* The Death Village-Part 2: Strong Reactions from all sides (17/3/03)

The Death Village-Part 2: Strong Reactions from all sides

A new shape of the resonance mechnism is showing signs - Not the kind that works in the Body of the victoms of Porat, but in the reactions after the terrible case publication. At last- signs of getting out of the impermeability. Who would believe? I gather here the reactions, and new strong revelations from the other village near the antennas- Zoran.

In Yediot Ahronot, 16.3.03

Bezeq intends to stop broadcasting from the "Death Village"

The development in the broadcasting issue in the "the death village": Following the investigation of "Yediot Ahronot", by which 60 of 450 Porat residents got cancer in the last 15 years-Bezeq threatens to close the station, if it will not receive from the government departments clear guidance for activating it. After the publication, the editorial board of "Yediot Ahronot" was flooded in the weekend with hundreds of calls of
citizens who claimed that also in their living areas their are antennas which endanger their health. The Science and Technology Comittee of the Knesset went on Friday to the antennas area in Porat. The chair of the comittee, Mali Polishuk, said that after checking, it turns out to be that the radiation levels in the place were very high in the past. The environment quality minister, Yehudit Naot, promised not to let go of the issue until solving it, and today she will gather an urgent disscussion meeting about it. Knesset member Shaul Yahalom demanded from the health ministry to establish a government comittee to investigate this neglection. Communication ministry representative claimed on Friday: "Israel broadcasts through the antennas to arab countries, and this is a national interest. This moment there are not enough open areas where to move the antennas, and it will take years to approve their removal".

The manager of national cancer registration in the health ministry, Dr Micha Bar Hana, claims that the death statistics of the village in the years 1999-2002, does not exceed above the average. From Yediot Ahronot investigation it turns out to be, in contrast, that the patients number was higher in 5 times than the average.

Maariv newspaper [the second most distributed newspaper in Israel, after Yediot Ahronot]


The science and technology comittee: It is impossible to ignore the multitute of cancer cases in Porat

Tomorrow 11 families will file a law suit against Bezeq and the broadcast authority as directly guilty for cancer

by Galia Shafir

11 families from Porat village will file tomorrow a lawsuit to the magistrate's court in Tel Aviv against Bezeq and the broadcast authority. In the lawsuit it is claimed that Bezeq and the broadcast authority are directy guilty for the cancer disease which the plaintiffs got. The suit is filed in continuation for the investigation which had been done in "Sharon's time" in July 200, where it was exposed that in Porat village, which populates about 200 familes, 60 people got cancer during the years, and 25 died from the disease. The investigation notes that that Porat village is located about 1.5 km from the radio broadcast station, "Hillel", which transmitted high radiation levels.

Lawyer David Mena, who represents the residents: "Porat residents are the ones who paid the price for short waves broadcasts, which is the the most dangerous kind of radiation, during 40 years".

After this lawsuit, another lawsuit will be filed in the name of the rest of the residents who were hurt from the cancer disease and in the future will be filed another law suit in the name of the village comittee, for the reduction in the property value. On Friday the Science and Technology Comittee gathered to disscuss the subject. 2.5 years after the investigation, Porat residents have changed. In the past they were afraid to say the word "cancer", part of them did not know that radiation is emitted by the antennas. Today they are in a middle of a public battle.

At the entrance to the comitte meeting, I meet Ruhama Hen, 27 years old, married and mother of two. A year ago a brain tumor was found in her head. "After they removed most of the tumor, the doctor said, that the tumor had been 4-5 years in the brain. This is the period in which I have been living in the village, and from my window you can see the antennas".

During two hours, The offices (ministries) representatives were discussing the residents claims. The health ministry representative, Dr Micha Bar Hana, the national cancer registration unit manager, rejects the residents claims. "From the data it turns out to be that from 1999 until 2002, 6 new cancer cases were diagnosed, which is a probable move".

Ronen Hareuveni, from the nuclear radiation arm of the radiation research center "Sorek", added: "It is about electromagnetic radiation, which is in concensus not considered as cancer cause". He added more: "In 1997, the first measurements we made showed that the radiation levels were between 50-100 V/m. We thought it was a lot and we decided to reduce the radiation to 8.7 Volt/m.

40 dots in the village

At the end of the meeting, the comittee members went to the village near the station. After the Knessent member Polishuk-Bloch heard the sides, she said that it looks like a problem and it is not possible to ignore the multitude of cancer cases. The decision is that the health ministry will prepare a survey which will check if the cancer cases number is higher than normal. Another decision- the environment ministry will check the radiation level in 40 dots of the village. Tonight will be another meeting gathered by the environment quality minister, Yehudit Naot.

The Death Antennas in the Sharon- New revelations in the story: One building, 7 misscarriages in 1.5 year.

After the publications about the multitude cases of cancer in Porat Village, which is close to the antennas site "Hillel", it turns out to be that: Also the neighbour village "Zoran" was hurt. In the village revealed hundreds cases of misscarriages, cancer, headaches and concentration and sleep disturbances.

by Eitan Rabin

A new report about the illness situation in the village Zoran, which is located 230 meters from the antennas, exposes hundreds of cases of miscarriages, headaches, cancers, sleep disturbances and other diseases. In one of the buildings in Zoran, where 19 families are living, 7 women had misscarriages in the last 1.5 years. In another building where 20 families are living, were 3 misscarriages in one week. The residents and the neighbours claim, there is a link between the misscarriages and the antennes which cause different illnesses. Prof Yossi Lesing, the manager of the midwifes arm and genicology in "Lis" Hospital told "Maariv": "The early misscarriages frequency is 17% from the pregnances. 7 misscarriages in one building can be from the statistics deceptions, but no doubt, this data deserves checking, because it is an abnormal event by every scientific assesment".

From the health survey which was distributed by the village comittee, Michael Akerman and Pnina Kinati, to hundreds of families in the village, raised serious data concerning the illness rate in the village. in 92% families responses, there is at least one person who suffers from headaches. In 85% families someone suffers from eye problems, 15% reported repeating eye infections, 75% memory and concentration problems. of 150 returned surveys, 10 people reported about cancer. It is already known about other 9 cancer cases in the village. In the Admonit Street in Zoran were revealed 5 cancer cases. Debi Karet, who is a widow for the last half a year, says: "I live in the street near another 4 cancer cases. My husband died from brain cancer which he got half a year ago. I have no doubt that it is from the antennas radiation here". Also in the adjacent street- Dafna Street, there are 4 cancer cases. No resident from there wanted to be exposed. The heads of the battle said that this week they are going to cease the education system, block the roads, will meet with the environment quality minister, and will demand to close immediately the Hillel station. Michael Akerman, the head of the action committe: "We are the closest village to the antennas. We are sure that the illness rate here is higher than they succeeded to find out and we are going to publish graver findings in the next days". Narkis Tefler, 17 years old says: "Since I came to the village with my parents I have suffered from headaches, lack of sleep and and concentration problems.I know about at least dozens of youngsters who suffer from concentration problems, lack of sleep and vomits, as a result of the radiation. We want to leave and urge our parents to do so".

Several months ago a serious event happened in second grade in the village, when number of students fainted after they had complained about headaches and vomits. One of the parents told: "Of a class of 30 children, 20 had dizziness at the same time. We are talking about a class which is really adjacent to Hillel station".

Public reactions:

from the public reaction one can learn that something is happening. People start to ask questions about the cellular antennas ("is it also dangerous"?), they are shocked/angry about the way the government and the companies deceived the village. Also people start to open their eyes and mouth about the dangers near THEIR house. For example, a resident from Naftali village in the western Galil, wrote in reaction for the article that in his village dozens of people died from cancer - they live near TV antennas. Another resident from Ramat Hasharon wrote that in his area there is a very high cancer death rate, since cellular antennas were erected. He wrote that it is known but silenced.

Information and translation in English by Iris Atzmon from Israel

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