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* Hearings And The (Mis)use Of Science - Official advisory panels are nominated by the body they are working for - Reports and talks never contain one negative remark on the product they have to evaluate - Only scientific material that give a positive opinion of the product in question is included in reports - Standard remarks about scientific articles that find negative effects in their product : studies have not been duplicated or reproduced by others - We could never obtain the same results when we tried to duplicate these studies - Nobody else has ever obtained these results - The work is bad and has been criticized by others - It is published in low-level and obscure journals - The work was done by bad scientists - They always complain that they need more money for their research - They say that the research should be paid by the industry that produces this product - They represent governmental bodies, that should take care of the population's well-being and health - Some of these experts were once indepedent, honest scientists - Of course life has become more pleasant for them after they got engaged in industry-funded research - Most politicians have already a pre-formed opinion and will not change it - The number of communes that decide to put a stop to the raising of 3G towers, is growing - Another trait in governmental experts : they claim to be able to evaluate all kinds of scientific research, though it is completely outside their scope - DELAY-TACTIC AND CREATING ILLUSIONS - The permit limit for microwave radiation has not been determined by doctors and biologists, but by technicians and solely from the amount of radiation it takes to warm up a bag of sugar water with 1 degree Celsius - The present threshold level for microwave radiation is more than 10.000 times higher than the level where serious cell changes and damage on the DNA takes place - Microwave radiation is about to turn young cell phone users into premature senile weaklings within this decade - Dr. George Carlo : Wireless industry is missing a valuable opportnity by dealing with public health concerns through politics, creating illusions that more research over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that regulatory compliance means safety - Cellular violence - Microwave radiation is a silent killer eating our life away - An operating mobile phone can be detected 100 km’s away - Human brain waves are disturbed and distorted within a distance of 90 metres from a cell phone - It is dangerous to health to stay within 400 m from a mobile base station, especially for children, youth, elderly or sick people - Children and youth are about three times more exposed and vulnerable to irreversible damage from microwave radiation because their brain, immune system and organisms are not fully developed - Non-effectual course will likely result in a regulatory and consumer backlash - ACTU Digest is now available - Redefining the Precautionary Principle for the Cellphone Industry - Eliminating undesirable words - The application of precaution shall not be used as a reason for postponing decisions where there is a risk of serious or irreversible harm - It is not possible to say that exposure to RF radiation, even at levels below national guidelines, is totally without potential adverse health effects - About 2 minutes on a cell phone can open the BBB and allow toxins, including prions, into the brain - EMF Exposure - Animal Study - Alfonso Balmori: Plants and electromagnetic fields - Watch the Public Hearing in Berkeley - Re : Experiences in Holland as an EHS person - NSA Mission & Operations - Biometrics enters 3-D - Bycatch in UK and European waters are at unacceptable and unsustainable levels - Government allowing imports of illegal and destructively logged timber from other countries (29/01/04)

* Call for phone masts freeze - Tetra mast applications should be put on hold - To be put on hold over health risk fears - Angered over plans for a Tetra communication mast - Frequencies used by mast can cause problem - National Radiological Protection Board have admitted that they cannot be 100% certain that masts are safe - Police officers using tetra system have reported health worries since the system came into use - Impose a moratorium on applications to erect masts until more reports into possible health risks of tetra masts are published - Residents across Britain have campaigned against masts - Technology used can cause cancer and interfere with body's natural internal communication mechanisms, leading to ill health - Lot of fear in the village about the mast - Worry it could reduce value of people's homes - People in the area feel very strongly against mast - We beat the Phone Tower - What a concerted community action CAN achieve when they keep up the pressure - Proposing to erect a mobile phone base station behind Federal State Primary School has been stopped - Long, hard battle and no-one involved can quite believe that they have won - We are more than happy to share what we’ve learnt and to assist however we can - Pleased for the health of the students - The strength that unity of purpose brings - Fight Electronic Terrorism - Harmful electronic or electromagnetic device is a device which emits or radiates an electronic or electromagnetic pulse, current, beam, signal, or microwave intended to cause harm to others - Crime to manufacture, deliver, possess, transport, place, use, or release a harmful electronic or electromagnetic device for an unlawful purpose - Public Hearng in Berkeley went well - City will decide in one week - As usual Sprint presented lies - E-mails from all over the globe have been very effective - House of horrors - Why spending billions to go on Mars when our planet is slowly dying ? - Planet Earth will look like Venus in 100 years if nothing is done today to stop global warming - Blinded to the environmental tragedy outlined in the Kyoto Protocol - Why is there no outcry ? - We need a great deal of money to begin healing our Earth - Demand that world governments accept environmental concerns as our first and overriding priority - Only by aggressively seizing the mantle of environmental stewardship can we save our planetary home - Millions of species are headed toward extinction in this very century, because of lack of human wisdom and caring - Clean energy and efficiency investments would create 3.3 million jobs, says study - Supreme Court says EPA can overrule state in clean air case - Methyl Bromide Ban - Living energies (23/01/04)

165 deaths of cancer - The Cellular Antennas are Killing Us - 165 cancer cases were found in one neighbourhood in Osafia - Zoran and Porat became famous for their cancer cases multitude that were linked to the radiation from radio antennas - It's time to fight the cellular companies - In the last 4 years 165 people died of cancer - All of them lived in neighbourhood where there are cellular antennas - We decided to unite and stop the monster - The cellular companies representatives come as thieves in the night to erect the antennas - Mother of three children who had a brain damage - I don't want others to go through what I went through - Every day a new cancer case if found - The Nature and Gardens Authority forbade erecting antennas in the National Park because of concerns for the animals' lives - And what about us? There is no concern about our lives? - Parliament member informed he would initiate a law of 3 years in prison for manager of any cellular company that will erect antennas in a pirate way - Foregone conclusions - Public is being regularly deceived by drug trials funded by pharmaceutical companies, loaded to generate the results they need - Application to other contentious issues, such as cellphone research is tempting - They prefer not to get results from trials that are unfavourable to their drug - Not once did a company fund a trial that proved unfavourable to it - Trials funded by companies were four times more likely to have results favourable to them than those funded by others - Drug company trials are tightly regulated - Being good and being poor are causally related: being good doesn't pay - Harlot plc promises to give drug companies and others the results they want - Harlot can produce positive results from a trial - Sackett and Oxman describe 13 methods for getting the results you want - A company gets huge benefit from showing that its drug is better than a competitor's - The most common method to avoid unfavourable results is to make sure that a trial is not big enough to show that a competitor product is either better or worse - 70% of trials in major medical journals are funded by the drug industry - Virtually all research on drugs is funded by the industry - Governments have taken the view that public money can be better spent elsewhere - Information on drugs is distorted - The public is being regularly deceived and exploited - Bushwhacking Mother Nature - US Environmental Destruction Abroad - US has consistently valued military power more than environment - There is no US military base in the world that doesn't have some soil or ground water contamination - Poisoned by insecticides, industrial waste and toxic metals - People living at or near the bases suffered from disproportionately high rates of illness - US claimed to be exempt from any clean-up liabilities - Toxic weaponry dumped on countries - Urine samples were found with abnormally high levels of non-depleted uranium - US-led forces helped irradiate the local environment, with unspeakable civilian health implications - DU-weaponry burns upon contact, emitting radioactive dust which can then spread across a large region - DU remains destructive for 4.5 billion years - War on Drugs has dealt Mother Nature a separate death blow - Domestic drug treatment programs are 20 times more effective than eradicating drug supply at the source - An herbicide commonly used in US-sponsored Colombian eradication programs is Roundup Ultra, a broad-spectrum Monsanto product which destroys food crops, water supplies and Amazonian bio-diversity - America's War = War on the environment : trumped up justification to rape and pillage Mother Nature in the name of increased personal security - This approach backfires into a spiral of destruction and resentment - The White House has to learn that it's impossible to secure a sustainably safe environment through the destruction of nature and endangerment of people abroad - Syngenta’s Spanish GM Trojan Horse - Scientists Join Farmers to Call for Enquiry into (20/01/04)

* Jury Awards Psychiatric Survivor for Forced Drugs, Lock Up - Terrific legal implications for those who have suffered very similar medical mishaps - Locked up/deprived of freedom - Inappropriately medicated when presenting with EHS symptoms - Working on ground breaking legal area of the human rights - Medically labelled/mislabelled mentally ill - Winning the freedom and right to life of a legal victim - Force injected with psychiatric drugs - To psychiatric hospitals and doctors : you can't routinely admit someone and label them dangerous ... and inject them with mind-altering drugs because you have a desire to treat them - 'Liberty' for the Mentally Ill - Illegally deprived of freedom - It's about one's liberty to come and go when one wants, without interference from government - It is also about ... the freedom to have one's thoughts, no matter how off-beat or off-center or ... even radical, without being labeled mentally ill or crazy or dangerous and then being shut off to a psychiatric hospital - In most cases, people don't have the means or the opportunity to bring their case to court - Good things can happen in the legal system - Educate the public and the mental health system - 'Illegal' phone masts removed - Tetra police radio masts were erected in the middle of the night - Phone company has dismantled two masts erected without permission after complaints from residents - Residents had started a vigil at both sites amid fears the masts could be harmful to health - Technology used in Terrestrial Trunked Radio (Tetra) masts can cause cancer - The council takes breaches of planning control very seriously and shall therefore be monitoring the situation very closely - Al Gore Speaks on Global Warming and the Environment (18/01/04)

* Creating illusions - Non-effectual information will likely result in a regulatory and consumer backlash - Microwave bombardment is well known since more than 30 years - Damaging the genetic basis of life - Residents win radio mast victory - A telecommunications company has agreed to remove two radio masts - High Court injunctions to secure removal of masts - Residents campaigned against masts - Technology used can cause cancer - Interfere with body's natural internal communication mechanisms - Leading to ill health - A great victory for people power - When people stand up for things big businesses have to give in - Would like to see the whole Tetra network scrapped - Continue to campaign against these masts - The mobile phone was burning in my hand - Mobile phone exploded inside school bag - A matter of a disaster that could have happened - Company cannot get away from that - Errant email shames RFID backer - Exaggerating the threat tags pose to consumer privacy - Wanna go where everybody knows your name ? - Privacy is gone in bourgeois modernity - Fly, fly away - Big Brother has a way to create a dossier on each and every one of us - Big Brother Britain : More than four million surveillance cameras monitor every move - Britain accounts for one-fifth of all CCTV cameras worldwide - Peace IS possible - It is self-serving to avoid conflict - Personal conflict is time-consuming and costly - Powerful governments are the major destroyers of peace - How can we keep our government from being warlike ? - Global Warming : Not Just Another Issue - We are facing a truly apocalyptic future without a dramatically shift from use of fossil fuels to use of clean and renewable energy (16/01/04)

* Judge considers illegal to install antennas of mobile telephony in buildings of houses - Non-compliance of the protection to health and environment - Judge considers mobile telephone equipment must have license of classified activity - Microwave radiation affects children and pregnant women day and night - Houses are the true health sensible zones - Young people who use mobile phone can suffer within one decade senile diseases - Council accused over phone mast - Radiation emitted from the mast could lead to increased risk of cancer - Cancer fears - Owner of Chelsea Football Club has joined protests against a phone mast - Football tycoon joins mast protest - The technology used in the mast can cause cancer - Phone mast was put up before planning permission had been issued - Council is considering issuing an injunction to stop masts - Issue an order for the masts to be removed - Danger of cancer from long-term exposure - Invisible Danger of Electromagnetic Fields - Impact of electromagnetic fields causes the greatest harm to people's health - Human being introduces much negative changes into environment - Impact of a strong electromagnetic field may cause overheating of the tissues - Irreversible consequences can become apparent very quickly - Usage of mobile phones causes a serious impact upon human brain-may provoke cancer of brain - Spinal cord and eyes are susceptible to strong electromagnetic fields - Impact of electromagnetic field may result in sterility and genes mutations - Dependence of thrombosis, different neoplasms including blood cancer upon impact of electromagnetic field - Electromagnetic fields have particularly dangerous impact upon children's organism - Impact of electromagnetic fields upon incidence of mortality and complications in pregnancy - Electromagnetic field provokes depressions and suicidal spirits - Dependence of cardiovascular diseases upon the impact of an electromagnetic field - Impact of electromagnetic fields increases breast cancer risk - People surrounded with lots of electronic appliances often suffer from different diseases - Daily impact of electromagnetic fields is ruinous for people's health - Taking radio company to High Court - Try to get damages for loss of use of farm - Struggle to keep potentially dangerous cellular phone antennas away from schools, residences and health care centers - Stop whaling - Whales are worth to keep them alive - Costly mistake and gash in the reputation of a country (14/01/04)

* The real health hazard is on alive people - Denounce the erroneous base of mobile telephony : SPHERICAL-COW-CONCEPT and false unit SAR - SPHERICAL-COW-CONCEPT is a bag of plastic with “sugar-salt-water” and is a DEAD MASS - Cadaver calculation can be SAR erroneous - Beware of Michelin tires ... they talk - You basically have Web browser 'cookies' in your tires - Car Can Talk What It Says May Cause Concern - Concerned about privacy - Someone else can listen in on phone calls - Gain control over automotive systems - Increased potential for surveillance - Changing the nature of Americans' relationship with their cars - With the growing number of monitoring systems the car is Big Brother - Information systems being added to cars can be used for tracking - Information is being used to track movements - Detailed reporting of accidents through "black boxes" raises privacy concerns - Warning about possible violations of privacy - Surveillance technologies are easy to buy and easy to abuse - Use of location tracking is growing - Parents can monitor their teenagers' driving - The desire of law enforcement and business to use data overtook early promises to be used responsibly - The only way to get real privacy is not to collect the information in first place - Pressure is on to Make Tires Talk - New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change - World's climate can be modified as part of a new generation of non-lethal weapons - Americans and Russians have developed capabilities to manipulate World's climate - Technology is being perfected in US under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) - Part of the Star Wars Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) - HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes - HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) - Instrument capable of selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions - Weather warfare - Environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) - Impacts of military technologies on World's climate are not object of discussion or concern - Ongoing debate on climate change serves Washington's strategic and defense objectives - Dr. Rosalie Bertell : US military scientists ... are working on weather systems as potential weapon - Includes enhancing of storms and diverting of vapor rivers in Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods - Zbigniew Brzezinski : Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations techniques for conducting secret warfare - Marc Filterman outlines several types of "unconventional weapons" using radio frequencies - Weather war - Technologies make it "possible to trigger atmospheric disturbances by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radar waves - US aerospace forces own the weather by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications - Weather-modification offers war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary - In the United States, Weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications (10/01/04)

Electrical Pollution Ground Current bill AB529 - Testimonies of how sick they were - How they lost their farms, their animals, their life savings and their dreams - How their children were sick - Losing hair and health and statistics of cancer - It was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING to listen to - All these people are IMAGINING all this ? - Much more battleground to cover - Don't stop spreading the word - Growing pollution of electron frequencies - Contact Committee and ask them to pass the legislation - Every voice heard helps the cause - Impressed by ALL the people who DID testify - The MAJORITY were the people - Bankruptcies of farmers - Varied illnesses and symptoms - "Non-conclusive" test results - BAD electrical system structure - Poor, shoddy, fraudulent research has been done - Got to live with it - Something must be wrong - Welcome to chemtrails - Nanotech Health Risk - Nanoparticles can lodge in the brain - Self-replicating robots - Risk lay in breathing in designer materials so small that they can slip through membranes inside the body - Nanoparticles can migrate to the brain and move from lungs into bloodstream - Potential hazards of nanotech urges caution - Trigger asthma or cardiovascular problems - Inflammatory response from body's immune system - Trigger more severe reactions - Dismissed idea of a moratorium on nanotechnology - World Scientists' Warning To Humanity - Human beings and natural world are on collision course - Harsh and often irreversible damage on environment and on critical resources - Current practices put at serious risk to our future - Unable to sustain life in the manner that we know - Fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision of our present course - Environment is suffering critical stress - Stratospheric ozone depletion threatens us causing widespread injury to humans, forests and crops - Heedless exploitation of depletable ground water supplies endangers food production and other essential human systems - Destructive pressure on oceans is severe - Rivers are carryig heavy burdens of eroded soil - Loss of soil productivity - Forests are being destroyed rapidly - Irreversible loss of species - An unnatural disaster - Study warns of global warming extinctions - Scientists and citizens are stymied by water crisis - Environmentalists cry foul on Bush mining proposal (9/01/04)

Spherical-Cow-Concept - Denial of permit to antennas - Wireless Antennas - Public Hearing - No one is exempt from the radiation from antennas - Deny permit to antennas - Microwave, Chemical, Acoustic Weapons - Troubling Questions - Powerful microwave weapon painfully heats up human skin - Nonlethal weapons have fatal flaws that stand in the way of their being widely fielded - Humvee-mounted prototype utilizes a powerful millimeter-wave beam that penetrates skin - Heats water molecules and produces intolerable pain - Research to determine whether exposure causes long-term cellular damage or cancer - Bioeffects in humans including vulnerable civilian bystanders ? Concerns about the legality of new laser pulsed energy projectile weapons - Deployment of controversial capabilities in secret - Ignoring dangerous implications of opening a Pandora's box (7/01/04)

Neurotoxin exposure - New technology is increasing soldier exposures to radiofrequency radiation - Nonthermal effects on neural tissue are being actively investigated for militarily relevant frequency and power mixes - There are currently 63 discrete research projects in the program - Sperm counts have dropped by a almost third in 10 years - The scale of the assault on our bodily well-being is not reduced - Humanity will become the species facing a slow journey to extinction - Fears about declining levels of male fertility - The effects of the environment have been linked to decreases in fertility - Alarming increase in a whole range of childhood diseases - Increases up to 1300% in Autism rates since 1995 - Within our lifetimes we may see modern world as no longer having a sufficiently healthy and numerous young generation - Children’s Health in the Modern Environment - Mast protestors hire security guards - Residents campaigning against the re-erection of a mobile phone mast - Mast blamed for a cluster of cancer cases - Authority agreed to write to the government asking for an inquiry into the effects of mobile phone masts on people's health - Earth's magnetic field is fading - Does aluminum cause Alzheimers ? - Assessing Food Quality by Its After-Glow - ‘Winning the GM debate’ - Organic Outperforms Conventional in Climate Extremes (6/01/04)

Antennas in Berkeley - Support in upcoming public hearing needed - Conflicted Science : How Industry Corrupts Research - It's worse than you thought - Science often manipulated to serve interests of whoever is paying for it - To what extent has commercialization of science undermined science itself ? - How corporate money has corrupted or stifled disciplines - We can no longer trust what is presented to us as science - Messengers for corporate interests - ACS remained silent about carcinogenic chemicals used in most cosmetics - Purposeful cover-ups in lead, asbestos, tobacco, oil, and food industries - Hog farming thwarts any scientific investigation of its impact on neighboring communities - Hog-farm waste seriously threatens health of mostly low-income people-of-color communities - Hog farming supplies much of campaign funding for members of legislature - Industry Weapons - Industries have more tricks than simple economic pressure to stifle exposés - Tools used by researchers digging for information hidden under corporate lock - FOIA is used by industries to force premature disclosure of data to be attacked as flawed before a study is ever completed - Internet is now poised to become one more obstacle to investigators - Much evidence gathered against industries that have polluted our environment and our bodies has come from using the FOIA to uncover documents disclosing industrial crimes - Paperless communication of Internet will render FOIA useless because a paper trail will no longer exist - Abuses of corporate money - Nearly impossible to find a scientist for peer review not connected to industry - Objectivity of Western science is a cultural cornerstone defended with the zeal of religious evangelism - Culture increasingly fashioned by needs of global corporate capitalism - More and more institutions are becoming handmaidens of the corporate empire - Unrealistic to expect that science will remain untainted - Silent Scourge tallies the toll of pollution on kids' brains - Dangers of pollutant poses to child development - Children exposed to pollutants experience consequences both subtle and profound - Scientists can disagree about the scientific evidence without being dishonest - Burden of proof in U.S. environmental policy was placed on the polluted, not the polluter - There is no safe level of exposure - Sound Effects - Continuous background noise can cause harm - Food Quality? What’s That? (4/01/04)

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