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Tower Torture. Industry Canada Tower Review Commitee

Klaus & Don If any one would like to join in,they are welcome to. The
more the better.This has to come to a head!!! Send your complains direct
if you wish to<antenna@unb.ca>

(1) Robert, you can add my name to this list. Darlene Connolly, Houston,
Texas 713-464-9296 06/21/2003, http://www.the7thfire.com/cell_phones.htm

linda 604 322 8980
Irene 604 850 9079
Barb 250 838 7371
Dalana 604 536 2053
Marg 604 980 6272
Pat 604 796 92 38
Peter 604 853 0291

To The Tower Review Panel

By Industry Canada
From Robert Riedlinger
Mission BC Canada

Over the passed seven years,since having to leave my home that was
situated near a broadcast tower,I have done extensive research on the
subject of adverse health related radio waves,EMF,microwave
radiation,and I have found that there are many people around the world that have
become ill from the above soon after a cellphone tower was placed
nearby. I have been told continually by Health Canada that my illness
could not possibly be caused from living near a tower,and yet in a
letter from Allan Rock dated July 25 /2001 He states that'( Quote-
Scientists of the department continue to monitor research and the
advances being made in understanding the EMF's.They are particularly
looking forward to the completion of The World Health
Organization's(WHO) International EMF Project,of which the goal is to
verify reported biological effects from EMF and to characterize any

While health effects from exposure to low level EMF are not
scientifically substantiated Health Canada conciders this an important
issue.Please be assured that the Department,conducts research,monitors
the research efforts in this area around the world,and participates in
the International EMF Project,coordinated by The World Health
Organization to ensure that Canadians are well informed regarding any
potential health risk associated with EMf.)-Unquote

In a letter dated Oct 3/2001 Mr Rock states-Quote- HC scientists are
aware that certain individuals may experience health problems due to
what is called "EMF sensitivity". Howerver, there is no scientific basis
to link this condition to EMF exposure.Unquote.

The above information from Allan Rock leads me to believe that he and
his department were uncertain of whether or not EMF could effect
people's health,since they are still doing studies on the subject.I have
yet to see a drug that is released for public health BEFORE substantial
research had been done.Why is this different than drugs or food items?
When it is a well known fact for half a century that EMF can be harmfull
to health.In other words, why were cellphone,radio,TV towers allowed
before the intensive research was done???

I also question how Mr Rock could possibly tell me that my illness was
not related to EMF from a nearby tower,when he admits in his letter that
his (Health Canada) Department did not understand EMF's?

If Mr Rock and his scientists are aware that certain people may be
sensitive to EMF.Why is Health Canada Not doing intensive studies to
verify one way or the other whether this is or is not the case?

At the time of moving from my home and knowing the adverse effects EMF
had on my health,I made the statement, that our health services plan
would not survive passed five years if the proliferation of cellphone
towers continued. How Wrong Am I??

I believe that it is time for our government health authorities to
remove the cellphone from their ear and start to listen to the many
people here in Canada, that are unable to live comfortably,without
pain,in their own homes, since cellphone towers have been built nearby.

Yours Truly Robert Riedlinger 30199 Silverhill Ave Mission B C Canada
V4S 1H9/ Ph 604-826 6791

Tower Trauma
My wife and I thought we had the world in our hands when we bought a
home in a resort area east of Vancouver B.C., Canada in the fall of
1995. We both enjoyed good health and planned to retire in our new home
by a lovely lake and a nice quite village,but our world came crashing
down soon after moving in.

First we heard a buzzing sound like bees in a distance and we started to
feel strange symptoms one after the other, the longer we stayed there. I
would awake at the same time every morning hearing the buzzing sound and
after a short while I started to feel a pressure in my ears and my head
would ache with so much pressure I thought it would explode. Severe
pain in my neck and shoulders and all day long I would have continuos nausea.

The longer we stayed the more symptoms appeared and the more I suffered.
My ears would block up and any normal noise sounded like breaking glass.
Even turning on a water tap or flushing the water closet would hurt my
ears. It got so I couldn't use my telephone and I would have to ask
people to repeat themselves when talking to me. I sat many hours under a
cone of aluminum insulation to rest my nerves and I placed a solar
blanket made of plastic clad with aluminum over my blanket which seemed
to reflect some rays.

We became so ill by the time a year passed,that we had to move from our
home and I am now hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. I had to
sleep in a shielded container for months until I regained some health.

I would advise any one that lives near a tower and starts to feel the
following symptoms to move fast, before you become sensitive as I have .
The symptoms started with a buzzing sound and developed into a high
pitch sizzle sound in my head, pressure headaches, blocked ears, pain in
neck shoulder and other joints, nausea, stress, burning eyes,fuzzy
vision, memory loss imbalance and fatigue.

When ever I would travel to my acreage aprox thirty miles away I would
feel normal and I would not hear the sounds,only to suffer the same
effects every time I returned..

Our Health Ministries won't help us.They keep saying,it can't be the
tower that caused my illness, but I know different. And I intend to do
all I can in the future to advise others and to see that no one else
ever gets burnt as I did. I often think of babies and older people that
suffer and are helpless and can't move as we did. I would like to hear
from any one that has had a similar experience.

In the mean time my marriage has been desolved,my retirement has been
ruined,after working hard for over fifty years,and I am paying for a
home that I can't live in, while the nearby tower spews out genotoxic
microwaves onto my property,against my will,and no one in our government
will listen to my plea.

Is That What Is Called Democracy???

Best Regards Robert Riedlinger 30199 Silverhill Ave Mission BC Canada
V4S 1H9

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Riedlinger
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 2:29 PM
To: Darlene Connolly
Subject: Towers of Torture

To Tower Review Pannel Industry Canada.Please Read.
From: Robert Riedlinger[SMTP:rriedlin@telus.net]
Sent: October 15, 2001 5:11 PM
To: procedure@crtc.gc.ca

Subject: Extening Cellphone Coverage to Rural Areas (Telus Aplication)

Secretary General CRTC Oct 15th /2001

Dear Sir

In regards to Telus Corporation application to extend cellphone coverage
to rural areas.

I understand that Telus Corporation has applied to the CRTC for
extention of cellphone service into rural areas.

I wish to advise that there are many people,myself included, that are
hypersensitive to EMF from cellphone towers and many are looking to move
to rural areas in order to escape from EMF and to be able to live a
normal life away from constant EMF exposure.

I would also advise that the CRTC take this fact into consideration and
not to allow any more cellphone towers to be constructed untill such
time as there is scientific proof that has proven that low level non-thermal
EMF exposure is safe for human life . .

By admission of Health Canada and The FDA,USA, it has not been proven
that non-thermal low level EMF dose not cause adverse health effects,

I have experienced the adverse effects of EMF from living close to a
cellphone TV tower for one year,in Harrison Hot Springs and I am now
hypersensitive to EMF. I have to keep away from cellphone towers in
order to keep from suffering headaches,fatigue,ringing-buzzing ears and joint
pain.sleep disturbance,etc.

I have a list of people that claim they suffer likewise from living near
towers and one in particular is very ill,and is having to sleep inside
of a refrigerator shipping carton,which she has cladd with aluminum
foil. This lady is a well educated lady,that has children and grand
children and should not be subjected to such torture.

Joan can be reached at 1 250 494 7572. She is in desperate need of help.
June 20/2003 (Joan has since died,(Jan 23rd 2002) after suicide
attempts,found frozen at the rear of her home,leaving a suicide note behind).

The following is a list of phone numbers of other EMF hypersensitive
victims,looking for a place to hide!!

linda 604 322 8980
Irene 604 850 9079
Barb 250 838 7371
Dalana 604 536 2053
Marg 604 980 6272
Steve 604 874 0825
Pat 604 796 92 38
Peter 604 853 0291

I am aware of many more,and I feel that we that are suffering EMF
hypersensitivity, have the right to live a normal life,and that we must
be considered, acknowleged and respected, ahead of any cellphones or towers.

There are many scientists that agree with the fact that there are
adverse health effects related to EMF at low non thermal densities.

Regards Robert Riedlinger Mission BC Canada, 604 826 6791

Testimonial of Dalan MCaren 22 Jan 2000

In September of 98,I moved into a 21 -storey government subsidized building
for seniors. The apartment that was my placement is on the 20th floor.

I emmediately began experiencing symptoms of a dizzy-off -balanced
feeling,headaches which were constant,sever insomnia,profuse
nosebleeds,sweating and a feeling like I was cooking, I was't able to
concentrate,I would often find myself throuhout the day feeling
"out-of-it"not remembering. I felt drained out and more than half dead.I
had anxiety attacks and breathlessness,felt agitated,restless and my
joints hurt and my eyes were sore. I would awaken most often around 3 AM
very suddenly feeling "cooked"anxious and like I had to go out.My chest
felt pressured and I would either lay there untill morning with all
these things going on,or often I just get up and walk the streets where
I would feel refreshed,calm and clear headed.

At first I put it down to stress from a difficult year with a major
move. But,in November of 98 ,my sister and her husband sent me a plane
ticket to visit them for a month in Toronto area,I felt good there
...slept wonderfully,had lots of energy,was clear headed,focussed,no
memory problems and felt normal,tranquil and very cheerful.

I returned in December and immediately the nosebleeds and all the
symptoms returned.I continued suffering the above symptoms (plus many
other ones) until I went away for 6 weeks in the summer to Vancouver
Island to visit my father.Again I felt normal with lots of energy and
focus inspite of it being a stressful time with my father being ill and in hospital.

I returned and again -all the symptoms.By this time I had become aware
of the effects of microwave towers and telecomunications installations
through a magazine articel and also through talking to a repairman from
the cable(TV) provider.He had come because I was having a lot of
interference with my TV.

I then began to pay attention to the fact that on the next floor but
one-on the roof top of the building I am in, there are at least 25
telecomunications towers,transmitters microwave transmitters and the top
of the building looks like a porcupine!

I myself was becoming increasingly more distressed now with occasional
bouts of rage, feeling at times like I was going crazy and had lost
control of my brain. I was having daily bouts of crying for no apparent
reason and yet as soon as I would leave the apartment,I feel fine.

Then again this past 3 months I went away twice.Once for a month back
east again and the last time from 10th Dec. 99 to the 06 Jan.2000 .Upon
returning on the 06 Jan.,within moments of being on the upper 20th floor
I felt dizzy-off- balance feeling and within 12 hrs I have suffered 2
profuse nose bleeds and couldn't sleep at all.

It is my opinion and experience that since Christmas the frequency of
use of these transmitters has increased. It feels like like the walls are
buzzing and I have had very little sleep. I am having to walk the
streets at night and visit other people's homes during the day in order
to write letters or do anything that requires concentration.

Last week, I had 2 visitors on separate days. Both within a minute or so
of being in my apartment said they felt blocked in their heads,began
experiencing headaches that "dead feeling". They mentioned they felt
agitated and restless and could hear the buzzing,high pitch vibration
and had to leave before a half hour was up. I certainly confirmed that
wasn't "just me"

Both telephoned me later and said that within 5 minutes of leaving they
felt back to normal.

I would also like to note that my plants are becoming shrivelled looking
and are not growing well. I happened to have a green thumb. For example,
I think we are all familiar with Poinsettia's and that their leaves are
largish. Well mine are all tiny-only about one half inch to one inch in
length and they sort of keep their leaves pointing downward,not out.

I am truly exhausted of this. I only hope that first of all I can find
another place to live that is affordable because I am on a disability
pension hence being in government housing-secondly that I can even"
get-it-together"enough to pack up and move.

I hope my story helps in some way.

PS: I am a retired school teacher,a massage therapist and an exceptional
artist. I haven't been able to do any art since I moved in to this place.

Yours Truly
Dalana MCaren

Mar 2/99 VIEW POINT Abbotsford BC Canada

By TRUDY BEYAK News Room Niche

Some people have osterized Bob Riedlinger.an elderly gentle-man who has
suffered a number of unusual health symptoms.

But anyone who knows Bob will attest to his intelligence,sincerity,his
former good health and the pain and anguish he has experienced. Bob is
acutely aware of the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation. Some
day the naysayers may thank him for bringing his concerns and research
to the open.

In the meantime,he's making a lot of waves behind the scenes.

The 65-year old Mission man has been deeply disturbed about the health
effects of microwave towers since he moved to his dream home located
about 400 feet from a tower more than 2 years ago.

He was forced to move claiming that the electro-magnetic emissions from
the tower made life unbearable.

He said he heard a continual drone similar to buzzing bees and
experienced intolerable pressure in his ears. he was sick beyond
description.Restless sleep Insomnia,Pressure headaches,Fatigue,Tingling
in sensitive areas of his body, aching bones,dry throat,and gas in his stomach.

Sounds were earily amplified in his house. Water running from a tap,for
example,sounded like breaking glass.

Scientist David Lacey,at the Dominion Radio Astrophyssical Obsevatory in
Penticton,found that Bob experiened total relief in an isolation booth
lined with microwave- absorbent aluminumfoam rubber.

When Bob discovered that microwaves cannot penetrate aluminum or screens
made of copper brass or bronze he became inventive.He nailed sheets of
metal on the roof and walls of his house and built an aluminum box to
cover his bed so he could sleep.He also spead aluminum foil sheet over
himself to calm his nerves.

He found relief by taking these measures.

In reality, microwave frequencies above 15 MHz are known to be
biologically active, meaning that changes to DNA molecular structure and
neurological effects have been identified in certain scientific studies.

In Austalia Dr.Andrew Davidson also note a 50 per cent increase in the
incidence of brain tumors which he says may be linked to cellphones.

A shortwave transmitter was shut down in Switzerland in 1998 for example,
after an epidemiological study found that residence living in the area
suffered insomnia,headaches,weakness,nervousness, jointand limb pain and
disturbed concentration.

The number of cellular towers are proliferating around Abbotsford and
Mission. Before we embrace any more, health afficials and politicians
should pay attention to recent scientific literature and a court case won
last week in Texas. A jury in Harris County awarded $1.2 million to a
couple in Bunker Hill Village,Texas, who claimed that a 100-foot
cellular tower created a nuisance and invaded their privacy.

Recently the City of Boca Raton, Florida,banned cell towers from
residential areas and public schools. The public has every right to be
wary of risks.

It is clear that objective,publicly funded studies must thoroughly probe
the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, before others like Bob
are forced to build aluminum boxes to escape.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Re: Court Cases - New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs

The guinea pig syndrome is not limited to the likes of the Lucent
company, a good place to begin, but the governments are involved big
time with the cancer industry.


O.T. Some very important themes:

No military experiment at Midway (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands)


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting public comment on a
proposal to allow the U.S. Navy to test radio tracking equipment in
conjunction with a missile launch. The Navy wants to test Mobile Range
Safety System (MRSS) from Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge)
for nine days in August 2003.

The Navy plans to mobilize and test the infamous "Star Wars" missile. The
Mobile Range Safety System is designed to "electronically interface" or
track a military flight test along its prescribed trajectory. A
long-range air-launch target (LRALT) test involves a missile being
dropped out of a C-17 airplane about 200 miles south of Midway. The
missile's rocket motor would then propel it toward Kwajalein.

For 9 days in late August, the Refuge would serve as the MRSS logistical
support center and tracking site for the system test.

We do not feel that the proposed military activity at this most
sensitive Refuge (Midway Atoll) is a compatible with the provisions and
mandates of the National Refuge System Act. The risk to the ecosystem as
a result of a misfire or malfunction of this ill-conceived experiment is
tremendous and irreversible.

Under the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966,
the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is authorized to permit the use of
any area within the system provided such uses are compatible with the
major purposes of the Refuge and with the National Wildlife Refuge
System mandate, which is to conserve and protect fish and wildlife
resources and habitat.

The following additional purposes were included in 1996, when the Navy
transferred jurisdiction of the Refuge back to the Department of
1. Maintaining and restoring natural biological diversity within the refuge;
2. Providing for the conservation and management of fish and wildlife
and their habitats within the refuge;
3. Fulfilling the international treaty obligations of the United States
with respect to fish and wildlife;
4. Providing opportunities for scientific research, environmental
education, and compatible wildlife-dependent recreational activities;

The Mobile Range Safety System is not compatible with the purposes
specified for our National Wildlife Refuges.

KAHEA (The Hawaiin Environmental Alliance)

Kerry says Bush misled Americans on war

Dean: Investigate Bush Statements on Iraq

Antiwar groups turn their focus to Bush

Gen. says White House pushed Saddam link without evidence

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