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President 'Becoming an Absolute Monarch' on War Powers

Cybermobbing: Ein trauriger Trend

Oberberg Aktuell

Gummersbach - Eine Informationsveranstaltung am 5. Juli soll Fachkräfte aus dem pädagogischen Bereich beraten, wie sie das Problem vorbeugen können. Immer häufiger werden über das Internet Gewalttaten unter Jugendlichen verübt...


Cyber-Mobbing: Unterrichtsausschluss wegen Internet-Diffamierungen

Beleidigt eine Schülerin ihre Klassenkameradin aufs Gröbste im Internet, darf ein derartiges Fehlverhalten vom Lehrkörper auch schuldisziplinarisch sanktioniert werden. Selbst wenn die schwerwiegenden Diffamierungen nicht im Unterrichtsbetrieb erfolgt...


Obama soldiers on
by Justin Raimondo


Our president, a prisoner of history, bravely confronts circumstances shaped by others. He praises himself for making 'one of the most difficult decisions I have made as President,' the launching of the 'surge' in which 30,000 more troops were sent to the supposedly neglected Afghan front. 'We set clear objectives,' he avers, and yet our ultimate goal was - and still is - obscured in murk: does anyone, including the President, know what victory looks like?

The vice of interventionism

Freedom Politics
by George Will


Elevating the fallacy of the false alternative to a foreign policy, John McCain and a few others believe Republicans who oppose U.S. intervention in Libya's civil war - and who think a decade of warfare in Afghanistan is enough - are isolationists. This is less a thought than a flight from thinking, which involves making sensible distinctions...

Mr. President, bring our soldiers home

Our Future Blog
by Isaiah J. Poole


In his speech, the president set the right direction and tone, but not the right level of urgency. The schedule he laid out means there will still be 68,000 troops fighting the longest war this nation has ever fought in the fall of 2012...

Obama fails to outline sensible Afghan drawdown

The Nation Blog
by Robert Dreyfuss


President Obama said a lot of the right things last night, but the numbers don t add up. More important, in his too-brief, almost throwaway address to the nation, he failed to articulate any rationale for his current policy. By keeping up to 90,000 troops in Afghanistan this year, and nearly 70,000 through next fall, what does Obama hope to accomplish? Sad to say, it looks like he hopes to accomplish his re-election...

How about a real 'drawdown?'

C4SS Center for a Stateless Society
by David D'Amato


Despite all of the White House?s solemn talk of drawdowns and 'sustainability here at home,' the changes we are supposed to regard as big news take place on the narrowest margins of United States foreign policy. Way out on the periphery of the neocolonialist agenda, a negligible tweak here or there is quite acceptable to the state capitalist elite, for whom there is never a real danger. Policy shifts - even personnel changes - occur within a framework where the underlying assumptions of empire are taken for granted, and where an entire economy has been built upon what Dwight Eisenhower famously dubbed the 'military-industrial complex'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


A Real Pullout or a Shell Game?'Amato

Is Obama Only Postponing the Inevitable?


Obama Leaves Door Open to Long-Term U.S. Afghan Combat

FAIR: Defining 'Withdrawal' From Afghanistan

The U.S. Monetary System and Descent into Fascism

The Missing Money

Things Bernanke Avoided During His Press Conference

Another Step Towards World Government

America s Unique Fascism


America needs an urgent triage, but none is forthcoming


Next-up News Nr 1747

- Les 4 Vérités du Pr Alain Privat 'Dangers du portable: la recherche est bâillonnée'

Milliarden werden so oder so an Griechenland fließen

Weil ihnen auch unter Rösler nichts einfällt, kehren die Liberalen zur Steuersenkung zurück

Die ratlosen Liberalen

Ausgerechnet die Plagiatorin Koch-Mehrin wird zum Vollmitglied des Forschungsausschusses des EU-Parlaments

Dafür tritt der vermutliche Plagiator Chatzimarkakis ins zweite Glied zurück - eine politische Farce.ösler

Wie man eine Opposition auf Jahre hinaus zerstört

Modell Bahrain und der 'nationale Dialog'.


Die psychosoziale Belastung von Hartz IV

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