* A Preliminary Study to Assess Possible Chromosomal Damage Among
Users of Digital Mobile Phones - Cell Phones & Blood Brain Barrier -
Important forthcoming paper on EMF and Schizophrenia - Pseudo iron
deficiency (22/9/03)

A Preliminary Study to Assess Possible Chromosomal Damage Among Users of
Digital Mobile Phones

P. K. Gadhia *Corresponding
Tejal Shah 1
Amit Mistry 1
Meonis Pithawala 1
Dipesh Tamakuwala 1

1 Department of Biosciences
South Gujarat University
Surat, 395 007, India


In a preliminary study to examine possible lymphocyte chromosomal
damage, we have tested two cytogenetic endpoints, namely, chromosomal
aberrations (CA) and sister chromatid exchange frequencies (SCE), in 24
mobile phone users (12 nonsmoker-nonalcoholic subjects and 12
smoker-alcoholics), who used digital mobile phones for at least 2 years,
employing Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying modulations with uplink
frequencies at 935-960 MHz. and downlinks at 890-915 MHz.

For comparison, the control study group included another 24 individuals,
matched according to their age, sex, drinking and smoking habits, as
well as similar health status, working habits, and professional careers;
but did not use mobile phones.

Blood samples of 12 mobile users (6 smoker-alcoholic and 6
nonsmoker-nonalcoholic) and 12 controls (identical to mobile users in
every respect) were further treated with a known mutagen Mitomycin-C
(MMC) to find out comutagenic/synergistic effect. A complete blood
picture for each individual was assessed with an automatic particle cell

There was a significant increase (P < 0.05) in dicentric chromosomes
among mobile users who were smoker-alcoholic as compared to
nonsmoker-nonalcoholic; the same held true for controls of both types.

After MMC treatment, there was a significant increase in dicentrics (P<
0.05) and ring chromosomes (P < 0.001) in both smoker-alcoholic and
nonsmoker-nonalcoholic mobile users when compared with the controls.
Although SCEs showed a significant increase among mobile users, no
change in cell cycle progression was noted. The hematological picture
showed only minor variations between mobile users and controls.

Published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine , Volume 22 , Issue 2
Print ISSN: 1536-8378
Online ISSN: 1536-8386

Journal Article | Print Published: 10/01/2003 | Online Published:
Pages: 149 - 159 | PDF File Size: 351 KB
DOI: 10.1081/JBC-120024624


Informant : Reinhard Rueckemann


Cell Phones & Blood Brain Barrier
Over 100 years ago, scientists injected blue dye into the blood of
animals. All the tissues of the body turned blue, except for the brain
and spinal cord. Cells of the capillaries fit together tightly in the
brain keeping many substances out.

Nature designed the Blood-Brain Barrier to protect the sensitive cells
of the brain. It keeps out many toxic elements, chemicals and drugs,
etc., that could disrupt brain function.

A 2-year study led by D. Leszcynski of Finland's Radiation & Nuclear
Safety Authority indicates that Cell and Mobile Phones Cause Human Cell
Changes - can negatively affect the Blood-Brain Barrier.

Cell phone radiation causes increased activity in the proteins of human
cells grown in a lab. Leszcynski speculates that, if such activity
causes blood vessel cells to shrink, it could create gaps between the
cells, making the barrier around the brain easier to penetrate.

This has been referred to as "Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier."

What of dental patients who get mercury fillings, and then use a cell

There's more: Radiation-induced changes in the cells could also
interfere with the normal death process of apoptosis. If cells that are
"marked" to die do not, tumors can form.

Beyond the basic nervous system, this problem has to affect every organ
and system of the body. -from Reuters - http://www.drpressman.com/

W.H.O. Chief Shuns Cell Phones OSLO (Reuters) - World Health Org. chief
Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland warned parents Monday against letting their
children spend too much time on mobile telephones and said their
electromagnetic waves give her a headache. Brundtland, the WHO
director-general, does not own a mobile phone and for-bids anyone to use
one in her Geneva office, saying this is to protect herself from the
electromagnetic waves.

"If you enter my office, you are invited by me. No one who is invited
would like to give me headaches," Brundtland said at a news conference
in Oslo, Norway, where she attended an international conference on
cancer. Electromagnetic radiation exposure in-cites our stress reaction,
and this leads to all sorts of mischief in our bodies. Hormones go on
'alert,' and go off-balance - we grind and clench more - our saliva
flows more slowly. Over a period of time our immune response suffers.
And all these have obvious dental implications.

Take your cue from Dr. Brundtland and keep at least 6 to 8 feet away
from anyone on a cell phone.

Informant: Jerry Mittelman


Important forthcoming paper on EMF and Schizophrenia

Hi Klaus:

Thanks for the easier link access
http://tinyurl.com/9e3op to John McMurtrey's
August 2003 paper entitled "Remote Behavioral Influence Technology

I note with great interest in his last endnote entry (e/n 139) that John
intends to publish online in the near future a very significant paper on
"Microwave Bioeffects Congruence with Schizophrenia." Such published
research  is of urgent  importance for health specialists and especially
psychiatrists and related professionals who treat inappropriately
patients presenting with MW/RF induced bioeffects.

My question to John is:  what date does he project for online
publication of this paper?

Best,  Imelda,  Cork,  Ireland


Comments from Betty Venables re: pseudo iron deficiency
Dear Don,

Your email message re the  pseudo-iron deficiency connection with CFS
and the possibility of using it as marker for establishing the  Electro
Hypersensitivity  (EHS) condition (Omega: see
http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega285.htm) . This makes  good sense.
I do believe though, that  iron may not be the only mineral  which
could be  seen as a marker, as a number of minerals  in particular
magnesium,  affect energy levels and may also be involved with CFS.
Following  is a chapter from my book review,  featuring EHS,  which
describes the importance of  mineral balance  and the need to avoid
disruption to that  balance.


To begin with,  artificial  fertilizers used in intensive farming, have
been found to  deplete the soil of the essential macronutrients calcium,
phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and the and
micronutrients  also known as trace minerals, of iron, zinc, selenium,
manganese, copper, iodine, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, fluorine,
silicon, vanadium, nickel, tin.

Food that is  depleted of these trace elements, cannot be expected to
nourish  the  living  organism. Mineral depletion  is a burden the
individual organism may withstand for a time, the individual's unique
physiology determining whether  these circumstances will lead to

Minerals are an essential requirement for optimum health and  play a
vital role in the body's regulation of it's water balance. They are
often part of essential compounds which are  inactive without their
presence and are the catalyst for innumerable chemical reactions.

The need for magnesium alone is documented in  more than 200 published
clinical studies. Professional interest in magnesium as a treatment  for
a number of conditions  has increased recently in the USA.

In view of the fact that  minerals interact in a highly complex manner
within the body's metabolism  a normal balance of these elements should
be maintained while factors  that may  disrupt this balance should be
avoided. EMR exposure is one such factor.

Minerals are essential in maintaining the integrity of human health.


Application of specific frequencies of EMR have been used to treat
depression. The mineral Magnesium (Mg)  has been used to treat  the
depressive/hyperactive illness known as bipolar disorder. Both
treatments have met with success. This clearly demonstrates the
connection between  EMR and  Mg and depression.

EMR exposure and Mg deficiency have both been linked with initiating
depression. (-) (-) Schachter

Principally, we  are highlighting the role of :
. Mg deficiency  in mood alteration
. EMR exposure in mood alteration
and the  combined,  effects  of these two  biologically active agents on
human health.

We are attempting also to highlight the disruption caused by EMR
exposure to the  assimilation of essential minerals in ionic form.

We may then reach the conclusion that via this path:
. EMR  exposure challenges the  integrity of human health
. avoidance of unnecessary EMR will  protect  the integrity of human

The following  excerpts  from studies and reports are all pertinent to
the importance of mineral  balance in relation to  human health.


"The medical monitoring of Coutiches, a town in northern France revealed
an important finding, the lack of  certain elements such as iron and
copper in the blood composition, something that has been observed in
farm animals living near high tension wires. There is every indication
at this stage that electromagnetic fields due to the transmission and
distribution  of electricity  disturb the  iron and copper metabolism."
( -)

Worthy of note here,  is an  Australian case on record of  a 14  year
old  girl,  diagnosed with anemia who   slept in a  first  floor
bedroom,  where 12 mGauss was  recorded on her pillow.  The bed was 5
metres distance from, and level with the (low voltage) 415 Volt power
lines which bordered the home corner block.  This formed a right angle,
a situation known to cause EMR to accrue within that right angle at a
magnitude four (4) times greater than that measured outside the angle.
To digress  for a moment, The entire family of two parents and three
young adults  were plagued with headaches and a number of adverse health
conditions. This young girl's  condition did not respond to treatment
until   she was  sent to live  away from  this location. Eventually the
power line configuration was changed  by the power authority under their
policy of prudent avoidance, to eliminate the right angle. (Name and
address supplied.) The family's health improved.

Minerals and Cell Function  Interference

There are scientific studies that reveal  EMR induced  alteration in
normal calcium ion transference at cellular level.  Studies  of chick
brain tissue revealed, depending on  the  orientation and intensity  of
the local background Direct Current (DC) magnetic field and the applied
electromagnetic field,  there occurred  either an influx or efflux of
calcium ions from the tissue.  (  )

Janet Stone (USA)  says "I have an ion channel defect (chloride and
possibly sodium channel) which seems to make me more susceptible to
EMFs...almost everyone I know who has reacted has a similar genetic or
acquired disorder. Apparently the gating for the channel gets stuck and
the cells can't repolarize properly." Janet's a paper is available on
request from EMS/SNI

Obviously,  interaction  of EMR of both natural and artificial origin
has the potential to influence the calcium absorption  process.  It has
been stated further that calcium is not the only mineral  which can be
affected  under these conditions which is termed ion cyclotron resonance
(CR) .

ELF interaction  is NOT limited to calcium.   Experimental   data have
been obtained to date for Li+ , 40 Ca2+  ,  45Ca2+ , K+ ,  and Mg2 . "
( Lithium, calcium. potassium and magnesium)

From Dr Robert Becker's says "Cyclotron Resonance is a mechanism of
action that enables very low strength electromagnetic fields, acting in
concert with the earth's geomagnetic field, to produce major biological
effects by concentrating the energy in the applied field upon specific
particles, such as the biologically important ions of sodium, calcium,
potassium and lithium. "

Changes in  concentration of copper, manganese, cobalt and iron observed
in non-fertilized female rats led researchers to conclude that
alternating magnetic fields  may have  an influence  on biological
substances which contain metals and on the metabolism  of such
substances as well. (Ref unknown)( -) Duda

As calcium is a mineral required  for  vital bodily  functions it may be
deduced that  any disruption to the  normal  supply  of this mineral
alone  could compromise the optimum functioning of  any affected

Magnesium is also known to be necessary for vital bodily functions.
Deficiency of magnesium produces  symptoms that mirror those reported by
people with  electro hypersensitivity to EMR exposure. It is obvious
that Mg plays a vital role in EHS.

Dr Michael Schachter M.D., describes the effects that Mg deficiency has
on the peripheral and central nervous system, producing an excitability
of the nervous systems   and symptoms that are often described by EHS
patients as well as those experiencing tetany episodes which have been
prompted by EMR exposure. (-) This highlights the EMR exposure - Mg
deficiency - EHS development link.

As the  pseudo-iron deficiency in affected people,  living under the
influence of  high voltage power line exposure in Coutiches, has been
established  we need to now look at what other or  'pseudo/authentic
deficiencies '  might result from high or low voltage  EMR exposures.

The Coutiches experience has focused the attention on High Voltage Power
lines EMR exposure and a clinically recognizable pseudo-iron
deficiency.  It has also drawn attention to  the importance of mineral
balance and the need to  avoid disrupting elements, such as EMR, that
can upset that balance -

We therefore need to look further than the pseudo- ion deficiency in
isolation  as marker for EHS. We need to look at  the  range of mineral
pseudo/authentic  deficiencies  that could be occurring under the
combination of  natural and artificial EMR exposure conditions. In this
way we could become closer to the truth that EMR from high and low
voltage  and other power sources is disrupting the metabolism of
minerals which induces biological effects that are precursors to human
disorders and diseases.   End

Basic information on mineral deficiencies and health note that a
balanced  distribution of minerals  is required for optimum health. Once
this balance is upset  the system is in a state of Where an excess of
one mineral can cause a  depletion of another


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Informant: Deloris Duvall and Freeman Oneil


Patriot Act target of ACLU challenge The Oregonian
"The American Civil Liberties Union has asked a federal judge in
Portland to rule unconstitutional part of the USA Patriot Act, the
controversial law passed after the Sept. 11 attacks that broadened the
government's domestic spying powers. ... Specifically, the ACLU,  joined
by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, says the
Justice Department's use of a secret court to get authority for
electronic eavesdropping violates constitutional protections of privacy
and free speech and against unreasonable searches and  seizures."


Opponents urge recalling the Patriot Act

The ever-expanding Patriot Act

2004 -- Our last chance to save Social Security?

Losing touch with reality

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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