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Moratorium on cell towers near schools

Roy remember Sullivan Heights School? Here are the lastest results of a
battle to stop children from being fried by microwave near schools in BC

A information meeting at the school,earlier in the year, which was
attended by Mary McBride of BC Cancer Agency,who told the people,in
attendance, that there are no known health effects from cellphone
towers,did not convince the people,and as a result the pressure from the
students,teachers,and the Parent Advisory Council was enough to dissolve
the 20 year contract to place antenna's on the school roof, that had
been signed by the school, with the cellphone company. A STEP IN THE

Regards Robert

It was just today June 17, 2003, that my fax received a copy of a letter
sent to Sullivan Heights PAC regarding Resolution #7, Prohibiting the
Siting of Cellular Phone Masts or Antennae on School Buildings and
School Grounds.

This resolution was passed by the 2,500 Parent Advisory Councils [Known
as PTAs in the United States] in British Columbia, Canada at their
Annual General Meeting. It puts a moratorium on cell towers near or on
schools throughout our entire province. Our next step is to get those
few antennae, which were erected before parents got wise, removed.

This should set a precedent throughout Canada and the rest of the world.
If the health and well-being of our kids aren't important, what is?




Plug pulled on Sullivan Heights cell tower

By Sheila Reynolds

A cellular transmission antenna will not be installed atop Sullivan
Heights Secondary, following a last-minute offer from Rogers Wireless on
Thursday to mutually dissolve its contract with the Surrey School District.

"I'm very relieved," said mom Liz Walker, who planned to transfer her
two sons from the Newton-area school if the tower went up. "I was going
in today to get my transfer forms."

The matter raised the ire of many parents, students and teachers at the
school, who were angry they weren't consulted about the deal, and who
were concerned about potential health risks stemming from
electromagnetic emissions.

The district signed the agreement with Rogers in November 2001 and was
initially planning to install the small antenna on top of the 50-foot
theatre at the school earlier this year. Rogers would have paid $180,000
over 15 years.

"This is the ideal outcome, really," said Trustee Mary Polak. "I don't
think we could have envisioned better." She said dissolving the
contract will result in a minimal cost to the district ­ estimated in
the neighbourhood of $15,000 ­ to cover Rogers' costs to date.

Walker, who spearheaded many of the protests, was pleased trustees made
what she felt was the right decision, restoring her faith in the school
board. "I know they have gone to bat for parents in the past, and I Court Cases
couldn't understand why they wouldn't this time," Walker said. Still,
she said she'll continue to push for a district-wide moratorium on cell
transmission towers. "It was a long, hard fight for us at this school,"
she said. "I don't want to see other parents having to go through what
we did."

Swiss court says mobile phone antenna's must go. Renters get 30%

Geneva, Switzerland Jan 2001

- The Department of Justice, Police and Transport in the Canton of
Geneva Switzerland ruled the following:

Renters within 11 high-rise apartment (flats) buildings, which are
surrounding a mobile base station and having roof mounted mobile phone
antennas from the swiss mobile operator DIAX, are entitled to a 30%
rental reduction back dated to 1st Jan 1999. This reduction will also
continue until the antenna's have been removed.

- As Geneva has relatively high rental costs this decision could well
lead to several millions of Swiss Francs in lost income for landlords,
who gave permission to build the antenna's.

- DIAX was instructed to immediately turn off and remove the antenna's
after that 13 medical certificates reflecting health problems were
presented. It is worth considering that, although Switzerland has one of
the lowest allowable emission regulations, people still became ill.

- If this case (no C-20879-2000-CG-A) is supported by the Bundesgericht
"Federal courts" you may wonder what will happen to the mobile phone
communications. DIAX and Landlords are said to be appealing to the courts.

Further information can be obtained via http://www.gigaherz.ch/211/

Informant: Robert Riedlinger

School Antenna Ban - BC Canada

B.C. Canada BANS School Antennas

The resolution was passed by the 2,500 members of the Parent Advisory
Councils in British Columbia, Canada at their Annual General Meeting.

It puts a moratorium on Cell towers NEAR or ON schools throughout our
entire province.

This should set a precedent throughout Canada and the rest of the world.
If the health and well-being of our kids are not important, what is?


bccpac Resolution - Ban on ANTENNAS

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 4:46 PM
Subject: bccpac resolution

My fax received a copy of a letter sent to Sullivan Heights PAC (SURRY
BC) regarding Resolution #7, Prohibiting the Siting of Cellular Phone
Masts or Antennae on School Buildings AND School Grounds.

body of the letter:

"We are writing to confirm that the resolution put forward by your PAC
was carried as submitted at the 2003 AGM and will now be added to the
BCCPAC Statement of Policy

The resolutions listed in the policy statement are those passed since
1992 that are still valid according to the purposes of the organization.

This document reflects the views and wishes of the PACs of British
Columbia on matters relating to public education and provides the
mandate and directions for the Board of Directors in representing the
collective voice of parents.

We will be reviewing and analyzing all resolutions, old and new, at our
first Board meeting in June. After that, we will develop a plan for
implementation of your resolution, in concert with all other new and
existing ones. Given the record number of resolutions passed this year
(33) plus 2 referred to committee, this will be a major initiative for
BCCPAC during the coming year.

We value your PAC's participation in the resolution process, and we are
hoping that you will be able to provide support to BCCPAC as we go
forward in 2003-2004. We would appreciate your assistance in one or more
of the following areas:

- Background research that led to the development of the resolution;
- Supporting data you may have;
- Suggestions and comments on strategies to implement the resolution.

We ask for your patience and understanding during the Board's
transitional period and resolution analysis stage. We encourage you to
stay involved and we thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in
making our educational system better able to serve all our children.

Terri Watson
cc: J. Anonychuk, DA
P. Landsley, DPAC Chair."

View news reports on schools at : http://emf-canada.shorturl.com

Informant: Gotemf

EHS sufferers: in own case

and the reason and dedication for our daily work for the youth and our
co-sufferers around the world. We can feel and know exactly under what
unbearable circumstances so much people suffering day by day in the
world. It has to be stopped immediately.

From KLAUS RUDOLPH spokesman of C.I.O.(Citizens Initiative Omega),
See C.I.O. newsletter

We feel that our lives are in danger

We live at a distance of about 300 meters of 4 mobile phone antennas at
the water reservoir in Schöllbronn in D-76275 Ettlingen. The units were
constructed in a short time, beginning in February of 2000.

With the erection of the mobile radio-units, we experienced a terrible
change in our health.

Insomnia, dizziness, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, nightly sweating
and freezing, trembling of the entire body are only some of the
ill-effects my wife and I have experienced since the erection of these
masts. In addition, I developed fibromyalgia and ringing in my ears from
the mobile radio.

Because of the radiation of the mobile radio-unit my wife started having
frequent epileptic seizures and also developed vertigo.

We are both for some time now too incapacitated to work. Sometimes we do
not know how we can possibly go on living. We feel that our lives are in
danger and we have to leave our house which we have rented for the last
8 years, because we can not pay the rent anymore and we have many debts.
We don't know where to go, because all over there are these antennas and
mobile phones.

Repeatedly we learn that other citizens are concerned in a similar
manner to us. All our efforts to persuade the operators to dismantle the
mobile radio units or to move them elsewhere failed. So did the lawsuits we
undertook to force the mobile phone operators to end their
health-destructive work. The many forms of shielding we tried to
protect ourselves cost a lot of money and didn't work either.

There is little or no help from anybody, although our story is well
known in Germany and elsewhere. And there are many similar cases to ours
in Germany and around the world.

There should be funds and places for us tortured victims, but nobody
seems to care, especially our governments and the mobile phone industry
which is responsible for damaging us.

Klaus and Gabi Rudolph, Germany.

Thank's Imelda for your support and that you urged me to publish this
statement for the common cause of all people suffering under mobile
phone radiation.

Cell Slayer Home

Kirk Wines has been the Medina City Attorney for over twenty-five years.
As such, he was unwittingly drawn into his first cell tower disputes.
The first case filed under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was
against the City of Medina, Washington for passing a moratorium on cell
sites within the city. Kirk successfully defended that action and a
subsequent series of actions filed in Federal Court by Sprint Spectrum
alleging that the city was obligated to allow Sprint to erect a 100 foot
monopole tower with a ring of panel antennas at the top within the midst
of a densely developed neighborhood. For more information on this
particular case, see The Medina Experience

As a result of the successful conclusion of the above referenced
matters, Kirk has represented a number of private citizens and
neighborhood groups fighting to protect their property values by keeping
unsightly cell towers out of their neighborhoods. He has participated as
a witness and an attorney before hearing examiners throughout the
Greater Seattle / King County area. He has spoken at seminars for city
officials, city attorneys, attorneys in general practice and at a
convention for one of the major provider's siting employees. He has
represented neighborhood groups in state courts. He has also testified
and/or lobbied on wireless issues before the King County Council and the
Washington State Legislature.

The Law Offices of Kirk R. Wines
210 Crockett Street, Seattle WA 98109, ph: 206/301-9558, fax:
email: kirkw@cellslayer.com


Informant: Rober Riedlinger

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