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- EHS Autodiagnostic Le Parisien: Leïla n'arrive plus à dormir.


In Iraq, Panetta Says US Will Maintain 'Enduring Presence'

Elisabeth Bumiller, The New York Times News Service: "Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta pressured Prime Minister Nuri Kamal-al Maliki of Iraq on Monday to tell the United States whether he wanted some American troops to remain in Iraq into 2012, although Mr. Panetta predicted that the United States military would have an 'enduring presence' for many years in the Middle East.'


Panetta Makes 9/11 Gaffe in Iraq

Trickle-Down Cruelty and the Politics of Austerity

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: 'The global recession has intensified the war on the American public, as professionals and politicians who make up a global business class now displace democracy with the call for austerity and, in doing so, produce a hidden order of politics in which the 'demand for the people s austerity hides processes of the uneven distribution of risk and vulnerability.' Under the guise of austerity, politically motivated attacks are now being waged on young people, low-skilled workers, the poor, African-Americans and the elderly.'

Nijmegen Declared GM-Free through Citizen Action

America is declining before our very eyes

Freedom Politics
by Thomas J. Lucente Jr.


Three things that caught my attention this past week have me weeping for the future of American freedom. The first was a June Gallup poll that showed that about half of Americans believe the proper role of government is to take money from those who earned it and give it to those who didn't...

A president on the verge of a political breakdown

Our Future Blog
by Richard (RJ) Eskow


This isn t the first time the White House has floated the idea of Social Security cuts as part of a 'grand bargain' with Republicans, and it s not the first time there s been a groundswell of opposition. But that opposition has never crystallized so quickly into something deeper and more threatening to the President s political fortunes. Liberal pundits are turning against him and Democrats on the Hill are taking the fight directly to him. With a new poll confirming that Social Security cuts would alienate the other side's base and independents, this 'grand bargain' doesn t look like much of a bargain anymore...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Killer Drones Take the Place of War

Doug Noble, Truthout: 'What is different about this latest weapon of war that we oppose so strenuously?.. The answer is this: Killer drones are not primarily weapons of war, as usually defined, but instead are automated technologies designed for convenient, targeted killing or assassination outside of war zones. As mentioned, the usual targets are in countries we aren t at war with, far from usual areas of armed conflict.'


Drone strikes are police work, not an act of war?

By Sanjeev Miglani

The idea that the United States can arrogate to itself the right of life and death of people around the world can set off a dangerous precedent.

US drone strikes in Somalia likely to rally local support for militants

Even Somalis who are not members of the local militant group Al Shabab may see US drone strikes on the group as an unwelcome foreign intervention.

From Information Clearing House

Pakistan army says U.S. media reports 'direct attack' on state

In a wide-ranging interview, Major General Athar Abbas, the Pakistan army s chief spokesman, repeatedly criticised the Times' reporting and said it was part of a calculated plan by the United States to 'weaken the state'.

With U.S. military aid cut, Pakistan eyes China

Pakistan s increasingly 'close and effective defense ties' established with China during the past decade will allow Islamabad to 'fill the gap' arising from the prospect of reduced military aid from the United States, a senior Pakistani official said on Sunday.

From Information Clearing House


Bungled US policy bearing fruit in rift with Pakistan


Next up: Pakistan
by Justin Raimondo


The ultimate prize for US imperialism in the Middle East - the jewel in the crown of the emerging American empire - is Iran, long the chief target of the War Party s attention. Yet they don t have either the resources or the political support for such an attack, and so the strategy, for the time being, is encirclement. First, Iraq and Afghanistan, buttressing the substantial US military presence in the Gulf - and now, Pakistan...

Children of war

by Missy Beattie


If only each of us could embrace all children as our own. If only we could ignore borders, ethnicity, religion, otherness. If only we were citizens of the world rather than supporters of American exceptionalism...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Several Inconvenient Truths About The Debt Ceiling And 'Deficit Reduction'

By Tyler Durden

Not one penny of US debt has been repaid for 51 years: the last time US government funded debt actually decresed on a year-over-year basis was 1960.

The Evils of Unregulated Capitalism

By Joseph E Stiglitz

Remedy for the US economy: end the wars, rein in military and drug costs, and raise taxes - at least on the very rich.

Banking Has Become Our State Religion

By Eric Margolis

The current EU rescue package for Greece is really about rescuing the banks, not Greek citizens. Just as the US government rescue saved and enriched Wall Street while punishing Main Street.

CIA Says US Most Debt Ridden Nation On Earth

US Vs World Current account Balance places US at number 191, Libya is number 20 and China is number 1.

New IMF chief Lagarde issues dire warning on U.S. debt default:

New IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned on Sunday that a US debt default would jeopardize global economic stability and urged warring American politicians to forge a compromise budget deal.

Devastating US unemployment numbers

While talks on the debt ceiling and deficit are underway in Washington DC, a new job report highlights that numbers are way worse than analysts expected.

Record one in six Americans now on food stamps as depression escalates

While the mainstream media has all but convinced most Americans that the nation is slowly climbing out of the 'recession,' new statistics released by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggest otherwise.

From Information Clearing House


Manufacturing Deficit Fear


How deficits make you poorer

Downsize DC
by Jim Babka


The government is making you poor, and making you poorer still as time passes by. That s because Republican House Speaker Boehner is negotiating with the White House on how to make YOU pay high taxes, forever. If not through higher rates, than through an even more pernicious means ... INFLATION...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sanders: Obama Proposal Would Impoverish 250,000

By Erik Wasson

The Social Security Administration estimates that a proposal floated by the Obama administration would put 245,000 people into poverty.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists And The Disappearing Middle Class

By James Petras

The US government spends $120 billion a year, to fight an estimated '50 -75 'Al Qaeda types' in Afghanistan', according to the CIA and quoted in the Financial Times.


Bring the Troops Home

By Sheldon Richman

Politicians love nothing better than to pay tribute to 'our troops,' especially those who have made 'the ultimate sacrifice.' Yet those words stink of hypocrisy when one realizes that the same politicians create the conditions that then are used to justify invasions, occupations, and war in foreign countries.

Rage And Outrage Are Waiting

By Jim Kirwan

Our 'troops' have been murdering unarmed people around the world for so long that most see this as just part of the inevitable price we pay for our place as the leaders of the world.

Die chaotische EU-Politik und die italienische Chaosregierung ziehen auch den Schuldenmeister im Strudel abwärts

Consent of the Governed?

Rockefeller Assault on Church, Life

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