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While cleaning up my files I found the following article from the
Swedish firm LIBEREL. This company designs IT office work areas, taking
into account environmental pollutants, including office equipment
chemical emissions and EMFs.

Don Maisch


Martin Andersson, Leif Westlund, Lars-Erik Eriksson
Department of Technical Research, LIBEREL AB*

Persons who describe symptoms of hypersensitivity to electricity
overreact especially to certain types of electrical equipment. The aim
of our study has been to document the kind of EMF that is generated,
exposing the person to these symptoms. Our study shows that equipment
with strong harmonic generating electronics is often pointed out as
being the cause of irritation.

Several studies have shown that stress hormones such as testosterone,
prolactine, thyroxine, etc., affect people who are hypersensitive to
electricity. This is why the subjective irritation felt by people who
are hypersensitive to electricity is, in some cases, given as being
psychosomatic. (1)

Other studies have shown that low level radio frequency fields can also
affect the same stress hormones. (2) A summary of scientific literature
in Russia shows that the central nervous system, the autonomous nervous
system and the cardiovascular system can be affected by EMF in the VLF
range (3)


Persons who have been troubled by skin irritation (prickly heat, itching
and red spots) as well as subjective symptoms derived from the central
nervous system (fatigue, weakness, headaches), have described where and
when their symptoms arise. They have noticed that when certain equipment
or lighting is turned on, the symptoms become stronger. When the same
equipment is turned off, the symptoms are not so strong or are absent

Measurements have been carried out in order to document which kind of
EMF the equipment in question is generating when it is turned on and
when it is turned off. In several cases the electromagnetic fields have
been screened off. The person has then described how the symptoms have
changed depending on the measures taken.

This study has been carried out at many work places throughout Sweden
during a period of six years.

Measurements of the electromagnetic fields were done with an instrument
from Radians Innova EMM-4, equipped with probes for both the ELF and VLF
frequency ranges. The signal was monitored on a digital oscilloscope and
via a portable computer stored on a diskette for later analysis.


The case histories we have chosen and accounted for here are typical for
the greater number of work places we have studied.

The Swedish Patient Association and studies that have been published on
this subject, both in Sweden and abroad, describe the symptoms in just
the same way as the persons we have examined.

The equipment documented in different environments shows that people who
are hypersensitive to electricity experience greater irritation in
connection with strong harmonic generating equipment. We noticed, for
example, that ordinary electric bulb lighting with a strength of 50 Hz
did not normally cause any irritation. But when a thyristor was
connected to the lighting or it was replaced by high-frequency ignition
fluorescent tubes, the symptoms got worse.

It was quite common for people to be able to point out which of two
pieces of equipment that was causing more irritation without knowing how
they differed technically, although they were similar in appearance.
Measurements showed that the equipment indicated as causing more
irritation contained harmonic generating electronics whereas the other
equipment did not.


The results show that the intensity of the symptoms felt by a person who
is hypersensitive to electricity coincides with how much they are
exposed to low level radio frequency fields generated as harmonics from
modern electronic equipment. Such equipment; for example, display
terminals, fluorescent tubes including those with high-frequency
ignition, radio transmitting equipment, etc., is often described as
giving strong symptoms by persons who are hypersensitive to electricity.

People are being exposed more and more to high-frequency electromagnetic
fields in modern offices. Radio communication and unscreened
high-frequency electronics are being installed at a fast pace. It is not
unusual for workers to have difficulty in finding the FM band on the
radio in Swedish offices, especially at the time of day when there is a
lot of traffic on the computer network.

Studies have shown that the nervous system can be affected by being
exposed to low levels of high-frequency EMF. Our study shows that people
who are hypersensitive to electricity experience symptoms when they are
exposed to such equipment. Older electrical environments, consisting
mainly of EMF in the 50 Hz range are not felt to give the same degree of

It stands to reason that low level harmonics and electrical noise
frequencies should be taken into account in epidemiological and in
vitro/in vivo studies.

Correspondence to: AMA-Konsult AB, V. Falktrasket 16, 931 97
Skellefteå, Sweden. Fax no: +46 (0)910-777348. e-mail:


EMR and ALS - is there a link?

There is a recent study, which shows the correlation:

Association between occupational exposure to power frequency
electromagnetic fields and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a review.
Li CY, Sung FC.
Department of Public Health, College of Medicine, Fu-Jen Catholic
University, Hsinchuang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan Republic of China.

BACKGROUND: For the past two decades, there has been concern over
electromagnetic exposure and human health. While most research has
focused on cancer and reproductive outcomes, there is interest in the
relationship between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and neurodegenerative

METHODS: We review epidemiological findings and evidence regarding the
association between occupational exposure to power frequency EMFs and
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Medline was searched for citations
related to occupational hazards and ALS, literature reviews and
epidemiological evaluations.

RESULTS: Nine out of the ten epidemiological studies that have been
conducted on the risk of ALS in relation to occupational exposure to EMF
show moderate to strong relative risk estimates that supported a link
between them. Although data from these studies was consistent, the
causal inference to a link between EMF exposure and ALS is restricted
mainly due to the lack of direct information on EMF exposure and
incomplete consideration of the other potential risk factors for ALS at
workplaces. For instance, electric shock, in particular, is more common
in electrical occupations than in any other occupations.

CONCLUSIONS: This review concludes that further studies should consider
investigating the separate effect of EMF exposure and electrical shocks
to make more specific interpretations. On-site measurements of EMF
should be conducted to include information on EMF exposure from
residences as well as workplaces to improve exposure assessment.

Copyright 2003 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Am J Ind Med. 2003 Feb;43(2):212-20.


I think you will find all further references in this study.

Best wishes,
Reinhard Rueckemann

Omega: see also http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega114.htm


Re: Blood flow changes Japanese study 2003
Dear Klaus: In regard to Dr. Miguel Muntane's question about the
Japanese study regarding blood flow changes and his question as to
whether there are other ways to check for sensitivity, I would like to
offer the following comments:

Dr. Roger Coghill from the UK is well-known for his studies regarding
changes in white blood cells, more specifically in "lymphocytes" and
exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF's)/electromagnetic radiation

Dr. Andrew Marino, Louisiana University, conducted studies on guinea
pigs that consistently showed changes in lymphocytes in regard to
EMF/EMR exposure;

Dr. Duane Dahlberg along with veterinarians conducted studies on cows
that consistently showed changes in lymphocytes (I think also
neutrophils) -- "The 1994 Minnesota Herd Study" -- as result of EMF/EMR

As a "victim" (not an expert) of high voltage powerline exposure, I
conducted studies in my own home on guinea pigs that correspond to the
above studies that were done (I did not know the other studies existed
at the time, however).

Findings in my guinea pigs included asthma and significant lymphocytosis
and severe neutropenia as well as other problems such as epicarditis and
amyloidosis. Sensitivity in both guinea pigs and humans in our family
greatly increased when subjects were in close proximity to electric
meters. Two grandchildren had rare immune deficiencies as well as
chronic asthma and chronic sinus infections.

As with the recent findings in the Japanese study regarding blood flow
changes, the other studies I mention support other information that is
in existing literature to the effect that blood and bone marrow are
particularly "radio-sensitive." Since it is possible for dramatic
changes to occur in a time-period of approximately two weeks, I continue
to emphasize the importance of evaluating the white blood count
(including differentials) as an early indicator of electrosensitivity.

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114


Klaus: In response to "old trumpet," regarding EMR exposure and ALS (Lou
Gehrig's Disease), there are many who know that the 2002 California EMF
Study does confirm a connection to brain cancer, childhood Leukemia, ALS
and miscarriage.

Information regarding the California Study can be found on Dr. Roger
Conant's website: http://www.powerlinefacts.com

Since my husband and I have been battling two high voltage lines for
over 30 years and my husband has "profound and unusual memory loss"
(most likely Alzheimers), I would appreciate hearing directly from "old
trumpet" in regard to his or her ALS and his or her proximity to the
power lines. Thanks. Joanne Mueller (JCMPelican@aol.com)


Dear Klaus

Re: Dr. Miguel Muntané,

"There has so far been no method to test for hypersensitivity to
electromagnetic waves?"

I have been working with EM hypersensitive patients since 1982 and at
the age of 73 I would be delighted if someone else would also take an
interest in these unfortunates. EM hypersensitivity is found in patients
with on-going multiple chemical sensitivities. If the chemical problems
can be cured, the electrical problems usually go too. Society will
eventually have to choose between chemical and electrical pollution of
the environment, it may not be possible to have both.

My first publications on EM sensititvities were:

Choy RYS, Monro JA , Smith CW. Electrical Sensitivities in Allergy
Patients. Clinical Ecology 4(3): 93-102, 1987.

Smith CW, Choy RYS, Monro JA. The Diagnosis and Therapy of Electrical
Hypersensitivities. Clinical Ecology 6(4): 119-128, 1990.

If you give me your e-mail address, I will send my full bibliography in
this area.

Regards to all,

Cyril Smith.


Cell phones, etc: industry muzzles and punishes those who dare say they
are dangerous to health


Experts investigating biological effects of cell phone radiation asked
to shut up or quit jobs



National Antenna Website Launch

Please Note:

The URLs for the National Antenna Consultation website are
http://www.antennareview.ca (English) and http://www.antenneexamin.ca
(French). Thank you very much.

David A. Townsend
Professor of Law
University of New Brunswick
Wk phone//messages: 506.453.4720
Wk fax: 506.453.4548
Home phone: 506.453.7826


Mind Control


Information: Ruth Gill





Huge radiation levels in Iraq -- denial continues

Dangerously High Levels of Radiation Measured Around Baghdad
Sep 01 2003 15:05:42 ET

EXPRESS [LONDON] // please note: doc contains my titles, comment at the
end for original refer to http://www.drudgereport.com/flash4.htm

My comments:

The deadly impact of uranium munitions as well as even larger bunker
busters is grossly underestimated in the article. Numbers are completely
flawed. 5,000 of them chronically ill and almost 600 dead - instead of
330,000 chronically ill and 12,000 dead, in USA only, according to
Douglas Rokke (see my Brussels paper).

These numbers do not include UK, Canada, Australia, Syria, Kuwait, etc..
The death toll in Iraq is estimated 5 to 10 times higher than above
numbers; more than one million might already be chronically ill.

Moritaki-san's group from Hiroshima measured up to 4,000 times higher
radiation levels than normal in places in Baghdad.

Christian Scherrer


O.T. themes:

What Victory? Who's Wrong Now, Mr. Rumsfeld?

Americans must be aware that they have won themselves an everlasting
hatred of Arab states


Resistance in Iraq Is Home Grown

Iraq War Eroding World's Post-Sept. 11 Sympathy for US

Countries Resist Aid To Iraq

Army Says US Soldier In Iraq Dies Of 'Acute Leukemia'

Informant: George Paxinos


'Come and Help us in Iraq,' U.S. Soldiers Urge World

'America is building a world order'

The blind prophet

Attacks on US Personnel in Iraq Rising

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