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BBC NEWS England Kent Mobile phone masts 'must go'

New mobile phone masts are already banned on council land

Education chiefs are facing calls to remove mobile phone masts from all
school sites in Kent. A recent survey showed 15 schools in Kent had
radio masts on their premises. Kent County Council brought banned new
masts on its land two years ago - but opposition Labour members have now
called for the existing ones to be removed too. Councillor Mike Eddy,
leader of the Labour group on Kent County Council, said it was important
to protect pupils' safety.

Very cautious

He said the council must do more to encourage the governing bodies of
schools not to renew existing contracts with telecommunications
companies. But Conservative councillor Paul Carter, cabinet member for
education standards and pupil services, said the council had already
taken a "very cautious" approach when it banned new masts in 2001. He
said: "As soon as that directive went out, no new radio masts have been
erected on school properties. "We have 15 schools that have existing
radio masts and when those contracts expire, they will not be renewed."
But he admitted governing bodies still had the power to renew the
contracts - which bring extra financial resources to the school - in
spite of the council's guidelines.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger


The Cellular Children

A strong feeling of sadness took over me when I saw the "magazine" which
was attached to the newspaper today: On the front colourful page, a boy
maximum 6 years old, smiling and talking on the cell phone. The magazine
has an article called, no less than: "THE CELLULAR CHILDREN".

In the article it is told that Daniela from Yavne who is 4 years old,
has a cell phone, she says (yes, the 4 years old girl) she uses it when
she wants to call to her friends to visit them. From September she will
have a new number, and will use it in the kindergarten. Her parents
bought her of course. The marketing manager in Cell-Com, says that "This
is a result of a long time investment for the long run, children are
influenced by the colourful advertisements in their own language".

"I have a mobile phone since 2nd grade, and since 5th grade I have been
going to school with it" reveals Omry Ben Simon, 12 years old, from Bet
Shemesh. Eden, his brother who is 4 years younger than him, already
knows all the new kinds of the cell phones and their complex qualities.
By the way , he wasn't discriminated by his parents and won his own

"Social pressure, the fashion need, and the will to know where my
children are, made me give them mobile phones", says their mother Shoshi
Ben Simon. "Our children should be enabled to enjoy the technological
There are parents who need to deal with the educational side: "Cell
phone hurts the natural maturing of the child" says Ella Dudka (31) from
Ganey Aviv. "When they go to school they have to learn to deal with
problems on their own, and not look for solutions in a phone call to
me. [That reminds me of the little boy in the grocery store who called
his mother by the cell phone and told her: "Mom, I can't find the
Yogurt"] In addition, cellular use hurts their social development and
frame. Only on special occasions I give Tom my other mobile, for

"All the pupils in my class have cellular phone" says Eyal Barkover, 14,
Hod Hasharon. "I use it only when I have to, for personal calls outside
the house and to SMS".

Several studies on the subject, among them a study of the American
company Ytech which checked the influence of the new technology on
youth, showed that youth (7-17) who used it more than others, cell and
computers, had decline in the social involvement and increase in
depression and loneliness. The explanation- they use is on the expense
of playing with friends. But against all the scientific findings, the
cell phone are becoming more and more popular in these age groups.

Children who were born into the generation of this technology, are
willing to experience any new service the market offers. They are also
the future of the cellular companies. "Teenagers are excellent content
clients" says Avi Zur, marketing manager in Partner company. Instead of
notes in class, pupils use SMS. The families pay for the cellular bill
of the children. "To pay for regular phone calls, internet and cables is
taken for granted, so why this not?"
says Shoshi Ben Simon.

(Hello! Communication and Cellular Magazine, 3rd Issue,
August-September 2003)

Message from Iris Atzmon


U.S. E-chip activists denounce U.K.'s Marks & Spencer's for proposed
'spy in a suit' marketing

Hi Klaus:

American e-chip surveillance guru, Katherine Albrecht, has brought her
four month old campaign to Britian, against implanting in clothing
microchips with a low-powered radio signal. Her grassroots consumer
protection organisation which claims some 6000 members
INVASION AND NUMBERING (CASPIAN). She and her group have already managed
to convince Gillette, Benetton and WalMart to delay their proposed dates
for introducing the stock tracking innovation.

Albrecht believes that placing miniscule (similar in size to a grain of
sand) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels in clothing leaves
the way open for significant abuses to a person's right to privacy and
personal safety. Quotations from a prominent article on this by
journalist David Rowan in yesterday's edition of THE TIMES (page 5)are
as follows:

"Ms. Albrecht sees a more sinister, 'Big Brother' use for a system that
she says will make it possible to monitor individuals long after goods
have left the store, through the radio signals their clothes or personal
items continue to emit. . . . Unlike barcodes, the tags--known as
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels--identify individual items
whose movements can be tracked by scanners connected to the internet. .
. .

'This technology has a potential to track people from the time they get
up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night,' Ms. Albrecht
said from her home in New Hampshire. She wants Britons to know that the
police, criminals and marketers will all be motivated to scan people's
property to learn more about them from their 'electronic cloud.' "

She states that the popularity and power of her CASPIAN consumer
activist association is due to the fact that "'78 per cent of people
oppose this technology on privacy grounds, and 61 per cent on health
grounds.'" Rowan quickly adds "No health grounds have been identified.
The figures are from the Auto-ID Centre's own confidential research,
which were mistakenly made available on the internet. Much to its
embarrassment, she [Albrecht] also discovered internal briefings from
the centre's PR advisers suggesting that it create 'a privacy advisory

Bests, Imelda, Cork. Ireland.


UK cars to be equipped with spy chip

BBC News

"The government is reportedly planning to fit all cars in Britain with a
personalised microchip so rule-breaking motorists can be prosecuted by
computer. The chip will automatically report a wide range of offences
including speeding, road tax evasion and illegal parking .... It will
even record every time motorists drive in bus lanes. ... [T]he scheme
would require car makers to fit the chips in all vehicles while older
cars would have them added during MoT
tests." (08/25/03)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Victim of psi/electronic harassment

I am a victim of psi/electronic harassment. My name is Damian Hall.

On over 300 victims of neuro electro events known without camera or
bugging - no mental illness can produce this - only a neuro electro Psi
predatory fix.

Perps preying on me can be identified in near future though I have not
verified them as yet. Ringleader was same person acting as agent
provocateur on end of Tregonwell Rd, Bournemouth in May 98. It is the
same person going whisper to skull Psi and remote viewing, dream
manipulating and in magnetic sleep nervous system manipulation remote

Don't know what to say. Police/judges etc are in dark about this form of
preying as are general public - it may be known of but not acknowledged.

Don't know what to suggest except appeal with McKinney/Dr Richard Alan
Miller/ Carole Smith article in Psycho social journal Volume 13 about
need for critical analysis of psychosis in light of mind invasive
technology. I have copy of this article if you haven't.

I, personally believe mind invasive devices may well be being used in
tandem with group SRA Cultic Psi predatory telepathy or without. I think
it important not to only dwell on devices and techniques of SRA and
predatory cultic practises to get Psi telepathy fixes needs unearthing.
I will ascertain perps preying on me soon and hope to expose. Not many
reported targets in England. I am one of them for five years. Four
reported targets in England coincidentally come from Yorkshire or live
there. Miriam Findlay and George Faraquar, Scottish I believe. That may
well be coincidence to USA Intelligence base near Whitby North
Yorks or devices filched off them being used possibly as an outside



Notice from EMR Surveys Pty Ltd. Sydney

I have received the following notice from John Lincoln, EMR Surveys Pty
Ltd. Sydney to be distributed on this list.

Message from Don Maisch

EMR Surveys Pty Ltd
10 Annette Place
Belrose NSW 2085

A Correction and an announcement.

1. You may have noticed in the March 2003 issue of the EMRAA Newsletter
that I an said to be "retiring from active service".

This is not correct.

For professional reasons I have resigned only from the board of
directors of EMRAA. I remain a member of EMRAA. I continue to deal with
the frequent enguiries on electromagnetic related topics and I remain
the community representative on the ARPANSA working group preparing an
Australian Standard for electromagnetic radiation within the frequency
range 0 to 3 kHz. This includes the fields produced by electricity power
lines and systoms within our houses, offices and industries.

Of course my business, EMR Surveys P/L, continues to operate as before
and my web site <<www.emrsurveys.com.au >> will be in operation shortly.

2. While contacting you I take the opportunity to advise you of a very
important development.

As a consequence of persistent lobbying by EMRAA and others, the federal
government authority, ARPANSA, have developed an "Electromagnetic
Radiation Health Complaints Register" to gather community information of
perceived adverse health effects from EMR. This is most welcome.

The success of this initiative will depend to a large extent on the
community response. So I urge you to submit completed forms to ARPANSA
if, and only if, you believe you or your family have been affected by
electromagnetic radiation from any source. The source may include power
lines, domestic appliances, electrical equipment within the house or
office, or mobile/portable phones for example. It is extremely important
that we take advantage of this initiative and that we report our
experiences as accurately as possible.

If you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

John Lincoln
B.E. Elect.


DARPA's Bioengineering Program


Informant: Romy


NEWS RELEASE: Day 11 of Hunger Strike: Surprise Breakthrough

Hunger Strikers Hold Face to Face Meeting Today with President of
American Psychiatric Association

APA says: "We're thinking" about a more formal meeting between APA &
MindFreedom representatives.

PASADENA, CALIF.: For 11 days the "Fast for Freedom in Mental Health"
has mobilized more than 23 people internationally to protest human
rights violations in the mental health system.

Today, in a surprise step forward, a delegation of hunger strikers held
an initial face to face meeting with Marcia Kraft Goin, MD, PhD, current
elected President of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), inside
her Los Angeles office.

"We're pleased with this development," said hunger striker Mickey
Weinberg, "But we're going to continue this Fast for Freedom."

For all the photos of the meeting click here:


NRDC wins landmark case against Navy sonar!

A federal court has just handed down its decision in our case against
the U.S. Navy and I wanted you to be the first to hear the great news.
In a resounding victory for whales and other marine mammals, the court
ruled that it will bar the Navy from deploying its high-intensity LFA
sonar system across most of the world's oceans.

The LFA (Low Frequency Active) sonar system would have blasted hundreds
of thousands of square miles of ocean habitat with noise so intense it
can maim, deafen and even kill whales. In her historic ruling, Judge
LaPorte agreed with NRDC that the sonar's booming noise could
"irreparably harm" the marine environment and threaten the very
survival of endangered populations of whales, sea turtles and other
marine species.

Judge LaPorte has ordered the Navy to begin negotiations with NRDC on a
plan for safely testing the sonar system in a limited area.

This is truly a banner day for the Earth's environment. The court has
granted a life-saving reprieve to dozens of species of magnificent
marine mammals. But its ruling also sends a message loud and clear to
the White House that it is not above our nation's environmental laws.
The Bush administration trampled all over those laws when it gave the
Navy a blank check to operate the deadly LFA sonar system virtually
anywhere in the world.

It's also a banner day for hundreds of thousands of NRDC members and
activists like you. When we began this fight eight years ago, we were
told that our chances of stopping the military's classified LFA program
were slim to none. But that conventional wisdom seriously underestimated
the collective power of a determined citizenry.

Your financial contributions and online activism fueled an NRDC legal
strategy that prevailed, in the end, over the world's most powerful
military establishment. There is no finer example of democracy in action.

The fight to protect our oceans against high-intensity sonar is not
over. The Navy could appeal the court's ruling. And right now the Bush
administration is trying to get exemptions for the Navy from some of the
very environmental laws NRDC used to block deployment of the LFA system.
With your help, NRDC will do everything it can to ensure that these
efforts do not succeed.

But all that lies ahead. For today, at least, we've won a significant
victory, one worth savoring and celebrating. On behalf of our entire
legal team, I want to thank you for coming to the defense of marine
mammals around the world.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

NRDC Press Release: http://www.nrdc.org/media/pressreleases/030826.asp
Washington Post story: http://www.nrdc.org/news/newsDetails.asp?nID=1075


GM Science Review Deeply Flawed


Fluoride Linked to Low IQ, Studies Show

Informant: George Paxinos


O.T. themes:

Classified Spending On the Rise

Informant: lwirbel


A Non-Political Money System
by E. C. Riegel, 1944



The war on civil liberties road show


A Weapons Cache We'll Never See

Who Will Bail out Bush from Iraq Quagmire?

US Cost to Invade and Occupy Iraq May Hit $1.9 Trillion

Growing Opposition to Bush in the US

Saving Face, Losing a War


Terrorism and Iraq: The link is real now

Baghdad deadlier than ever

Building the coalition of the unwilling
Asia Times
by Ehsan Ahrari

"As the US government has no intention of loosening its grip on power in
Iraq, it can hardly expect any country to join it there other than as a
reluctant partner, with or without more resolutions from the United


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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