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Mobile mast protest in second week
Protesters who spent a week blockading the site of a vandalised mobile
phone mast to prevent it from being re-erected pledged to continue their
action after being given false hope the mast would be resited.

Villagers said the mast would go back up where it had stood for nine
years "over their dead bodies".

Residents from the protest camp had agreed to allow the owners to enter
the site on Friday to remove the controversial structure.

The 22-metre mast fell down on Bonfire Night after bolts were removed
from the base, in what police have described as an act of vandalism.

The agreement came after the owners, Crown Castle Communications, said
they would work with the local residents of Wishaw in Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands, to find an alternative site.

They will have to run us over - it's going to be over our dead bodies
Protest leader Eileen O'Connor

But the relief of the residents, who blame the mast for cancer cases and
other illnesses, was short-lived.

Just a few hours later the company said it had changed its mind
following a statement from mobile phone network T-Mobile which said it
was determined to put the mast back up.

Speaking to BBC Midlands Today from the makeshift campsite on Friday,
protest leader Eileen O'Connor said campaigners were in for the long haul.

She said: "They are just corporate bullies. This does not surprise us.

"If they turn up we will be right in front of their vehicles. They will
have to run us over.

"It's going to be over our dead bodies."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2003/11/14 19:45:08 GMT


Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Blood test spots 'asbestos cancer'


Key Issues and strategies used to stop Cell Phone Tower Installations


Step (1) Education - Information meetings

The only thing that will stop corporations from installing a cell phone
tower is a clear, unwavering demonstration from informed citizens that
this community knows too much. If they see a knowledgeable, and
determined community, able to form and hold a position, based on the
truth about the devastating health effects caused by radio frequency
radiation (RFR), they will go away . Cellular companies cannot defend
themselves against claims that cell phones and towers cause negative
health effects - because they do.

Step (2) Start a petition immediately.

"We the citizens of _ _ _ _ demand that [the company] must demonstrate
proof that cell phone radiation is safe....Lack of proof of safety is
the big chink in the Industry's armor. Keep repeating this point.

Like Big Tobacco, the Wireless industry studiously avoids discussion of
health issues.

Step (3) Take Action NOW

(A) Identify the concern, and create a mission statement to address this
concern, such as: "To halt all wireless development that will irradiate
the people and all life forms of [place] until this type of radio
frequency radiation - RFR - is shown to be safe."

(B) Create a Group and give it a concise and simple name such as "
[place] Residents opposed to Cell phone Irradiation".

(C) Telephone the company involved immediately.
Have a delegate talk to the boss, and find out when they plan to start
work. Get the official word in writing. Get the facts straight. Always
be diplomatic but firm. State your concerns on behalf of the citizens'
group asking them not to proceed until they attend a public meeting.
Reinforce the phone call with a letter with ccs to local political reps,
all news outlets in your area plus any other authority. Give the company
a contact number ( preferably several numbers) and sign on behalf of the

(D) Telephone all Government representatives and Health officials.
Let them know about the company plans and your group's concerns. Follow
up with correspondence, and include reference to some of the thousands
of studies showing need for caution with RFR exposure. Do not get
side-tracked or disheartened by their replies. All of the soothing or
dismissive - vested interest - assurances from "internationally
acclaimed" - highly paid - regulatory authorities regarding cell phone
safety have huge gaps of credibility.

(E) Telephone the media.
Explain the group's position against forced irradiation.

(F) Create a one page leaflet, (both sides) and get it to everyone in
the community. Design it so that it can be used as a press release, a
letter to all government officials and cell phone companies and a
poster. Keep it simple, demanding a full and open public forum stating
health effects, web sites etc.

(G) Issue a press release - fast - to all of the above. Issue releases
as things develop.

(H) Research the Issue
Use the internet to find out what other communities are doing. You will
get various levels of support and opposition from internet searches into
heath effects of electromagnetic radiation - EMR - when so much money
hinges on available information. A serious research effort shows to the
company involved, that you are capable of discerning and disseminating
the truth about the devastating health effects caused by RFR. Often, the
cellular company will give up the fight and quietly withdraw their
application so that the health issues do not get too much media
attention. Stay vigilant - they will return.

Step (4) Plan the public meeting.

Demand that all preparations to erect any equipment be halted until a
public meeting is held between residents and the cell phone company.
Government guidelines for cell phone antenna installations stipulate
that the company must engage in a public consultation process before any
work begins. This is a chink in their armor, as is the requirement to
consult also your local governing authorities; this is helpful in the
event that local government might have the integrity and courage to
address this difficult issue of public health protection. Contact all
local politicians as well as health authorities, and demand in the name
of democracy and freedom that they attend this meeting . Clearly state
your health concerns and your position that this installation cannot
happen without an open public process. Bring in the best independent
Experts (non Industry / Government) that you can find who will support
the Negative health effect case. This is a highly complex subject and
requires a guiding influence from people of integrity who have done the

The company PR people manipulate data and peoples' desires that this not
be another thing to worry about - they have the upper hand, as generally
people see these new wireless toys as a great convenience, and without
truthful information, can be manipulated.

Step (5) After the Dust Settles

After the facts are out and the Antenna Vendor is forced to search for
another location, donít hang up your boots yet. You still need to keep
in mind the location to which the vendor is headed for next. One way of
quickly passing the word is, once again - the media with a Press
release. The media often covers tower debates but if it did not cover
your win for some reason, be sure to write a letter to the editor of
several local media centres.

Other people in your area may not read this warning and still be the
next target for an antenna, so keep your ears open and be ready to pass
on helpful information to them if they need it.

Also share the news of what occured with internet news groups, so that
all concerned people can see the overall picture to what is going on as
far as removals and cancellations. Your news could be very helpful to
someone out there in the same situation.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Insurance policies

Hello Don, I am wondering if any of your contacts have any  information
on this case in Illinois, US

Subject: insurance policies

I have just received this information  on a legal case in the states
involving Parkinsons disease.

It was reported in the International Express Tuesday Nov. 4th that  the
BOC Group saw nearly 340 million wiped from its market value  after a
shock US legal setback potentially opened the flood gates  to  multi
billion pound claims from thousands of Parkinsonís disease sufferers.
The industrial gases giant was one of three co-defendants on the
receiving end of a 1 million dollar law suit from a 65 year old man who
claimed he had developed Parkinsonís disease by working around welding
fumes. Sreejith Banererji, chemicals analyst with broker E trade warned.
" If this is a  precedent  there are serious ramifications.  There
will be more  interested parties coming forward and this level of
damages will be  potentially not be able to be covered by insurance.
There are about 80 cases outstanding involving more than 6000 claimants.

BOC which supplied heavy industry and microchip makers sad it was
confident of overturning the Illinois verdict on appeal but initial
shock waves from the case sent the shares lower. They claim ''no causal
relationship has ever been established between exposure to  welding
fumes and idiopathic Parkinsonís disease and this verdict is contrary to
the scientific medical and toxicological evidence"

The insurance aspect is interesting in this case as it seems they are
not fully covered. Where does this leave EMR claims??? Are the
communication companies fully covered for 3rd party insurance?  If  not
can the councils continue to permit them to erect their towers in
populated areas with emissions that are not proven to be safe?   .

I find this case very interesting as I am told the EMR emissions from
welding machines are very high and perhaps the combinations of solvents
with EMR is an unhealthy cocktail. I found at my farm that the animals
most affected long term from the exposure of FM/AM frequencies were
those who had antibiotics. Those who had not had any antibiotics have
recovered after a few years away from the farm.
Refer to our web site


The document Hidden Dangers of electromagnetic radiation... has our
experiences.  Penny Hargreaves

Informant: Don Maisch


Re: A complaint based on violation of Article 34 of EMRK has been filed
in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

By the way,  you might like to remind the group (especially new members
who might not be aware of your story) that your story is posted on
Citizens Initiative Omega on 22/6/03 with heading ďEHS sufferers:  in
own caseĒ:

Best,  Imelda


I ran into this interesting piece of info about microwave oven's
frequency-  I think it's very relevant for Wi- Fi:

The same frequency of Wi- Fi -  2.45 GHz  -  is the one that was chosen
not accidently to the microwave ovens. Why -  because in this frequency,
the water absorbs electromagnetic energy
in maximum speed, and that enables the food that contains water, to heat

How rapid does Wi- Fi heat a person who contains mostly water?

Source: Everything the doctors don't tell you
Issue Number 12, Sep- Ag. 2000
"Microwave ovens- a recipe for cancer", by Simon Best.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Electromagnetism & Life

Robert O. Becker and Andrew A. Marino



Feds to launch $10 million investigation of cell phones, wireless


Best wishes!

Dr. Reinhard Munzert
Community of interest of the victims from electric powered weapons
phone: 00499115187681
email: RMunzert@t-online.de


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