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Our finest warriors are often our most reluctant warmongers

Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew Bacevich

Bill Moyers, The New Press: "Our finest warriors are often our most reluctant warmongers. They have seen firsthand the toll war exacts. They know better than anyone that force can be like a lobster trap that closes with each stage of descent, making escape impossible. So it was when the liberal consensus lured America into Vietnam during the '60s, and again after 9/11, when neoconservatives clamored for the invasion of Iraq.... One old warrior looked on sadly, his understanding of combat s reality tempered by twenty-three years in uniform, including service in Vietnam.... Bacevich supported Barack Obama s candidacy but believes that Obama s commitment of more troops to Afghanistan was a deadly mistake.'

'Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues' is the Truthout Progressive Pick of the Week.

From Civil Disobedience to Civil Defiance

Ed Kinane, Truthout: 'Thanks in large part to court and prison witness, one grassroots organization I ve long worked with has grown by leaps and bounds. Determined to expose and close the Pentagon s School of the Americas (SOA) - aka the 'School of Assassins' - more than 200 SOA Watch activists over the years have willingly endured trial and incarceration. Inspired by them, each November, thousands from all over the country converge on Fort Benning, Georgia to protest the SOA there for fostering large-scale bloodshed and human rights abuse in Latin America. (In response to our persistent pressure, the SOA has undergone a PR makeover: it has changed its name to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, WHINSEC.)'

Schluss mit dem Krieg in Afghanistan

2. Juni 2011

Die Vorsitzenden der Partei DIE LINKE, Gesine Lötzsch und Klaus Ernst, sowie der Vorsitzende der Bundestagsfraktion der LINKEN, Gregor Gysi, erklären anlässlich eines weiteren Opfers der Bundeswehr im Kriegseinsatz in Afghanistan: 'Unser Mitgefühl ist bei den Angehörigen und Freunden des im Distrikt Baghlan-e-Markasi, durch einen Selbstmordanschlag getöteten deutschen Soldaten. Wir wünschen den Verletzten baldige Genesung.'

Drei Tote innerhalb einer Woche zeigen auf grausame Weise, dass jeder weitere Kriegstag die Gewaltspirale in Afghanistan eskalieren lässt. Es ist höchste Zeit, diesen Krieg zu beenden und die Bundeswehr unverzüglich aus Afghanistan abzuziehen. Der Einsatz der Bundeswehr hat alle seine Ziele verfehlt. Wer Frieden für Afghanistan will und den Aufbau demokratischer, ziviler Strukturen und die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung unterstützen will, muss den Weg für Friedensverhandlungen frei machen und den Kriegseinsatz beenden. Die Bundeswehr muss endlich und unverzüglich raus aus Afghanistan. Der Abzug der Bundeswehr aus Afghanistan ist das Beste für die Sicherheit der deutschen Soldaten.


Murdering the messenger

In These Times
by Steve Weinberg

The title of Anna Politkovskaya s new posthumous anthology, Is Journalism Worth Dying For?: Final Dispatches (Melville House, April), poses a provocative question. The answer is probably no. But freedom of speech and freedom from corruption might be worth dying for, and sometimes only journalists can make those freedoms happen. Politkovskaya, who worked as an investigative reporter for the independent Moscow newspaper Novaya Gazeta until she was assassinated in October 2006 at the age of 48, asked herself this question in a piece never submitted for publication...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Share of Population on Food Stamps Grows in Most States

After a temporary plateau in February, the number of Americans receiving food stamps ticked up again in March. Nearly 44.6 million received food stamps in March, up more than 11% from the same time a year ago, the Department of Agriculture said Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

WikiLeaks lifts the veil of diplomatic secrecy via 1,903 US Embassy cables

Former Taoisigh, senior cabinet members, diplomats, drug traffickers, alleged Muslim terrorists, businessman, oil companies, Vatican insiders and kidnapped aid workers all feature in the Ireland Cache, comprising 1,903 US embassy cables and totaling an astonishing 2,398,124 words.

From Information Clearing House

Obamas new security staff may approve attack on Iran

From Information Clearing House

Is Obama Above The Law?

By George F. Wills

The U.S. intervention in Libya s civil war, intervention that began with a surplus of confusion about capabilities and a shortage of candor about objectives, is now taking a toll on the rule of law.

Business is Booming: Wall Street s Role in Narco-trafficking

By Mike Whitney

Imagine what your reaction would be if the Mexican government agreed to pay Barack Obama $1.4 billion to deploy US troops and armored vehicles to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to conduct military operations, set up check points, and engage in fire-fights that end up killing 35,000 US civilians on the streets of American cities.

Deluded, Greedy and Obese

By Steve Salmony

Never in the course of human history have so few acted in ways that are detrimental to so many.

Threatened by Contamination from Genetically Modified Organisms, Family Farms Amplify Compaint Against Monsanto

Cornucopia Institute


Geithner and Goldman, Thick as Thieves


Nuclear Disasters: Arrogance and Greed the Foundation for Failure

Humans May Have Loaded the Bases, but Nature Bats Last

Canada Tries to Hide Alberta Tar Sands Carbon Emissions

A Rambunctious Right Wing, A Silent President, and the Debt Ceiling Deal

AT&T Enriches Lawmakers' Pet Charities


In Prison For Debt?


If owing money isn t a criminal offense anymore in America, why are so many debtors being sent to prison?

House Blocks Vote on Kucinich Libya Bill Over Fears It Might Pass

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Statement Regarding a Delayed Debate on H. Con. Res. 51, His Resolution to End the War in Libya

Fears of Depleted Uranium Use in Libya


Longer Libyan Commitment Sets Up Showdown With Congress

House Republican aides tell Power Play that a vote scheduled for today on Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich s bill that would force the U.S. to withdraw from the Libyan civil war was yanked from the schedule only after it became clear that it might succeed.

NATO extends Libya military campaign

NATO has decided to extend its military mission in Libya until the end of September, 2011 as the Western coalition continues to pound targets in Tripoli and its suburbs.

From Information Clearing House


White House, congressional leaders block Libya debate

The Nation Blog
by John Nichols


President Obama committed U.S. forces to a military conflict with Libya. He did so without following the basic dictates of the Constitution, which requires that wars be declared by Congress, or the War Powers Act, which outlines requirements and timelines for cooperating with the House and Senate after a war has begun. Congressman Dennis Kucinich has raised this issue again and again, pressing for congressional oversight - sometimes on his own, sometimes in the company of a handful on constitutionally-concerned Democrats and Republicans such as Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Now, two months into the fight, Kucinich, D-Ohio, is pressing the point...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


American presidents are despots

Police State Interrogations: Obama Rolls Back Miranda Rights

Public Schools Are Increasingly Prison-Like

Want To Understand the Corporate State?

Why Our Military Adventures Matter to Investors

After the Dollar: What Comes Next?

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