Global Warming - Globale Erwaermung

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Rising Seas, Sinking Coasts Spell Doom for Eastern US

Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Antarctic Glacier s 'Irreversible' Melting Threatens *Considerable Increase* to Sea Level Rise

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Geoengineering: As Bad As Climate Change?

Geoengineering Global Cooling: 'Insane, Utterly Mad and Delusional'

Act Now or Pay the Heaviest Price, Warns Leaked Climate Report


Harassment of Climate Scientists Needs to Stop

By Richard Schiffman

Climate change denialists are suing scientists, seeking access to their private emails. They will stifle inquiry and scientific progress.

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Unsere Gletscher im Jahr 2050

Neue Klimamodelle zeigen: Gletscher werden dramatisch zurückgehen: Überschwemmungen werden zunehmen.

Wetterextreme 2013

Auch im Jahr 2013 gab es wieder zahlreiche Wetterextreme.

Klimaskeptiker setzen auf *dunkles Geld*

Wer steht eigentlich hinter den mächtigen klimaskeptischen Organisationen in den USA?Überschwemmung

Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

*De-growth* is the only hope to stop the rising emissions

Malign Confusion About Growth, Economic Growth or *Degrowth*: Which Way Forward? Parts Two and Three

Michael Hoexter, New Economic Perspectives: Climate scientists have stepped into the gap where economists have generally feared to tread and have suggested that intentional *de-growth* is the only hope to stop the rising emissions associated with economic development and growth.

Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism?

Richard Smith, Truthout: We have a stark choice: We can save capitalism or save human civilization. There is no possible future that contains both.

Failure of Green Solutions to Solve Environmental Problems

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Richard Smith says no amount of recycling, buying environmentally friendly goods or market-based carbon reduction schemes can change corporate capitalism s rapacious depletion of natural resources in the production of consumable goods.

Economic Growth Is Killing Us

Vijay Kolinjivadi, Truthout: We immediately require an economic and political governance structure that ensures all human beings have access to basic necessities while simultaneously reducing human pressure on the biosphere.

Political Corruption and Capitalism

Richard D. Wolff, Truthout: Corruption is endemic to the capitalist system and has not been successfully regulated away. Perhaps a system change is warranted?

Job Creationism: The Myth of the Entrepreneur as God

David Gespass, Truthout: The joint emphasis on owners of capitalist enterprises as the source of jobs reflects both political parties' dependence on contributions from rich donors and turns the relationship of employees and employers on its head.


How the rich ruin the environment

In These Times
by Alyssa Battistoni


Environmentalists have long lectured Americans about overuse of natural resources. By now, the talking points on overconsumption are familiar: 5 percent of the world s population uses 25 percent of its resources, and emits about the same percentage of its greenhouse gases; if the whole world lived like Americans, we d need four planets, or maybe five. We eat too much meat, drive too many miles, live in houses that are too big and too far apart, shop too much for stuff we don t need. When it comes to climate change, it s even worse than the numbers suggest: Western nations outsource a huge percentage of emissions to the places that increasingly produce our goods...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


World s richest threaten democracy says Oxfam


EU corruption costs 120 bn euros a year

A new report by the EU Commission says that the scale of corruption in the EU is massive. They say it costs the EU around £100 billion every year, but acknowledged the true levels were probably higher.

From Information Clearing House,+Truthout

Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Solar Power: The Future Energy Resource For Africa

The ?second liberation? of Africa would be the use of solar energy to generate electricity to power our homes and industries. Leaders and people of Africa ought to pull themselves out from poverty by utilising the vast amount of solar energy that hits the continent?s surface each year. The sun should be the future energy powerhouse if the continent is to attain a better and meaningful development that will benefit the people as well as the environment. The beauty of it all could be the electrification of our towns and villages with energy from the Sun and the replacement of tro-tro buses with solar driven electric trains.

'At the floodgates' of a solar energy boom

As solar power gets cheaper, experts are predicting a global boom that could significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. DW spoke with leading solar expert Eicke Weber about solar s vast potential.

Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Global Warming and the End of Capitalism

By Gary Engler

If the system you want to build begins with working people around the world taking over the reins of the economy and replacing capitalist minority rule with economic democracy, then that could happen relatively quickly.

Scientists Consider Extinction: Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice?

By Dahr Jamail

"Those people who think you can have a growing economy and a healthy environment are wrong. If we don t reduce our numbers, nature will do it for us."

Dire signs from a warming world

Global warming may be even more extreme, and potentially more catastrophic, than climate scientists had feared.

From Information Clearing House

Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Klimaschutzziele in Deutschland bis 2020 nicht zu erreichen

?Ein Erreichen der Klimaziele bis 2020 ist derzeit eine völlige Illusion?, sagte IWR-Direktor Dr. Norbert Allnoch.

Die Vorteile der Energiewende

Die öffentliche Diskussion um die Energiewende droht auf eine Strompreisdebatte reduziert zu werden.

Verbindliche Energieeffizienzziele und erneuerbare Energien senken Treibhausgase und Energiekosten

Zwei neue Studien des Fraunhofer-Instituts für System- und Innovationsforschung ISI und der Technischen Universität Wien zeigen, dass ein Klimaziel alleine nicht ausreicht, um zusätzliche Energieeinsparungen zu realisieren und für eine kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung erneuerbarer Energien zu sorgen. Bleiben hierbei weitere Anstrengungen aus, könnte die EU eine wichtige Gelegenheit verpassen, um Energieverschwendung sowie übermäßige Ausgaben für Energieimporte einzuschränken.

Auch am kürzesten Tag des Jahres liefern Erneuerbare Energien reichlich Strom

Auch in der Vorweihnachtszeit ist auf die Erneuerbaren Energien Verlass.

Langzeitspeicher: Im Winter mit Sommersonne heizen

Eigentümer können ihr Zuhause jetzt ganzjährig mit kostenloser Wärme aus der Umwelt versorgen.

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