* Epidemiological EMF studies now!-Estudios epidemiologicos EMF ahora! - Re: chemtrails make atmosphere more conductive of EMR -O.T. themes (14/6/03)
Please send many emails to the WHO and demand the compliance to the
precaution principle and immediate epidemiological studies. You can use
the following text or create an own text:

Epidemiological EMF studies now!

More than 60 cancer clusters near mobile phone base stations and
radio/TV transmitters has been found by affected people and civic action
groups in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Israel and other countries.

I demand the immediate investigation of all these cancer clusters by
independent epidemiological studies including all possible causes and
including independent measurements of the EMF/microwave/mobile phone
radiation levels.

I demand the consideration of the precautionary principle for
electromagnetic fields and the considerable lowering of the
international EMF limits for high frequency fields up to safe limits
that protect the health of all in the long term, as well of people near
base stations as of users of mobile phones.

Send it to:

Email: kheifetsl@who.int

Telefon: 0041 22 791 49 76
Fax: 0041 22 791 41 23

Postal address:

World Health Organization (WHO)
Dr. Leeka Kheifeits
Head, Radiation Program
Radiation and Environmental Health
20 Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27


Action by Elektrosmognews

In Spanish:

Envíe por favor muchos e-mail al WHO (Organización Mundial de la
Salud) y exija la conformidad al principio de precaución y a los
estudios epidemiológicos inmediatos.

Puede utilizar el texto siguiente o crear uno nuevo:

¡ Estudios epidemiológicos EMF ahora!

Más de 60 casos de cáncer contabilizados cerca de estaciones base de
telefonía móvil y estaciones de radio/TV en España, Francia, El Reino
Unido, Alemania, Israel y otros países.

Reclamo la investigación inmediata de todos estos clusters de cánceres
mediante estudios epidemiólogicos independientes que incluyantodas
las causas posibles y la realización de mediciones independientes de los
niveles de radiación EMF/microondas/de telefonía móvil.

Reclamo respetar el principio de precaución para campos electromagnéticos
y la reducción de los límites internacionales de EMF para campos de alta
frecuencia hasta límites seguros que protejan la salud de todos a largo
plazo, tanto de la gente cerca de estaciones base de telefonía móvil
como de los usuarios de teléfonos móviles.

Envíe por favor a:

Email: kheifetsl@who.int

Teléfono: 0041 22 791 49 76
Fax: 0041 22 791 41 23

Dirección postal:

World Health Organization (WHO)
Dr. Leeka Kheifeits
Head, Radiation Program
Radiation and Environmental Health
20 Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27


Acción de Elektrosmognews

Re: chemtrails make atmosphere more conductive of EMR

Hi Iris -- http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm has the current
scientific research into the aerosol spraying problem -- the
electromagnetic aspects to it, the chemicals involved, etc.

We can't really work on the solution when we aren't allowed to really
know what the problem is. Why would the powers that be want to make
the atmosphere more EMR conductive? The obvious answers that spring to
mind are: Weather control, military EM weaponry and mind control (yes --
really!! The technology is all there). Of course they don't want to make
these things public, so it is hoped that people won't start LOOKING UP
and won't notice how fake the clouds have been for a long time.


Hello All -- I'm completely ignorant about Towers -- how to identify
them and just what they do. So I've started a page at Bariumblues.com to
help educate myself and others about this. I'm posting photos of any and
all kinds of towers, from the obvious to the mysterious, but am especially
interested in identifying towers which are useful in controlling the masses.
("Total Population Control" at http://www.bariumblues.com) or which
are especially detrimental to health.....

The first photo of a tower has been posted.

If anyone can help with this project it would be greatly appreciated.
Do you know what kind of tower this one is?? Does anyone have a
picture of a GWEN tower? Please E-mail (or Snailmail) your photos,
or information about ANY and ALL towers. Thanks --


O.T. Some very important themes

Sign up for a toxics-free future

We live in a chemical world. Man-made chemicals are in use all around us
- from cosmetics and baby bottles to computers and furniture.

Animals - including polar bears, whales and panthers - are known to
suffer from reproductive problems thought to be caused by chemicals.
And up to 300 man-made chemicals have been found in humans!

The European Union wants to regulate these chemicals but the chemical
industry is fighting hard against this. Right now we have the chance to
let policy makers know that we do not want our environment to be
polluted with hazardous chemicals.

The European Commission is holding an Internet consultation until the
10th July. Anyone can respond so it's a great chance to let the
Commission know that we want strong laws. Sign our declaration and
make your voice heard!


This petition is not run through Panda Passport, it is open to everyone
- so please ask your friends and family to sign up. We need as many
signatures as we can get to ensure our demand for a toxics-free future
is heard loud and clear!

The ever-growing US military footprint

Suppose You Wanted to Have a Permanent War

Informant: kevcross4


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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