Donnerstag, 26. November 2015

The Thanksgiving Myth: Reflecting on Land Theft, Betrayal and Genocide

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015

In the Land of My Ancestors: Native Woman Stands Her Ground in Ohlone Territory

Rucha Chitnis, Indian Country Today Media Network: Ann Marie Sayers is a rare example of a Native woman who continues to live in her ancestral land. California Indians suffered a brutal history of colonization, diseases and heinous violence and servitude during the Gold Rush and California Missions era.

Samstag, 29. August 2015

Native Americans and US Scorched Earth Continuum

By Finian Cunningham

Today the Navajo and their Apache cousins are once again under threat.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Senator John McCain Chased off the Navajo Nation

Dozens of Diné (Navajo) took action to resist U.S. Senator John McCain s attempts to steal precious water and desecrate sacred lands.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Police Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Native American Man

s.e. smith, Care2: Earlier this month, Denver police shot and killed Paul Castaway, a Lakota Sioux man living with mental illness. His case illustrates two issues that are flying under the radar: that more than half of fatal shootings involve mentally ill people, and that Native Americans are statistically more at risk of dying in police shootings than other racial groups.

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