* Court Cases - New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs - "I wish I won't die from cancer" (23/6/03)

Court Cases

.......Again, thanks to Hazel Pegg, we have the following. There is more
to come..... I believe that BBC Watchdog did a story on the Cell Phone
issue last night.....

Roy Beavers......

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Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 12:55:59 +0100
From: hazel pegg
To: Roy L. Beavers
Subject: The Express (UK) - 16/10/99

Workers tell how health suffered.

An engineer launched a lawsuit against his former bosses at British
telecom earlier this year, claiming the mobile phone they gave him
caused him brain damage.

Stever Corney, a father of three, worked for BT from 1986 until 1996,
then went sick until leaving the firm on health grounds last year.

Mr. Corney, 40, of Kempston, Beds, spent several hours a day on his BT
mobile before falling ill. He claims radiation from it caused him short
term memory loss that eventually made even the simplest tasks a

"I would do the shopping, pay with cash and then forget that I had done
it, so I would do it all again and pay with a credit card", he said.

Yesterday he welcomed the stand taken by Dr.Carlo. Mr.Corney said:
"Mobile phones aren't safe and it's time the companies admitted they do
cause harm. Anything which can get this message across is important."

Market trader Giovannia de Dominicis was struck down with Hodgkin's
Disease, a rare form of cancer, at the same time as his friend and next
door neighbour Terry Clark. The pair, from Hackney, East London, blamed
their cancer on the use of Mercury OnetoOne mobiles which they both used
for hours at a time. Mr.de Dominicis, 27, who has been in remission for
the past two years, said: "The mobile phone industry will be caught up
just the same way the tobacco people were. I believe they will end up
paying out millions, and having to admit that mobile phones do carry risks".

Dr.Gerald Hyland, a physicist at Warwickshire University, said "I know
from my own area that epileptic seizures have gone up in schools as a
result of youngsters using mobiles."

Informant: Robert Riedlinger

New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs

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From: ROY Beavers
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 5:54 PM
Subject: New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs (Milnes)....

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Subject: New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs (Milnes).
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 11:49:21 -0500
From: ROY Beavers

...................From EMF-L.................

In the message below, Lyn refers to the fact that it is no longer allowed
for a person (citizen) who has been health damaged to sue the offending
company, doctor or product........!!!!!

Americans!!! That may sound incredible to you -- as well as terribly
unfair -- but, I warn you, the very same movement is gaining momentum in
the U.S.!!!!

Perhaps you have noticed ... that a similar legislative proposal (nearly
as unfair and one-sided) is now working its way through the legislative
path in the U.S. Congress.........!!! If you haven't noticed --
perhaps you should -- and should do something about it.........

It is known as the "tort reform" proposal to limit "damages" in medical
malpractice cases.............!!!!

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Subject: New Zealanders to be Lucent guinea pigs
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 00:19:59 +0000
From: Lyn Milnes

A $200 million deal for the management of Telecom's 027 mobile network
to go to Lucent Technologies will have New Zealand being used as a
test market for some of the latest technologies developed by the
United States telecommunications equipment giant.

Dear Roy,

In relation to the above recent news item, it worries me that a law
change about 12-14 years ago makes it impossible for any New Zealander
to sue anyone for any medical reason, ever. It's called "ACC" legislation.

No matter what damage is done to a kiwi's health, he or she cannot sue
any person or company to get redress for it. (Former Prime Minister
Geoffrey Palmer has said he was the driving force behind this law change).

This means New Zealand is already a paradise for medical experimenters
and drug company research labs, because they cannot be sued if they get
bad results.

Lyn Milnes in New Zealand

(full story follows for your convenience)

Kiwis become Lucent guinea pigs

20 June 2003

A $200 million deal for the management of Telecom's 027 mobile network
to go to Lucent Technologies will have New Zealand being used as a test
market for some of the latest technologies developed by the United
States telecommunications equipment giant.

The five-year deal gives Lucent responsibility for managing the 18-month
old high-speed network that it built and supplying equipment for any
future expansion. Telecom will concentrate on sales and marketing. It
also paves the way for Lucent to trial new developments in New Zealand.

"That is part of the deal - this provides a direct link to Bell Labs,"
Telecom's general manager of network investment, Stephen Crombie, said,
referring to Lucent's research and development arm.

Scientists at Bell Laboratories have been responsible for some of the
most significant innovations of the past century, including the
transistor, the cellphone and communications satellites.

"New Zealand is a microcosm of all the big mobile networks. It has every
geography and sophisticated customers that are early adopters of
technology and that makes it a compelling place to use some of the new
technologies," Lucent's general manager for Australia and New Zealand,
Ian Gardner said.

Innovations being considered by the US company include technologies to track
customers' location through mobile networks and to speed up data transfer.

As part of the deal, 50 staff from Telecom's network delivery and network
investment units will transfer to Lucent on July 1. None have had to
relocate, but two lost their jobs.

The move underscored Lucent's commitment to Wellington, where staff
numbers at its main office would swell from 22 to 50, Mr Gardner said.

The transfer would increase the number of Lucent employees in New
Zealand from 30 to 80.

The agreement with Lucent follows the extension last year of a deal
outsourcing management of Telecom's low-speed 025 wireless network to
Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. Another contract with
France's Alcatel covered its fixed-line network, as Telecom tried to cut
costs and arrest falling earnings.

Telecom would not say what savings it expected from the latest deal. Mr
Crombie said there were cash savings, but the deal was about improving
the network's performance and offering new services, as well as
efficiency gains and reduced risks for Telecom.

"We wouldn't enter a deal unless it had value to our shareholders and
customers," he said.

It also had a "competitive element", as improved network speeds would
enhance Telecom's high-speed Internet offering, mobile Jetstream.


Informant: Colette O'Connell

"I wish I won't die from cancer"

The unususal heart wishes of A grade pupils in Zoran

The pupils were asked to write their wish on little notes and put it in
a model of the west wall. About half of the children expressed their
fear from the carcinogenic radiation. Zoran residents will get out of
the village during the weekend.

Eitan Rabin
Maariv 22.2.2003

Parents of A grade pupils in the village, were surprizes to find out
that their children are afraid from death and hope they won't have cancer.

Teachers team in Zoran school (Levran) decided to dedicate the whole
day to the subject of Jerusalem. Teachers of A grade in school, built a
model of the Jerusalem including the west wall. The pupils were asked to
write little notes with their wishes and these were put inside the west
wall like the tradition is.

The teachers were very surprized to see that about half the pupils
refered in the notes to the cancer cases in the village. "I am afraid to
die from cancer" one pupil wrote, and another girl wrote: "The radiation
kills. The radiation causes cancer".

Part of the pupils had wishes that are more appropriate to their age,
like "I wish I will have dogs that will give birth to the cutest puppies".

The village heads told that they didn't realize that A grade pupils
would react so hard to the radiation issue.

During the last years in Zoran were registered 52 cancer cases, and high
miscarriages rate, lately a B grade girl died from brain stem cancer.

Yesterday it was found out that a young woman, 28 years old, got also

Next Thursday, 1,5000 residents are going to get out of the village to
a protest tent. More tents were rented for the children, doctors, stuff
for staying in the place. Every resident received a coupon for buying
food and campcraft equipment.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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