* Electrosensitive from Canada reports - WHO will hear this plea for help and WHO will take action??? - The use of a new geophysical weapon might lead to global catastrophe - Death Sentence on Cloning (26/7/03)
Electrosensitive from Canada reports

Dear Klaus,

I have just released a 3 page letter describing my experience since a
cell phone tower went up in my backyard approximately 2 yrs. ago, to
every newspaper in Canada, and I have been presenting this information
to our local planning councillors and municipal councillors, in hopes of
bringing to our communities across the country that cell phone towers in
particular are ruining our health.

I, my children and many neighbours as well as many others who I've
discovered in other neighbourhoods near other towers are being affected
in identical ways. The problem in our area has been in the local
newspapers over the past 4-6 months. I thought it was time to release it
nationwide because of the upcoming polical elections.

I will forward the letter to you and you may release it to your readers.
I also wish to help Dorthy from South Africa, if I can, regarding her
symptoms. I as well moved away from a tower, to a distance of 6-7 kms.
away. Industry Canada technicians advised me to move close to the ocean
as beams are not directed over large bodies of water, wasted energy.

I continued to suffer from insomnia, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and
this varied from time to time, and a feeling of sadness and despair that
this was happening to my daughter, our neighbour's children, young women
who I care about, good honest trusting people everywhere. anyway, I have
been looking for ways to help myself. Recently I started taking the
hormone, melatonine for the past week. The tinnitus is almost completely
gone and the insomnia is changing. I still wake up easily throughout the
early morning hours but I can fall back to sleep easily. I still feel
tired after I wake up but its different. I never used to be able to feel
tired when I lived next to the tower.

My doctor at the Environmental Clinic said my nervous system was
reacting to a poison created by an electrical field. He wouldn't say it
was from the cell phone tower but it was good enough for me. It
confirmed that my nervous system was being affected by EMF's and
research is currently working on validating that theory. So I believe
the Melatonine is responsible for my improvement. Good luck.


WHO will hear this plea for help and WHO will take action???

This story is of extreme importance. According to an article in the
Halifax, Chronicle Herald, July 23, 2003, in the business section, "For
the first time, the youth segment is actually outweighing the adult one
in its influence over technology sales, especially in the world of data
transmission service and gadgets, said Mr. Laporte." "Over the next
couple of years, teenagers will make up more than half of the 40 percent
of people who are new cellphone and other telco gadget customers." " Out
of the 40 per cent will be about 50 per cent...who will be 14 years old
or younger," said the executive. Rogers made $57.1 million, or 40 cents
a share, during the second guarter. Last year, its profit for the same
period was $733,000. Like other major wireless carriers, the telco is
focusing on value-added features, since the voice market is growing
relatively flat. Mr. Laporte says Rogers is pushing data transmission as
its key growth area.......

My greatest concern is for the children. There are no studies to support
that children can safely use these wireless gadgets that emitt harmful
pulsed, radio frequency, microwave radiation. There have been studies
done since the 1st world war that would condemn this technology as
unsafe. Groups all over the world are pushing for warning labels on cell
phones, especially not to be used by children and teenagers as their
brains are still developing.

My research has been extensive and I am appalled that this issue is not
being addressed by government. All they seem to care about is creating
jobs at all costs. It has been said by scientists who have studied this
technology that it will be the biggest problem to our environment and
health of the 21st century. I would respectfully request that this story
be printed in hopes to generate much needed awareness. Parents need to
know there are big risks when exposing children to cell phones and other
wireless gadgets. The metal frame of a car magnifys the radiation by 10
X. Cell phones emitt radiation over 6 feet away....turned off. Because
of my family's overexposure to this toxic radiation, we have had to flee
our home and community. Myself and 6 yr. old daughter are now sensitive
to any electricity. How we will fare is unknown. We need political
pressure to change this as quickly as possible.

Note: Road rage is without a doubt, cell phone connected. Its no mystery
when the side effects from overexposure include:

argumentative - rages, dizziness, extreme fatigue, memory loss,
confusion, overactive digestion, dry burning eyes, difficulty
swallowing, inner agitation, sleeplessness-waking up between 2-5 am.
regularly and can't go back to sleep., ringing in the ears,
rashes-hives, nosebleeds, migraine headaches, pins and needles down arms
and legs, heart palpitations, finger spasms, hot flashes, pressure on
top of head, spells of shortness of breath, depression, extremely
emotional, eye pain, blurred vision, loss of appetite, anxiety feeling
in stomach - panic attacks, feelings of being "charged", suicidal
thoughts, clicking joints, connective tissue pains, kidney pains,
bloated bladder with frequent urination. Diseases linked to this
technology are childhood and adult leukemia, breast, brain, cervix and
testicle cancer, Parkinsons, Alyzhiemers, Autism, Epilepsy, MS, ALS and

June 21, 2003

My Experience Since a Cell Phone Tower Went Up In My Backyard

By Barbara Lake, 1111 Ridge Road
RR#1 Wolfville, Kings Co., N.S.
Canada, B4P 2R1
902 542-3858

I am writing to those who are in public health and political domains, as
well as to the public.

My children and I are being relentlessly tortured and made ill, by the
pulsed, high radio frequency, microwave radiation that is emitted by a
cellular communications tower, located approximately 1000' from my home.

After one of my neighbours brought it to our attention, that Rogers
AT&T, planned to construct another tower on the same site, the
neighbourhood rallied together to attend council meetings to voice our
concerns. We believe we were successful in stopping the construction of
another tower, but unsuccessful when Town Councillors agreed to allow
rogers to co-habitate or piggy back, their equipment on the existing
Aliant Tower. There has been some media coverage of our situation, in
the Chronicle Herald, the Athenaeum (Acadia University), and it was
stated in our local newspaper, The Advertiser, Jan. 2, 2003, that Rogers
had plans to install "experimental" equipment.

I have been receiving scientific and other kinds of information from
organizations located all over the world, who know this problem all too
well. I have discovered disturbing situations all over the world where
people from same neighbourhoods, where a cell phone tower is present,
suffer identical side effects and die from similar afflictions such as
breast cancer and luekemia.

Mr. Scott Brison, MP, Kings-Hants, has sent letters to Mr. Allan Rock,
P.C., Minister of Industry, to ask the Minister if I and my neighbours
could take part in the current Review of Industry Canada's antenna
policy and siting procedures. This review comes as a result of extreme
public pressure. Mr. Brison also proposes that a moratorium be placed on
the erection of new cellular phone towers until the technology can be
furthered studied and made safe. Mr. Brison also wrote to Anne McLellan,
P.C., Minister of Health, asking for a review of current radiation
guidelines (Safety Code 6), to ascertain if the existing safety code
adequately reflects todays requirements.

Scientists and researchers claim that it is the Safety Code 6 itself
that is the problem. They claim that the code only considers thermal
affects (burns and shock), and that it does not consider the
"non-thermal" biological affects. The symptoms, conditions and diseases
are recognized by several experts and are similar and common in
sufferers of overexposure to RFMR (Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C.
20460, on March 8, 2002, the office of Air and Radiation, responded to a
request by Janet Newton, President of the EMR Network in Marshfield,
VT., regarding her concerns about non-thermal effects of RF radiation
and the adequacy of the Federal Communications Commission's RF radiation
exposure guidelines. They caution that heating is not the only
potentially harmful effect, see letter attached.

Some other municipalities that have moved tower sites because of
citizen's health concerns: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary,
Surrey, Burnaby, Victoria, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, and Summerland.

LLoyds of London and other Insurance Companies refuse to insure against
health effects of towers for any amount of money.

Toronto's medical officer of health, Dr. Sheela Basrur, recommends 100
fold decrease in radiation released from cell towers.

Common New Complaints of people after towers are installed: Migrain
headaches, ringing in the ears, sudden wakefullness in the middle of the
night, chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, panic attacks, nosebleeds,
etc. Myself and my children experience all of these and more.

Telecommunication masts are being vandelised. Residents in County,
Tyrone, Ireland, believe the cell phone tower in their neighbourhood are
causing cancers and other ill health. Many communities across Northern
Ireland have campaigned against phone masts over fears that low level
radiation could pose a health risk to people living near the ariel.

In order to protect the public health, the Marblehead Cancer Prevention
Project opposes the use of wireless technology until it has been
scientifically demonstrated that its products (that is. cell phones) and
delivery mechanisms (that is, cell phone antennae) are shown to be safe.

The 1998 Vienna EMF resolution, passed by representatives from the USA,
New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium, which reads,
"The participants agreed that biological effects from low-intensity
exposures are scientifically established.

However, the current state of scientific consensus is inadequate to
derive reliable exposure standards. The existing evidence demands an
increase in the research efforts on the possible health impact and on
adequate exposure and dose assessments.

Gro Bruntland , the director of the World Health Organization, being
sensitive to the technology herself, forbids cell phones in her office
and warns mothers to not allow their children to use cell phones or
microwave ovens.

Electromagnetic fields and radiation are now used in weaponry.

Also, see the Freiburger Appeal, signed by about 1000 doctors of all
kinds of medicine, in Germany, listing symptoms and diseases they blame
on cell phone technology, see www.hese-project.org

Research has been conducted on microwave technology since WW1, according
to a woman in Wishaw, Warsaw, UK, who has collected over 1000 pieces of
damaging evidence against this technology. She and her neighbours have
organized against the tower and are going to court. 14% have cancer
(breast, cervix and prostate) 68% complain of sleeping disorders,
headaches and other symtoms associated with this kind of overexposure.

I have received information and advice on ways to reinforce my home and
to protect our bodies. I have received wall paper samples from a company
in Germany, who specializes in these kinds of products. They also sell
fabric, curtains, bed canopy's etc. claiming they will reduce exposure
by up to 98%. Most of the products are financially beyond the average
person's means. Myself and my 3 children wear an electromagnetic
stabilizer. It helps with many of the symptoms. Some symptoms that it
does not stop are insomnia and loud ringing in the ears. I have a
cateloge called "Less EMF", sent to me by Janet Newton. The california
based company sells meters that detect RFMR, protective clothing and
building materials.

We have incorporated protective aluminum foil in the upstairs of our
home. The emissions have been diminished somewhat, however, we are still
exposed and are suffering.

I have been contacted by a health advocacy group in California, who
advised us to move away from the tower and take Aliant to court. A
fellow sufferer in Spain, has contacted me and advised us to move as
well. He was in a similar situation and nearly died. Once he moved away
from the tower, his health improved. Dr. Jonathan Fox, at the
Evironmental clinic in Fall River, NS, has confirmed my exposure and
advised us to move. My MD, Dr. Heather Wellwood, also advised us to move.

I have contacted the Prime Minister's Office and the Premier's Office.
The Premier was able to direct me to a contact with Industry Canada.
Industry Canada Representatives, Mr. Henry Klain, a technician and
assistant, came to my home on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 to test my home
and the surrounding yard, to monitor levels of RFMR. I had asked Mr.
Klain to refrain from notifying Aliant about his planned visit to my
property. However, he admittedly told me he did tell someone and the
levels that I was aware of physically and those that were detected with
equipment were practically nill. I told them as soon as they arrived
that they would not find what is a typical level of exposure for us. We
can sense the changes in emissions, increases and decreases, and on that
day I couldn't detect the emissions at all. I told Mr. Klain that I
could live with the situation if the power levels stayed the way they were on
that day. He and his technician and assistant unanimously said yes when
I asked them if they ever tested towers that are operating above
guidelines. They also told me that there are no ongoing or even periodic
checks and testing of levels of emissions. This is frightening in
itself. This checkup was the fist for this tower. Its been there for
almost 2 years. These kinds of checks should be done frequently. I
received their complete report, full of mistakes, and have sent it to an
independant party for interpretation. I am waiting for their report.

Two days after the Industry Canada visit, the power levels were
increased and are more powerful now than I have ever experienced them to
be over the past 10 months.

My first move to put distance between me and the emissions was on Dec.
11, 2002, when I moved my home based sewing business to a downtown
location. I would sleep there when the symptoms were unbearable. Then on
May 26th, at 5 am., I found myself in the car, driving around trying to
find a place where I could find peace and relief. I drove to the ocean.
I was desperate and purchased a cottage, where my family are now living.
Mr. Klain told me when I asked him, where is a safe place, he said on
the Ocean because the beams are not directed over areas where there are
no people. Wasted energy.

We have been living at the cottage since June 2nd. My health and that of
the children has improved a great deal, however, we am still aware of
the emissions and they continue to wake me up at 3-4am. I and my 6 yr.
old daughter continue to hear the high pitched squeal continuously and
my digestion is still affected.

Our cat, who had stopped sleeping, was very irritated, and very dirty
because he had stopped cleaning himself, is now his old lovable self,
and he is cleaning himself and purrs again.

This has been extremely cruel, expensive and exhausting for us. All of
my family members are suffering. We return to our home only long enough
to do laundry and check the mail. The children miss their home and would
like to return.

I am circulating a petition that is calling for the tower to be turned
off and moved a safer distance away from homes. Mr Milt Bowling, the
executive director of the Electromagnetic Radiation Task Force and
director of the EMR Network, the International EMR Coalition and the
Health Action Network Society, with whom I have been in contact, works
full time in raising public awareness about electromagnetic radiation
and advocates for modern international regulations. He lives in BC.

Groups such as the Electromagnetic Radiation Task Force in Canada, the
EMR Network in the US, and others around the world are pressuring their
governments to put a moratorium on new tower placements, to dismantle
those in residential neighbourhoods, near hospitals, schools and day cares.

On May 22, 2003, I presented this information to the Municipality of the
County of Kings, Planning Advisory Committee (PAC). Members were
astounded and they congratulated me on a great presentation. One of the
committee members, Susan Brown, was only too happy to present a copy of
this letter and 150 pages of research, to the Minister of the
Environment, the following Monday, in Toronto. He promised her he would
read it that very day.

In conclusion, I would respectfully request that all towers near
residential areas, hospitals, schools, daycares, playgrounds and places
where people work, be turned off immediately, and there be an
investigation into this matter.


Barbara Lake

We need to turn off the towers. There needs to be an investigation.
Please sign my petition to have the towers turned off.

Name Phone#


Dear Klaus,

I would like to ask the person who reads your list from Austria, who is
from the green party if I am not wrong, and the green party in Austria
published a book for (or about?) children about the cellular phones.

I would like to ask what does the booklet talk about? What kind of
subjects for example, and is it for the children readers or the parents?


The use of a new geophysical weapon might lead to global catastrophe

URL http://www.sickofdoctors.addr.com/articles/haarp_pravda_extended.htm

By Yuri Solomatin

by Fintan Dunne, 16 Jan '03
Editor www.SickofDoctors.com

In a front page article for yesterday's Russian online newspaper
Pravda.ru, Yuri Solomatin, a member of the Ukrainian parliament who
chairs the committee responsible for Chernobyl ecological issues, says
that weather disasters in Europe during 2002 were caused by an advanced
weapon which could trigger a global catastrophe.

Solomatin accuses the United States --or elements in it's command
structure--of risking a global catastrophe by using the USA's HAARP
electromagnetic transmission system for weather modification and
possibly mental manipulation of populations in the former Soviet territories.

Solomatin warns that a new HAARP station in Greenland will extend the
range of the weapon from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts of the
Eurasian landmass. He asserts that only low power deployment has been
used to date and that high power transmissions could trigger a planetary
catastrophe. He also airs his concern that these weapons are in the
possession of other countries.

He calls on the Ukrainian parliament (of which he is a member), and his
country's scientific establishment to investigate and develop Ukraine's
stance on the matter.

Unpublished comments by Yuri Solomatin, which SickOfDoctors.com has
reviewed, also implicate HAARP technology in the crash of a Soviet SU-27
jet-fighter at an air show above the Skynliv airdrome near the Ukrainian
city of Lvov on 27 July 2002, which left 83 dead and 199 injured.

From Covert To Overt

Publicly available policy documents authored by strategists in the US
military indicate a determination by the US use such weapons in support
of military or strategic objectives. The stated target date of 2025 for
full implementation may be simply a cover for existing deployment.

In the USA and Europe there is already considerable speculation that the
'chemtrail' phenomenon, which spreads microscopic particles in the
atmosphere, is an enabling technique for the HAARP system.

The prominent publication in Russia's leading online newspaper may
indicate a willingness by civil authorities to air concerns publicly in
an attempt to prevent deployment of these weapons in pursuit of
strategic objectives in the current tense geopolitical situation.

For the benefit of patients and doctors, this site
(www.sickofdoctors.com) will in the coming weeks air the health
implications of these weapons and their supporting technologies.

Below: An Extended Version Of The Original Article From PRAVDA, JAN.
15TH 2003

Global Threat
by Yuri Solomatin
Deputy, Ukrainian Parliament
DATELINE: 18:08 2003-01-15

NOTE: This English Edit by Fintan Dunne, Editor, www.SickOfDoctors.com
is based on the Pravda article and other unpublished material by Yuri Solomatin.

The use of a new geophysical weapon might lead to global catastrophe

Many specialists and scientists believe that unexpected natural
disasters, some surprising technological catastrophes and the striking
social cataclysms that struck Europe and Asia in the summer of the year
2002 might have certain global reasons in common in their origin.
Principally the possibility of secret geophysical weapon tests. Tests
which were either secret or unauthorized.

The discussion deals, first of all, with the possibility of unsanctioned
or concealed application of a geophysical weapon by specific world
forces. This assertion requires at least a brief explanation.

The Russian Federation State Duma spent almost a year, considering the
global threat of the HAARP program(operated by the US). The Duma finally
prepared two documents: the first to President Putin and the UN, to
international organizations, parliaments and governments worldwide and
the global scientific community; the second for the mass media. The
Russian parliament suggested the global banning of HAARP tests.

In September, 2002 the State Duma of Russia discussed this question held
a vote on sending these documents. One hundred and eighty-eight deputies
voted to send the document to President Vladimir Putin, and 220 voted to
send it to UN. This shows that Russian parliamentarians were seriously
concerned about the development and possible use of geophysical weapons.

It is well known that the USA and the USSR concluded an agreement at the
end of the 1970's. Pursuant to the agreement, scientific developments in
the field of geophysics for military purposes were banned. The projects
in this field became classified.

But de facto such developments, in spite of concluded agreement continued
either under the guise of scientific studies, or development of dual
purpose technologies, and the content and the purposes of such
developments were wrapped in a fog of reservations, scientific
speculations and even mysticism.

Many specialists and scientists believe that a special American program
called HAARP is one of those projects. American scientist Bernard
Eastlund is considered to be the godfather of this program. He received
the patent for the method and for the device to measure the layers of
the Earth atmosphere, the ionosphere and/or the magnetosphere.

It is an open secret that the USA (and probably not the USA alone) has
already constructed high-frequency transmitter facilities. Those devices
can heat the earth environment up to a plasma state by means of pumping
ions. This makes it possible to control the environment in ways which
might have considerable influence on atmospheric phenomena.

The operators of such a weapon are able to program floods, tornados
storms and even earthquakes in any region of the planet. It is also
possible to paralyze civil and military electronic surveillance systems,
and even to affect the psyche of entire nations.

There is a suspicion that in 2002, the unusual natural phenomena and
cataclysms, technological catastrophes (like the SU-27 incident at
Skynliv [Editor's note: Soviet SU-27 jet-fighter air show crash in
Ukraine on 27 July 2002, which left 83 dead 199 injured]), and the
scientifically incomprehensible apathy of entire peoples in the
post-Soviet territories, can be connected to testing BY THE USA of such
geophysical weapons at low power.

However, neither American politicians, nor the world scientific community
know if it is going to be possible --if such a geophysical weapon is
used at full power-- to stop its action, or to be more precise, those
catastrophic natural and social processes, which it will entail.

Here is the major problem: it is quite possible the first full capacity
use of a geophysical weapon of mass-destruction might end in planetary

Does this seem like science fiction? Not really. As a matter of fact,
high frequency transmitter facilities already exist. They are located in
Norway and at a military base in Alaska. For the specialists and
scientist, more detailed information about the program (brief
description, photo of antenna fields and their separate elements) can be
found on the official site http://www.haarp.alaska.edu.

Another high power transmitter facility, a more powerful one, will become
operational in Greenland soon. When this happens, the geophysical weapon
will be capable of covering Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

The information on this subject appeared on several Ukrainian websites
on September of 2002. In this connection, I think that the Ukrainian
parliament must support the initiative of the Russian State Duma as
well. The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences ought to consider the issue of
HAARP¹s potential threat to Ukraine. Adequate institutions ought to
collect all available information and to determine the position of state
the Ukraine on this global danger.

Yuru Solomatin is a deputy in the Ukrainian parliament, and Secretary of
the Ukrainian committee for economic policy, ecological management and
the cleanup of the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy.

Original Translation from Russian by Dimitry Sudakov Yuro Solomatin
Article in Pravda

Informant: B Gallagher

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Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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