' of civilians

A US-Iraqi raid north of Baghdad on Saturday killed a tribal sheikh and two of his family members, police said, as local leaders condemned what they branded a 'massacre' of civilians.

From Information Clearing House

The President Surrenders

Ransom Paid

By Robert Reich

The deal does not raise taxes on America s wealthy and most fortunate - Yet it puts the nation's most important safety nets and public investments on the chopping block.

The President Surrenders

By Paul Krugman

For the deal itself, will take America a long way down the road to banana-republic status.

How Murdoch Ran Britain

Dispatches - Channel 4 Documentary

Dispatches investigates the world of the Rupert Murdoch and the influence and political power he holds in the UK.

Rupert Murdoch given $27M no-bid contract from state Department of Education

More than a dozen private firms wanted to work on a project like the one the state Education Department is set to award to a Rupert Murdoch-owned company in a $27 million no-bid contract.

Murdoch The Mogul Who Screwed the News

Video Documentary - Dispatches Channel 4

The incredible story of how Rupert Murdoch used celebrity scandal to bankroll his expanding media empire, before scandal ultimately engulfed the News of the World itself.

From Information Clearing House


Black Ops for Major U.S. Banks and Corporations

12 U.S.-related Human Rights Stories the Press is Missing

By H. Victor Condé

Our leaders preach obedience by others to rules we choose not to follow, and criticize other countries for violating treaty norms that we have not accepted to become bound by ourselves.

Eliminate the debt ceiling

by Ayn R. Key

The Keynesians and Monetarists who control fiscal and monetary policy in the government will never accept that anything should actually be cut, other than a few token items of window-dressing. Their plan is to keep raising the debt limit every time it is reached. The entire show is Kabuki Theater because the Congress and the President know that the voters are actually watching this time and actually demanding that something be done about the excessive spending. But they do not believe in restraint. So perhaps the opposite approach should be taken on the debt ceiling issue.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Forget Compromise: The Debt Ceiling Is Unconstitutional

Ellen Brown, Truthout: 'The debt ceiling crisis can be averted by enforcing the 14th Amendment, which mandates the government to pay its debts already incurred, including pensions. That means Social Security, which IS an 'entitlement,' in the original sense of the word. We are entitled to it because we have paid for it with taxes. The game of Russian roulette being played with the US federal debt has been called a 'grotesque political carnival' and political blackmail. The uproar stems from a statute that is unique to the United States and never did make much sense. First passed in 1917 and revised multiple times since, it imposes a dollar limit on the federal debt.'

Mehrheit der Amerikaner hält Kongress für korrupt

52 Prozent glauben, dass Kandidaten nicht wegen ihrer Politik gewählt werden, sondern weil das Wahlrecht sie begünstigt.


The Great Correction: Still No Recovery in Sight

As America Continues to Tank, What Will You Do?

Escalating Brutality in the Late Empire

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