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Re: Thinktank request


Regarding the article by Imelda in Cork, Ireland.

Perhaps a valid testament could be obtained from a willing member of the
Psychiatric world explaining why they are wont to practice
'trans-cranial' emf radiation as a form of some ill-defined 'cure'
specifically for people diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

That is exactly the treatment that has been prescribed here in western
Canada. IE: trans-cranial emf. In the dark ages it was known as 'shock
treatment' or EST.

Could this possibly be a case of applying the untested and theoretical
quasi-science of induced emf to cure or combat an affliction (emf
sensitivity) that is as yet largely denied or ignored?

Now that would be outrageously disgraceful wouldn't it. Wouldn't it?

My sincere empathy to Imelda.

best wishes

Larry Blackhall
Aldergrove BC

Zoran developments

The high court decision from yesterday is to remove until the end of
this year the non-transmitting antennas, the environmemt quality office
decision is to remove the non - transmitting antennas with the money
of Bezeq, the state and...the villages council.

Ehud Ulmert's (trade and industry minister) written commitment is that
until the end of this year Hillel station will stop operate.

These developments led the residents to withdraw their protest and they
did not go to a protest tent, they even considered it as their victory
but expressed their hope that they are not being lied again.

Meanwhile they are being exposed to levels of 90-100 V/m (40 V/m in a
"good" day). The authorities, in spite of that, claim that the levels
are about 8 V/m.

The report of the Health ministry states that there is not excess in the
illness in the villages around Hillel station, therefore it is
irrelevant to check if there is a relationship between the cancer rate
and the radiation...

How did they get to that? Maybe by doing average only with the cases
diagnosed from 1990 in spite of the fact that Porat has cases since
1977, and the fact that Zoran was only built in 1992.

Questions: What about the transmitting antennas? they are the ones
which irradiate, not the non- transmitting....And why Zoran people have
to pay for the non- transmitting antennas? What an absurd.

Anyway - the residents didn't raise these questions and agreed to pay.
They keep their right to come back to the court in September.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Nonmoreemf's technical question

Dear 'nomoreemf',

did you get an answer to the question that you posted on 26 May? I have
been away on leave and in scanning my Yahoo e-mail do not see a response
to your question. I would be interested to know why you should suffer
worse health effects in winter from your nearby AM tower than in summer
ie why does the power density increase in winter as opposed to the
density in spring.

If you received a reply I hope the sender will not mind if you post it
in its entirety because I think that the more knowledge we all have the
better able we are to fight harmful emr and radio waves. Kind regards

Dorothy Ellis
Cape Town, South Africa


Hello Dorothy,

In case you don't get an answer I can only say that water and moisture
attract the radiation.


"The HULK" and EMF

For those of you who have not yet watched the new motion picture from
Hollywood, the Hulk, one of the older cartoons out there, has now been

The story involves all kinds of strong weapons to deal with the strong
cartoon character "The Hulk". This list includeds helicopters, jets,
tanks, and more.

None of them worked and the military in the story was tossed around like
toys. Nothing seemed to work..Then one last item was used.. the ultimate
power, EMF.

Quote: "He is now between the Electromagnetic Array, if he moves an
inch, turn on the juice". This means only EMF would take down the Hulk.
As you look carefully, the Antennas used are the size of the large
cellular basestation cones.

As the world is told that towers and phones are safe, once again,
Hollywood presents emf as a very dangerous device, in this case, more
powerful and deadly then any other on earth.

Message from Gotemf

O.T. themes:

Reaping the whirlwind


This is important news. I strongly doubt that this warning will receive
much coverage on the broadcast networks, although I'd expect some of the
print media to cover it at least once. Please share this info with
everyone you know - including the skeptics. Margie

Reaping the whirlwind

Extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert
03 July 2003

In an astonishing announcement on global warming and extreme weather,
the World Meteorological Organisation signalled last night that the world's
weather is going haywire.

In a startling report, the WMO, which normally produces detailed
scientific reports and staid statistics at the year's end, highlighted
record extremes in weather and climate occurring all over the world in
recent weeks, from Switzerland's hottest-ever June to a record month for
tornadoes in the United States - and linked them to climate change.

The unprecedented warning takes its force and significance from the fact
that it is not coming from Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, but from
an impeccably respected UN organisation that is not given to hyperbole
(though environmentalists will seize on it to claim that the direst
warnings of climate change are being borne out).

The Geneva-based body, to which the weather services of 185 countries
contribute, takes the view that events this year in Europe, America and
Asia are so remarkable that the world needs to be made aware of it

The extreme weather it documents, such as record high and low
temperatures, record rainfall and record storms in different parts of
the world, is consistent with predictions of global warming.
Supercomputer models show that, as the atmosphere warms, the climate not
only becomes hotter but much more unstable.

"Recent scientific assessments indicate that, as the global temperatures
continue to warm due to climate change, the number and intensity of
extreme events might increase," the WMO said, giving a striking series
of examples.

In southern France, record temperatures were recorded in June, rising
above 40C in places - temperatures of 5C to 7C above the average.

In Switzerland, it was the hottest June in at least 250 years,
environmental historians said. In Geneva, since 29 May, daytime
temperatures have not fallen below 25C, making it the hottest June

In the United States, there were 562 May tornadoes, which caused 41 deaths.

This set a record for any month. The previous record was 399 in June 1992.

In India, this year's pre-monsoon heatwave brought peak temperatures of
45C - 2C to 5C above the norm. At least 1,400 people died in India due
to the hot weather. In Sri Lanka, heavy rainfall from Tropical Cyclone
01B exacerbated wet conditions, resulting in flooding and landslides and
killing at least 300 people. The infrastructure and economy of
south-west Sri Lanka was heavily damaged. A reduction of 20-30 per cent
is expected in the output of low-grown tea in the next three months.

Last month was also the hottest in England and Wales since 1976, with
average temperatures of 16C. The WMO said: "These record extreme events
(high temperatures, low temperatures and high rainfall amounts and
droughts) all go into calculating the monthly and annual averages,
which, for temperatures, have been gradually increasing over the past
100 years.

"New record extreme events occur every year somewhere in the globe, but
in recent years the number of such extremes have been increasing.

"According to recent climate-change scientific assessment reports of the
joint WMO/United Nations Environmental Programme Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change, the global average surface temperature has increased
since 1861. Over the 20th century the increase has been around 0.6C.

"New analyses of proxy data for the northern hemisphere indicate that
the increase in temperature in the 20th century is likely to have been the
largest in any century during the past 1,000 years."

While the trend towards warmer temperatures has been uneven over the past
century, the trend since 1976 is roughly three times that for the wholeperiod.

Global average land and sea surface temperatures in May 2003 were the
second highest since records began in 1880. Considering land
temperatures only, last May was the warmest on record.

It is possible that 2003 will be the hottest year ever recorded. The 10
hottest years in the 143-year-old global temperature record have now all
been since 1990, with the three hottest being 1998, 2002 and 2001.

The unstable world of climate change has long been a prediction. Now,
the WMO says, it is a reality.

[Also on this site: Bush accused of censorship over global warming risk]

Informant: Carol Wolman

Omega: By the way - mobile phone radiation contributes also to the
global warming!

... And Human Rights For All?

By Arianna Huffington

With Saddam's weapons of mass destruction nowhere to be found, the
president's Iraq talking points now center on the humanitarian upside of
having ousted the Butcher of Baghdad. His speeches are liberally peppered
with mentions of "mass graves," "torture chambers," and encomiums to
"freeing the people of Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein." He's
all but doused himself in the sweet-smelling scent of human rights and
put on an Amnesty International t-shirt.

But, OK, let's say we take the president at face value and buy his new
argument that ending humanitarian crises through military force is good
foreign policy. Then how can he justify embarking on his first trip to
sub-Saharan Africa next week without including on his itinerary Congo
and Liberia?

His five-day visit will include stops in Senegal, Botswana, Uganda,
Nigeria, and South Africa -- but not the absurdly named Democratic
Republic of Congo, site of what one African expert has labeled "the
worst humanitarian situation on the entire face of the earth."

You'd think a president willing to send 200,000 U.S. troops to Iraq
because of Saddam's mass graves might want to check out firsthand the 20
mass graves recently unearthed in the Congo, freshly filled with close
to 1,000 victims of genocidal massacres. There's your causus belli right
there -- that is, if there is any substance to this new Bush doctrine
that evil dictators who abuse their own people must be deposed, by force
if necessary, even if they pose no imminent threat to the United States.

But I guess the 3.3 million people who have died in the Congo since 1998
-- to say nothing of the horror stories of macheted infants, incinerated
villages, and soldiers mutilating and even cannibalizing their victims--
are not enough to justify a second muscular application of the Bush human
rights doctrine. They aren't even enough to motivate the president to
squeeze a Congo stopover into his African schedule and bring some
much-needed international attention to this massive humanitarian crisis.
I'm not talking about making nice with dictators; I'm talking about
using the power of his office to help stop the bloodshed.

He also won't be going to war-torn Liberia, a nation of 3 million with
historical ties to America, where 200,000 people have been killed, a
million more displaced, disease is running rampant, and beleaguered
citizens are pleading with the United States to intervene.

After 700 people were massacred in a rebel attack on the capital city of
Monrovia two weeks ago, African leaders called on President Bush to send
in 2,000 U.S. troops as part of an international peace keeping force.
Both the Pentagon and the State Department are in favor of such a move,
but the White House has so far declined to expand its adventures in
dictator-eradication to Africa.

Of course, that hasn't stopped the president from paying lip service to
alleviating the suffering going on there. Just last week he said: "We
are determined to help the people of Liberia find the path to peace." But,
apparently, not determined enough to go to the country himself to
facilitate a ceasefire agreement between the warring factions.

Instead, he's dispatched 35 -- that's not a typo, "thirty-five" -- U.S.
troops to the country, as he put it, "solely for the purpose of
protecting American citizens and property." Wow, I bet Liberian
President Charles Taylor is quaking in his jackboots. Taylor, whose
murderous regime could teach Saddam a thing or two about torture and
mass murder, was last month indicted for war crimes by a U.N. court

While trying to drum up outrage at Saddam earlier this year, the
president catalogued a list of his atrocities, including mutilation and
rape, and proclaimed: "If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning."
But the president's fly-over of Africa's hearts of darkness, riven by
mutilation and rape, shows that it's his humanitarian rhetoric that has
no meaning.

Here is true evil, but next week will instead be dominated by a series
of photo-ops with smiling children and platitudes about the virtues of

If more proof of the hypocritical selectivity of Bush's moral outrage
were needed, look no further than the run-up to the invasion of Iraq,
when, in the name of liberating the Iraqi people, the White House gladly
linked arms with a host of countries its own State Department had
castigated for significant human rights violations -- including
Uzbekistan, Colombia, Georgia, Eritrea, Macedonia, Rwanda, Uganda,
Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, and the Dominican Republic. Given these countries'
dismal human rights record, maybe we should have called them the
Coalition of the Willing to Torture, Execute, and Rape.

The suddenly fashionable humanitarian justification for the war in Iraq
is nothing more than yet another White House deception designed to cloak
the fact that the original justification -- Iraq as an imminent threat--
hasn't panned out.

Which is just too darn bad for the long-suffering souls of Congo and

Bush: "Bring them on"

What would Jefferson do?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

USA Wants Immunity For Its Soldiers In The World

Informant: Carlos Rovira, Jr.

Global War Looms?

Informant: Ken Freeland

Link: http://www.asia-stat.com/

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