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Electronic pollution. The hidden dangers

From television and radio waves, to mobile phone emissions and a
thousand and one other sources we are being bombarded by a constant
stream of electronic pollution. But is this pollution harmful?

Although environmental pollution is largely thought of in terms of toxic
gases and dangreous substances, we believe there is now another more
insiduous source of pollution which can be added to this list. Yet
unlike pollution created by exhaust fumes or factory waste this
pollution can neither be seen nor smelt. As such its effects are hard to
determine, yet logic alone should be enough to assess its potential

Swamped by emissions

We are talking here of the threats to health posed by the burgeoning
number of radio signals and electronic emissions, particularly from the
incredible rise in mobile phone usage. The reality is that the
atmosphere around us is swamped by hundreds of thousands of these
emissions. We are being bombarded by them every moment of our lives, and
it seems the height of naivity to imagine this electronic chatter is
having no effect on us.

Growing Problem

A look at the wide range of such emissions gives a sobering insight into
the problems we are creating. As well as millions of new mobile phone
subscribers, the air is also saturated with radio, television, and
satellite broadcasts. The number of stations and channels is growing by
the day. Then add to this signals from TV remote controls, microwave
ovens, as well as computer games, faxes, photo copiers, scanners, and
printers, and and you have an environment that is already overloaded
with electronic emissions.

Future hazards

The bewildering thing is there are no plans to curb this pollution; just
a chillingly complacent attitude that what cannot be seen cannot do
damage. This it must be recalled was the attitude to nuclear energy.
Initially it was looked upon as clean and safe and when voices of
protest were raised these were dismissed as extremist. Yet the trouble
with electronic pollution is that so far, apart from us, no-one has yet
appreciated the future hazards. Even worse is that by the time this
problem is identified it will be difficult if not impossible to tackle.

Inevitable symptoms

We believe the effect of electronic pollution will be apparent in a
large number of ways. Predominantly these will be manifest in a growing
list of psychological complaints including confusion, panic, paranoia,
strong mood swings and violent and aggressive behaviour. Complaints of
this nature have already seen a marked rise in incidence, and we believe
that in the coming years this trend will escalate quite dramatically.
Electronic pollution may also cause benign and malignant tumours as well
as a wide number of physiological complaints that will be hard to
account for.

Carelessly ignored

The fact is that this is a situation we should have never been faced
with. Proper research should have elimated the possibility of harmful
eletronic effects. But then with so much money involved it was always
inevitable that such concerns would be carelessly brushed aside.


"Inconclusive studies......"

Klaus: Don Maisch is exactly right about the cell phone/mobile so-called
"study" that involves only a few hours over a period of about four days!!!!

From "first-hand experience," I know that symptoms such as asthma can
occur within a period of two weeks" continuous nighttime exposure while
a human infant is sleeping. It most likely took many months for my two
grandsons (cousins/not in same house) to develop rare immune
deficiencies although sinus infections occurred early on. We were told
shortly before one of the boys was 2-1/2 years old that he was low in
overall IgG's and subclasses 1 and 3.

I know from personal observation and by watching veterinarians exam my
guinea pigs that they also developed asthma within a period of two
weeks. In the case of the guinea pigs, they were exposed continuously
for 24 hours to miligauss readings between 4.0 and 6.0 miligauss. They
spent their main "sleep time" in the 6.0 miligauss range. As many who
know me are aware, my guinea pigs also developed dramatic changes in
their white blood cell counts. My Nokia cellphone measures as high as
6.0 miligauss during an incoming call. I also do not "use" a cellphone
other than for a couple of seconds in an emergency.

Don is correct -- what the HELL are they doing and WHY doesn't WHO and
other government agencies put an end to such meaningless and ridiculous

The answer is that the scientists will just continue on with their
"inconclusive and misleading" studies until enough persons are affected
personally and begin to demand realistic and proper testing!!!!!!

As we all know, the industry scientists have to protect their
jobs............AND "industry" can afford to pay for scientist after
scientist to conduct as much "inconclusive and misleading" research as
is necessary to challenge and minimize the importance of any tests that
confirm what we who have been "affected" by EMR already know are much
closer to the truth!!!!!

As we all know, "industry" has government and industry on THEIR SIDE and
they also control the media. In the meantime, I am grateful for the work
you, Klaus, Don, and many others have done and are continuing to do.

I am trying to fight off the depression that overwhelms me in order to
put together the information I have in the hope that it will help future
generations in some way. I no longer believe that writing a medical
journal article in regard to my grandsons' dramatic improvement after
reducing their EMR levels or a medical journal article regarding health
problems in my guinea pigs will be of any realistic benefit to anyone.

In the meantime, I still cry when I hear about a child in our
neighborhood (near the high voltage lines) who dies from leukemia and/or
the child who suffers daily from asthma or ADD or ADHD, etc., etc., but
I have "NO POWER" because the media and our court system has been
successfully controlled by government and industry.

Since Bud and I distributed approximately 100 flyers to those living
along the high voltage lines last February, I have noticed many "FOR
SALE" signs and "SOLD" signs. The persons who can afford to move do so
and they go quietly on their way hoping their health and that of their
children will improve.

I give a lot of credit to those we communicate with (through you, Klaus
and formerly Roy Beavers) who have moved and improved their situations
but who do continue on with "the fight" to help others!!!!!!!
Take care -

Joanne Mueller
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN USA

Masts and more

Several remarks about the last BI OMEGA newsletter:

About 1600 studies that prove that masts are no danger - how ridiculus !
Except Santini's study on cellular antennas- who found damage to people-
There are NO studies on masts. There are only long lists of cancer
clusters everywhere in the world where there are cellular masts.

The studies are not done because no one wants them to be done. As one of
the "experts" said - the reason there are no studies on masts is
because there is no radiation. No radiation ===> No research. Pure logic....

Reading that marijuana as a toxin has to be used to cure something,
reminds me the legal logic of the modern medicine- this is the method of
modern medicine.

Enclosed a new study about a drug that is supposed to prevent Prostate
cancer but at the same time it causes tumors be more agressive.

This is so typical for the modern medicine:
The same one that prescribes women with Tamoxifen to prevent breast
cancer while it causes 4 fold risk for uterine cancer, prescribes HRT
(hormones) for women to prevent heart attacks and osteoporosis with
hormones that cause: agressive breast cancer, Alzheimer, heart disease
and who knows what else.

Pure logic, and amaizingly it is legal to "solve" problems with giving
carcinogens to people.

And we haven't mention yet the "Progress".


Message from Iris Atzmon

The HAARP that only angels should play

One need not be a radical "Green" or a reactionary "Luddite" to
recognize that trends of weather have seen unexplained changes. Some
conclude that these altered patterns are climatic in nature. One
commission, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has
been established by WMO and UNEP to assess scientific, technical and
socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of climate
change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.
It is open to all Members of the UN and of WMO. While most groups that
are normally associated with this topic are considered to be
sympathizers on the Left, the real character of the subject needs to
examine the intended efforts to alter patterns of weather for political ends...

See further under: http://pages.zdnet.com/sartre65/gulag/id3.html

Polar reversal could be imminent

Based on the latest research some scientists now believe that a magentic
polar reversal may be imminent. An event that would have grave
consequences for the whole planet...

See further under:

Map of U.S. Radiofrequency Towers and Antennas

This is a simple project that maps various wireless RF sources including
cell, pagers, TV, AM, FM, and microwave antennas and towers in the U.S.
-- Striking patterns and density.


Antennas in Berkeley, California


I hope you are doing fine and having a nice summer.

1) Did you know that base-station antennas are installed stealthily in
Berkeley, California? Yes, they do get installed here and there and
people do not know about them. Many do not even know how they look!

2) And did you know that according to the Berkeley Telecommunication
Ordinance, members of public can ask the Planning Department for
information regarding the location, ownership, technical specifications,
etc of antennas? Here is the law:


So, if you are curious to know where antennas are located in Berkeley,
send an e-mail to the Planning Department and ask them. You can send
your e-mails to:


Good luck hunting antennas,


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