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Weaker and weaker fields produce biological effects

We have a contradiction here. Low-powered microwaves are non-thermal by
definition and will not cause heating. High powered microwaves could
indeed be used to burn through tissue, but this is not part of Energy
Medicine - it is part of a well-established, main-stream discipline
called Bioelectromagnetics. Unfortunately there is an overlap between
the two disciplines, particularly regarding low level radiation effects,
since the Bioelectromagnetics community is slowly acknowledging that
weaker and weaker fields produce bioloigcal effects, especially when
resonance conditions are met.

Glen Rein, Ph.D.
Quantum Biology Research Lab

Appropriation of name with purpose to slander?

Hi Klaus: I have found just now that my name has been appropriated --as
you see below-- and linked to a hideously pornographic source via the
email: imeldaoconnor@aol.com. Should anyone receive email from this
imeldaoconnor@aol.com source, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT FROM ME. I do have an
imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com email address and it has nothing to do with
pornography. It might be good to make it known Klaus that similar could
happen to other activists among us. There are so many ways our enemies
can come up with ways of tripping us and worse!

Best, Imelda, Cork.


I got your emails thanks for the info let me know if I can help in any
way, I have had a biotech weapon/infection put on me that responds with
pain and necrotic odor to hand held and airborn dew (Directed Energy
Weapons) and I have seen a lot of the experimentations...here is some
past stuff I have written (excerpt):

Multi-Purpose HAARP

We will build the New World Order piece by piece right under their noses
(the American people). The house of the New World Order will have to be
built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run
around sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more
than the old-fashioned frontal attack. Richard Gardner, leading American
Socialist, Foreign Affairs - The Journal of the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR), April 1974, quoted from John Coleman's Socialism: The
Road To Slavery [WIR, 2533 N. Carson St., #J118, Carson City, NV 89706 -

The HAARP Electronic Warfare Program has been touted as scientific
research when in fact it is a far reaching and multi-purpose system used
to attack the American Public in ways invisible, insidious, and horrible.

HAARP encompasses broadcast energies of many different types and is used
in weather modification, behavior modification in subject populations,
and, when used in conjunction with certain biochemical weaponry such as
military grade anthrax, HAARP can be, and is used, as direct electronic
attack against individuals. It should be noted that portable or airborn
transmitters have been developed and used in that last instance also.

HAARP utilizes Antennae "Farms", which are arrays of huge broadcasting
towers, to transmit various energies, all powered by nuclear sources...
When HAARP is used to modify weather, and this is all the time now, a
number of things transpire. HAARP Antennae, which are arrayed across
America in every city, as we speak, are powered up in a given region,
transmitting directed energies. This is measurable. These antennae are
also used for cellular communications, as well as surveillance. There
are cams on most if not all of them -- there is a high probability surv
cams are standard equipment on all the broadcast towers. Why not? Thats
just a minor infraction when compared to the crimes committed daily
against America with the invisible but highly effective RADIANT ARSENAL.

The HAARP Antennae are powered up, and are used to heat a portion of the
atmosphere above the antennae farm, in particular the ionosphere.
Research Bernard Eastlunds patents for more on that. That portion of the
ionosphere then becomes refractive, and/or reflective, allowing "Virtual
Mirrors" and "Virtual Lenses" to be used for steering and focusing of
secondary and tertiary energies. The weather modification seems to take
place by heating up a portion of the atmosphere, causing it to rise at a
predictable rate. It is predictable now because experiments have been
done in Alaska whereby large portions of the atmosphere have been blown
out to space just to see what would happen under extreme high energy

See the report at the bottom. When a portion of the atmosphere rises, it
draws air in from the sides, a void, creating an opportunity for
manipulation of air currents, as long as the air currents can be marked
and watched. This is one of the functions of the chemtrailing seen
everywhere around America...
Air Farce trails of aluminum particles and barium salts have become the
biggest industrial pork barrel since oil, and all kinds of excuses are
made for the chemtrailing (El nino, global warming, holes in the ozone)
but it is the main way to track wind and weather movements by satellite
surveillance...you will see X¹s, arrows, and row upon row of straight
sprayed trails, double trails (Ducts) as well as many other things....we
have pix from the 80's showing this activity out west, where the first
experiments were accomplished...

The biggest problem with moving segments of the atmosphere upward is
that huge doses of radiation are allowed to bathe the earth at chosen
Sites of concentration: relatively unscreened sunlight is allowed
greater access to the earths surface, and that radiation can be very
harmful to living tissue, as is evidenced in many places now.

Also high heat can be made to happen this way, like over a lake, thereby
dessicating an area as a means to further subject a population or cause
hunger, the greatest coercion of all time, even powerful enough to usurp
the second amendment...

Chemtrails are also used to steer and propagate energies used in
ultra-secure communications, and because they quickly lose their
coherency, chemtrails that is, to become reflective layers of clouds
over a few hours time, they can also be (are) used to form what must be
called "The Broadcast Canopy", a major tool within the radiant arsenal
and in weather modification. A huge reflective sheet is formed over a
subject population, and the energies and frequencies broadcast from
antennae farms everywhere can be attuned to achieve ends that have been
researched extensively by the CIA during Projects Paperclip, MK-ULTRA,
and others...

Broadcast Canopys also are used to perpetuate things like through-wall
radar, very long distance sound bugging of premises, computer monitoring
from afar, and general invasions of privacy...

And finally, as concerns the broadcast canopies and their weather
modification capabilities...so much public knowledge and photography of
this nefarious takeover-tech (Which is denied by the world govt of the
USSA) has been accomplished now, that huge canopies of overcast (Sight
Blocking) clouds are created, or nurtured, then moved over sensitive
areas during spraying episodes, which are still rife across the world!

In many plces there are days and days of unseasonable gray overcast with
clouds breaking occasionally to show sprayed lines above. There are many
instances of the public witnessing satellite photos being doctored on TV
and the internet, and the reason for this is to hide the chemical
spraying which is making the aluminum manufacturers almost as rich as
the oil people.

Hughs Corporation owns most of the patents on the concoctions being
sprayed, and none of these will do humans any good, and in the long term
must be perceived as a mass depopulation program against a fair
percentage of the mass here in America and elsewhere.

Broadcast energies for weather modification, behaviour modification, and
attack against individuals, or individual populations, amounts to an
attack on America...

The treatment by Americans by their own military, acting under
directions of forces not of this country, exhibit well the sell-out of
US that has taken place, and just who the true enemy really is.

By Dan Eden

Dan Eden, Viewzone editor, describes his visit to HAARP facility in
Fairbanks in 1998.

Here is the excerpt in which one of the HAARP operators at that time
describes how part of the ionosphere was blown out into the space. Not
only once.

Part 9


Dave was in the 'com'- the command center of the heater. He worked with
the primary transmitter or generator. I mainly worked on the feeder
lines on the farm... the antenna farm. We were both there when they
bumped the power up to the max and let it blow. I mean, we went from
thousands of watts to like billions!...

Jonas unfolded some graph paper with a blue trace line on it. There were
several sharp peaks over the timeline and then a spike with a long
plateau that was obviously off the chart. I didn't know what I was
looking at but Jonas tried to make it simple.

Look. Here is where they are heating the ionosphere - and here too. Now
you can see that it is absorbing more power each time. And then here is
when they switched it to max. And somewhere up here, off the paper, is
when it happened.

The whole ionosphere got blown out into space and made one big hole...

I was puzzled. I don't get it. What are you saying here?

They never used that much power before so they just did it to see what
would happen. Do you follow me? And when they did it kind of multiplied
the power and then a huge chunk of Earth's atmosphere blew away, out
into space. Gone. Poof. History. Jonas pulled another graph from the
box. Here. Look at the ultraviolet and radiation the came through right
after they did it. They blew away the shield and all the radiation just
came right down and zapped Earth. And look. It lasted for a long time!

Twice! Tell him about the other one. Nicki was getting excited. She kept
peaking through the eye hole of her apartment door, then returning.

Yeah. Like after that happened they did it again. A few months later they
did it again - can you believe that? And this time they used even more
power and destroyed even more of the atmosphere. We're talking about
huge chunks, like thousands of miles wide!

Well, did anyone die or get hurt from this? I was already trying to
distance myself from the emotions I felt and began slipping into my
journalistic way of thinking.

Here in Alaska there were Eskimos that were all fried and like whole
herds of antelopes. But the holes also moved West and did their real
harm in Siberia. But it isn't just the people it killed. It made these
people and animals sick from the radiation that came from the Sun - the
stuff that's usually blocked by the atmosphere - and so there have been
still births and cancers and mutations. They are trying to keep it all
real hushed. It's insane. And the worst part is that they are going to
test it again!

End quote.



Cuba / Political Prisoners: Urgent humanitarian action!

Economist Martha Beatriz Roque and Physician Oscar Elías Biscet, Cuban
political prisoners, are in a life-threatening situation, mistreated,
seriously ill and without medical attention. Please send an instant
message to world-known personalities, pleading for their urgent
intercession in favor of these political prisoners. Please use the link
responsibly, with an invariably courteous language. Sending your message
will take you only a few seconds, but it could be decisive in saving
those two lives. Thank you very much!

Emergency intervention of world leaders urged in favor of Cuban
political prisoners.

The health condition of Economist Martha Beatriz Roque and Physician
Oscar Elías Biscet, without medical attention in the island's prisons,
is serious, says Unidad Cubana.


030708HR / Human Rights News Service

Unidad Cubana Directors Jesús Permuy and Armando Pérez Roura: phones.
(1-305) 3796088 / 3796559; Dr. Luis A. Figueroa: tel. (1-305) 4420303

Emergency humanitarian action 1) Send messages 2) Personal contacts

1. Send an instant message to Latin American Presidents Lula, Kirchner
and Lagos; to Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State; to the Cuban
Foreign Minister, to the news media and to 100 other world-known
personalities, urging their prompt intercession in favor of the
immediate release of all Cuban political prisoners who are facing
life-threatening situations. The language should be strong, but
invariably respectful. Add your name and those of your relatives who
wish to do so, as well as the name of the city and country from which
you are writing. Thank you very much!

2. Personal contacts: If you have the means, please contact political,
social and religious leaders, as well as journalists in your town and
country, asking them to show they care about this humanitarian drama. It
is also important that you telephone or write to Cuban embassies and
consulates. Send your message to Unidad Cubana, expressing your valuable
opinion, telling them about your efforts with your country's authorities
and media, and/or sending them your suggestions.

Action: Help safe the Pantanal

Sr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
MD. Presidente da República Federativa do Brasil,

Subject: Pantanal still threatened by the Hidrovia.

Sr. Presidente.

I am writing to you, Sir, to request that engineering works that are
part of the Paraguay-Paraná Hidrovia project not be included in Brazil's
Multiyear Development Plan (PPA) that you will send to the National
Congress for approval. Even partial works, such as ports, for example,
should not be considered, because they form part of the same old
strategy of implanting the megaproject by increments. For many years,
non-governmental organizations, indigenous communities, and traditional
populations of the five countries of the La Plata basin have fought
against this project due to the irreversible environmental, social, and
economic impacts which it would cause. Our concern has intensified as a
result of recent reports that the project will be included in your
government's PPA.

In 1997, the Cardoso government announced the project would no longer be
built, and more recently Federal Courts prevented it from being built by
increments, as its proponents planned to do. Please do not permit this
step backward. The Pantanal has an immense potential for development,
maintaining the qualities of its environment.


Take action, go to http://www.regenwald.org/mailaktion/aktion.php?show=7

Vaccines, Gulf-War Syndrome & Bio-defence



New Terminator Crops Coming


Bio-Defence Mania Grips United States

No resort development on Ningaloo Reef!

Congratulations to all Save Ningaloo Reef supporters - you've done it!

The West Australian government has rejected a proposal for a
controversial marina and large-scale resort at Maud's Landing, Ningaloo Reef.

'I think there were far too many risks involved in accepting this
development,' Premier Geoff Gallop said. 'The amount of information that
we had available ... led me to the conclusion that this would carry
risks, and if we were to lose the integrity of this areas I think that
would be a dereliction of duty for any government.'

The Premier says he will now write to the Australian Prime Minister
advising him of the Government's intention to pursue World Heritage
listing for Ningaloo Reef and ask for his support.

Please send your email of congratulation to Premier Gallop for his
decision, showing your support for sound planning and management for the
region's future. passport.panda.org/go.cfm?id=1

Close to 16,000 actions have been taken by Panda Passport holders on
this campaign. Thankyou for your support, you made a difference!

22,000 people demand a Toxics-free Future

Thankyou to everyone who signed WWF's demand to help bring hazardous
chemicals under control.

The Declaration for a Toxics-free Future, signed by over 22,000 citizens
from around the world and over 400 organisations, was presented to EU
Environment Commissioner, Margot Wallstrom, on Tuesday, 8th July in

Signatures were collected by a coalition of European groups, making it
Europe's most widely supported submission. It was presented in the last
week of the internet consultation on the draft directive on the proposed
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation.

For the full story, read the press release:

Your time and effort has been, is and always will be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Bladen
WWF International

O.T. themes:

Happy birthday to our republic!

Extinguishing the flame

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False

CIA Knew Uranium Info Was False in Oct. 2003

Democrats Attack Credibility of Bush

All Spin All The Time

Support for Bush Declines As Casualties Mount in Iraq

Why Has Our Military Refused to Show This Training Video To Our Troops
Now Serving In Iraq?


Informant: George Paxinos

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