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Keep Shell out of the polar bear's home


Melting ice linked to polar bear cub mortality as moms swim farther

Study represents the first empirical research to find a significant, increasing trend in polar bear long-distance swimming.


Geheimprotokoll Demokratie

Next-up News Nr 1571

- London Evening Standard: Un riverain d'antennes relais qui avait harcelé de mails le Maire de Londres Boris Johnson en traitant de corrompu gagne son procès en Appel.

Obamas regulation

John Stossel's Take
by John Stossel


Managing regulatory bureaucracy is like pushing string. Regulators want to regulate. Just last year, federal bureaucrats alone added 80,000 pages of brand new rules. It?s intuitive to believe regulation protects us and makes commerce fairer. I once believed that. But then I became a consumer reporter and I watched regulation fail. Now I know it almost always does more harm than good...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The big kingdom

Future of Freedom Foundation Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


If you want to get a sense of why foreigners hate the U.S. Empire for its arrogance, elitism, and pomposity, just take a look at the following two editorials by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Yes, I know that these two newspapers are not owned and operated by the U.S. government but the mindset expressed by the editorial writers easily mirrors that of Empire officials...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wikileaks Cables Show Obama Sent More Troops To Afghanistan Despite Warnings

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "Secret diplomatic cables recently released by WikiLeaks show that the Obama administration increased the United States' military presence in Afghanistan despite warnings that the surge could make 2010 the most difficult and bloody since the 2001 invasion. US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry issued several cables in 2009 detailing serious concerns about the Afghan government and its leader, President Hamid Karzai. Eikenberry claimed that Karzai 'is not an adequate strategic partner' and 'continues to shun responsibility for any burden, whether defense, governance or development.'"


Afghanistan: Losing the Afghan People


The Vindication (by Barack Obama) of Dick Cheney

ACLU: Court Rules Government Can Continue To Suppress Detainee Statements Describing Torture And Abuse


DoJ veteran: ?Dangerous precedent? in letting Bush officials walk

Raw Story


In a rare blistering attack on the Department of Justice, a career veteran of the agency recently told Raw Story that the Obama administration handing Bush-era officials 'a get out of jail free card' sets 'a dangerous precedent' that could encourage other offenses by future leaders. J. Gerald Hebert, a former acting Justice Department chief who served the government's enforcement wing in various capacities between 1973 and 1994, said in an exclusive interview that the failure of federal prosecutors to charge former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) with even a single crime was indicative of a greater problem...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

From MLK, Jr. to Bradley Manning

Addicted to Risk

Troubling Media Concentration

Treibhausgase kennen keine Krise

In der Weltwirtschaftskrise hat der Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen einen neuen Rekord erreicht.

State Secession or Washington Debt Depression


The Dangers of Childhood Vaccination

States Warned of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall

US public pensions face a shortfall of $2,500 billion that will force state and local governments to sell assets and make deep cuts to services, according to the former chairman of New Jersey's pension fund.

JPMorgan Chase overcharged troops on mortgages

The bank also tells NBC News that it improperly foreclosed on more than a dozen military families.

State Budgets: Year Ahead Looms As Toughest Yet

If 2011 is hinting at a national recovery, there is little sign of it in statehouses across the country.

Texas: Thousands of Job Cuts May Be Just the Beginning

With some top state leaders warning that Texas' dire fiscal situation will lead to the loss of several thousand state jobs, House budget writers will release their first draft budget today - and big job cuts may be just the beginning.

Deep layoffs take effect in struggling NJ city

About 335 workers, representing one-sixth of the local government work force, lost their jobs, according to Mayor Dana Redd. It was worst in the public safety departments, where nearly half the police force and close to one-third of the city's firefighters were laid off.

Detroit may close half of its schools

Detroit Public Schools would close nearly half of its schools in the next two years, and increase high school class sizes to 62 by the following year, under a deficit-reduction plan filed with the state.

From Information Clearing House

Military to probe allegations unarmed Afghan teen was killed

Canadian military police have launched an investigation into allegations that an unarmed Afghan teen was shot in the back of the head during a Canadian military raid in 2007.

From Information Clearing House

The Cuts Are Coming

By Bill Boyarsky

Republicans have their biggest statehouse majority in more than 80 years, and they're taking orders from a man who wants to take government and "drown it in the bathtub."

The Myth of 'American Exceptionalism' Implodes

By Richard Wolff

Until the 1970s, US capitalism shared its spoils with American workers. But since 2008, it has made them pay for its failures.

The Tyranny of Defense Inc.

By Andrew J. Bacevich

In 1961, Dwight Eisenhower famously identified the military-industrial complex, warning that the growing fusion between corporations and the armed forces posed a threat to democracy. Judged 50 years later, Ike's frightening prophecy actually understates the scope of our modern system-and the dangers of the perpetual march to war it has put us on.

Who Lost the Middle East?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The message from the Mideast has been consistent and clear: When elections are held, or monarchs and autocrats overthrown, the masses will turn to leaders who will pull away from America...


What Now For Lebanon?

By Franklin Lamb

The White House has informed Congressional Committee Chairpersons and American allies that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will indict Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Wali al Faqih (jurisconsult or Supreme Religious Leader) for issuing the order to assassinate Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


The Assassins of Lebanon

We're Gonna Change Mosques into Cathedrals

Seymour Hersh Unleashed

By Blake Hounshell

"What I'm really talking about is how eight or nine neoconservative, radicals if you will, overthrew the American government. Took it over," he said.

Blair 'Misled MPs on Legality of War': Law Chief

By Tim Shipman and Ian Drury

Tony Blair misled Parliament and the public about the legality of the Iraq War, according to explosive documents released last night.

UK government blocks release of Blair Iraq notes

British authorities have refused to publish notes that Tony Blair sent to President George W. Bush before the Iraq war, prompting a complaint Tuesday from the chief of a public inquiry into the divisive conflict.

Secret Tony Blair and George Bush Iraq letters were kept out of official records

A transcript of evidence given behind closed doors by Matthew Rycroft, the former prime minister's private secretary, and released by the inquiry yesterday shows that references to the notes, sent in the year running up to the March 2003 invasion, were removed from official records.

UK: I warned Campbell on dossier - official

A former government official told the Iraq inquiry today that he had warned against publishing the government's "dodgy dossier" but was ignored. The controversial dossier formed the basis of the government's case for invasion and contained the now infamous claim that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction at Britain in "45 minutes."

Tony Blair had way out of Iraq invasion, Chilcot inquiry told

By Richard Norton-Taylor

As former PM is recalled to give further evidence, notes reveal Jack Straw argued there was 'one last chance to avoid war'.

From Information Clearing House

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