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Re: Repacholi's circus

Thank you very much for your work. Repacholi did the same circus with
his study (in 1997 I guess ?) on the cancerous mices who developped more
tumors under microwave exposure. I suppose the reactions he expected
(and got) are some more money in his pocket from the lobby.

Let's hope he has good lifeguards. C(T)IA might become nervous about
that game.

Annie Lobe

May I let you know of two phrases I like ?

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
JF Kennedy (not a saint in so many other aspects, though...)

Le courage, c'est de chercher la vérité et de la dire" - Jean Jaurès
(French political leader late 19th )
translation: "Courage is to seek for the truth, and to say it".

Russian (english) RF research website

Hi Klaus: Have just received RNCNIRP's English language section website:
and here it is in case some readers would like to access it.


EHS: state of recognition internationally

Hi Klaus: I submitted a print copy of this yesterday. Des Hogan has
agreed that I need not be bound by a clause of confidentiality on my
correspondance on this issue with the IHRC. And so I am sending it along
to you for posting. A lot of the material below has appeared at various
dates on your CIO archives. If anyone can add to it that would be great.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland


Mr. Des Hogan, Senior Caseworker
Irish Human Rights Commission
17-19 Lower Hatch Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

June 12, 2003

Dear Mr. Hogan:

I am now submitting to you responses to the two queries you posed for me
in the enclosed copy of your 21 May letter. My responses are limited to
the information I have amassed in the short interval of time since
receiving your request. If more pertinent information becomes available,
I will forward that to you, electronically when possible. As many of the
statements cited below are accessible online and most of these at the
"Citizens Initiative Omega" (CIO) site (quickest via Google) I will note
when applicable the CIO postmarked date for that entry.

In response to your fist query regards the availability of any
pronouncements by WHO or/and other health authorities outside Ireland on
recognition of the EHS condition, I wish to direct you to the following
which I have placed in File 1:

* Dr. Cyril Smith's response as regards WHO's stance on the EHS issue.
Printout enclosed CIO 28/5/03

* The Director General of WHO, Dr. Gro Brundtland, in early March 2002,
gave an interview where she acknowledged her own ES condition and the
fact she can't use cellphones because they give her headaches nor can
she have them near her. Her interview is posted at the Swedish
www.feb.se EHS support site, international section. Printout, of
excerpts from her interview, plus related information enclosed.

* Professor Olle Johansson's statement that "ES is fully recognised as a
physical disability by the Swedish government." CIO 30/5/03

* Letter dated October 26, 2000, from James J. Raggio, General Counsel,
U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board,
Washington, DC, to Nelson French, Director, White Mountain Catholic
Charities, McNary, Arizona, in which the General Counsel unequivocally
acknowledges the reality of the ES condition. Caption of this letter
reads: "U.S. Access Board Recognizes Electrical Sensitivity." (Not
online. Printout enclosed.)

* In Bangladesh, the "government has made up its mind that mobile phones
are harmful." It has banned use of cellphones for children under sixteen
because children may be more vulnerable or sensitive to EMR emissions.
This is nothing less than an acknowledgement that developing EHS could
be a reality for this population. That the smaller sizes of childrens'
heads plus the ongoing develop-mental brain changes they experience make
them particularly vulnerable to EMR emissions are observations that are
repeated by a number of scientists. These include Sir William Stewart
who led the 2000 U.K. IEGMP (Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones)
investigation of possible health effects from mobile telephony
(Google:IEGMP for text) and the biophysicist, Dr. Gerard Hyland, of U of
Warwick and International Institute of Biophysics, Germany. Printout of
the Bangladesh statement.

* In Nova Scotia, "All patients who are seen in consultation in the NS
[Nova Scotia] Environmental Health Centre are asked about ES." This
statement was made by Roy A. Fox, M.D., FRCPC, Nova Scotia Environmental
Health Centre, Dalhousie University, in 1997. It appears in his abstract
to a paper entitled "Electrical Sensitivity in Workers in a Hospital
with Indoor Air Quality Problems" which was presented at the 15th Annual
International Symposium on Man and his Environment 1997. This
particular conference focused on EMF and bioelectricity. It "explored
some of the latest data and provided a forum for discussion as well as
case studies to help the professional." Printout of the Abstract. Also
at: http://www.aehf.com/articles/97sympabs

* Environmental Health Center-Dallas, Texas fully recognizes the ES
condition. Its founder, Dr. William Rea, was the first person
internationally to chair an academic Department of Environmental
Medicine. Printout of Dr. Gerard Ross' (of Environmental Health
Center-Dallas) abstract on treating ES persons. Access:

* A February 2003 report from Russia by Dr. Vladimir Binhi on
"Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health" includes a section entitled
"Opinion of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Protection about the biological effects of the electromagnetic fields of
cell phones." These recommendations by RNCNIRP for the protection of the
Russian population from cellphone emissions are dated September 19,
2001. Their advice includes: "

1.1. Non-use of cell phones by children under the age of 16.
1.2. Non-use of cell phones by pregnant women.
1.3. Non-use of cell phones by persons suffering from
neurological conditions or diseases, including
neurasthenia or dysthymic disorders, mental disorders,
neuroses, intellectual and memory impairment, sleep
disorders, epilepsy, and epileptic predisposition."

Again, such steps directed to safeguard that percentage of the
population that is particularly vulnerable/susceptible/sensitive to EMR
emissions points to an acceptance on RNCNIRP's part of this population
being potentially EHS.

Dr. Vladimir N. Binhi is a theoretical physicist and head of the
Radiobiology Laboratory at the General Physics Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Printout enclosed. Also online access at:
http://www.pole.com.ru/news_en.htm and

* EHS is fully accepted as a medical condition by the U.K. Breakspear
Medical Group Trust, which is directed by Dr. Jean Monro. Additional to
the extensive print information authored by Dr. Monro, Dr. Cyril Smith,
et al, which I have already submitted to IHRC, I am here including a
printout of Breakspear Medical Group. Online access is:

* Microwave hearing (that tinnitus/metallic/sizzling noise in the aural
tract) is a most common symptom among EHS persons although non-EHS
persons in the same location and exposed to the same levels do not
experience Microwave Hearing. (It could be said that EHS people are just
more finely attuned to it in the same way that musicians are more finely
attuned to nuances of sound than non-musical people.) Microwave Hearing
is a widely--universally, perhaps--acknowledged phenomena. In the
Stewart IEGMP 2000 report (opus cit), for instance, on page 56 it is
noted that "Auditory perception of pulsed RF fields, the so-called
'microwave-hearing' effect, is an established phenomenon, which is
produced by thermally generated sounds, due to minute thermoelastic
expansion effects within the soft tissues of the head . . .."
Dr. James C. Lin in his paper "Health Aspects of Wireless Communication:
Auditory Perception of Microwaves--Hearing Microwaves" writes that "The
microwave auditory effect is the most widely accepted biological effect
of microwave radiation, aside from tissue heating, with a known
mechanism of interaction: the thermoelastic theory of the
microwave-induced acoustic pressure waves in the head." Printout of Dr.
Lin's paper enclosed plus a number of other references to literature on
microwave hearing.

* The October 2002 Freiburg Appeal by German doctors, mostly in the
environmental medicine sector, illuminates the connections these doctors
have made between electrosmog (and especially by the increased EMR
emissions from telephony) and the increase in ill health among
vulnerable members of the public. Among their proposed "immediate
measures and transitional steps" that should be taken to protect the
public's health is "Education of the public, especially of mobile
telephone users, regarding the health risks of electromagnetic fields."
The Freiburg Appeal can be viewed as an unofficial recognition by these
medical doctors of susceptible people's (that is of EHS persons) adverse
reactions to EMR emissions. Printout enclosed. Also online at:

* In March 2001, Dr. Gerard Hyland's working document entitled "The
Physiological and Environmental Effects of Non-Ionising Electromagnetic
Radiation--Final Study" was published by the European Parliament,
Directorate General of Research, Directorate A, the STOA Programme. STOA
stands for Scientific and Technological Options Assessment. While the EU
parliament makes it clear in its disclaimer that "Opinions expressed in
this STOA Report do not necessarily represent the official view of the
European Parliament" yet by publishing his research it shows willingness
to consider Dr.Hyland's input on bioeffects of RF/MW exposure. In B-5
section of his report ("From Non-Thermal Effects to Adverse Health
Effects" pp. 18-19). Dr. Hyland notes "increased seizure activity in
some children that already suffer from epilepsy . . .." He also notes
that it is just vulnerable/susceptible members of the public--and not
everyone --who are affected. Printout enclosed. Also available online
through STOA, European Parliament.

* In the Royal Society of Canada's "A Review of the Potential Health
Risks of Radio-Frequency Fields from Wireless Telecommunication Devices:
An Expert Panel Report prepared at the request of the Royal Society of
Canada for Health Canada" March 1999, it is repeatedly emphasized that
focus must be directed to "the potential risks of RF exposure [to]
uniquely susceptible individuals." (p. 11) And its research
recommendations in the "Clinical Studies" category (10.3., p.115) reads
as follows: "The possibility that certain population subgroups may be
more sensitive to RF fields needs to be addressed. This issue can be
examined in a clinical setting as outlined below.
* Are there people who are potentially more sensitive to radiofrequency fields? . . .
* What are potential subgroups effects?
For example, do epileptics have more seizures due to RF exposure from cell phones?
* Are there any identifiable markers for electrical hypersensitivity?
* What are the response patterns to RF exposure of human brain activity?

Available online at: http://www.rsc.ca Email: adminrsc@rsc.ca

While you asked specifically for information on the state of recognition
of EHS in other jurisdictions, you may not be aware that Ireland has
made some strides in this direction too. I am enclosing a one page
(undated, but no doubt could with some effort be dated accurately)
document I was forwarded recently. In category 5 of this Social Welfare
document, an occupational disease or injury caused by electromagnetic
radiation is included.

Also, I am enclosing evidence of EHS tests of EMR vulnerable persons
that are being undertaken right now with the full support of the IDEA
(Irish Doctors Environmental Association). While I have decided not to
participate in these tests, because of a conflict of medical
interests/loyalties that arises, due to my legal grievance being
directed at medical colleagues/associates of doctors who are involved
with the test, and I will have to go outside this jurisdiction (most
likely to Breakspear, U.K.) to have any further validation of my EHS
condition, the fact that these IDEA spponsored tests are taking place
shows up that Irish doctors of environmental medicine are well aware
there is this EHS problem and want it officially acknowledged as such.


Imelda O'Connor, Cork.

Omega: Irish Human Rights Commission, email: ihrc@eircom.net, Tel.
+353 1 647 2562 Fax. +353 1 647 2515

and Omega links:

Frey, Allan H.: Human auditory systems response to modulated
electromagnetic energy

Frey, Allan H.: Human Perception of Illumination with Pulsed
Ultrahigh-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy

Sensation of Hearing in Electromagnetic Fields

e.g. Sensation of hearing in electromagnetic fields. Ingalls CE. NY State
J Med 1967 Nov 15;67(22):2992-7
Patient intermittently hears a high-pitched buzzing, coming from one to
two meters above his head in a radar beam. Birds can apparently hear
radar in the same manner as humans. One company is equipping aircraft
with bird-audible radar to attract the attention of birds from a
distance, and hopefully give them time to get out of the aircraft's way.
(This is useful because bad things generally happen for all involved
when an airplane hits a bird.) http://www.zebracards.com/EA-004.html

Low - Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology By Capt Paul E Tyler MC USN


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Informant: Kevin

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