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U.K. T.V. station plans to produce a documentary on ES

Hi Klaus: I was informed last night by an ES sufferer and campaigner, living in England, that a prominent U.K. T.V. station plans to produce a documentary on ES, within a month or so. While the T.V. researcher she has talked to said that she (the researcher) is particularly interested in women who have suffered miscarriages which they attribute to excessive MW/RF exposure, other ES persons experiences and expert scientific and medical opinions will also be included. Another aspect of interest in the planned programme is the major living readjustments ES persons have to make.

Immediate query: What is the published literature on miscarriages attributed to RF/MW exposure and are any of your readers familiar with individual case histories?

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland



Our President of the Government, passed 13 of February, in Antenna 3 Television, and in direct for all the Spaniards, he repeated to the ad nauseam that his "responsibility" is to protect the Spaniards of the "risks, threats and attacks of the international terrorism", and that we cannot remain "impassive and without doing anything" before the negative disarmament of Iraq and before the systematic breach of the Resolutions of the United Nations.

But by analogy, before the multiple studies, experiments and scientific works that show and announce (courteous expression) the "possible and potential harmfulness of the radiation of the mobile phone system (antennae and mobile)" effective harmful to short and long-term on the health of the persons (adult, young, children, elderly, women) embarrassed by the exposition "continued and permanent" to the microwave, and having in account the fundamental right of the Spaniards TO THE LIFE (art.15> C AND.) and the right TO THE HEALTH (art.43 C.E.), hose protection based on the at the beginning of "precaution, prudence and prevention" is INEXCUSABLE, protection that cannot be left sideways with "the excuse that lack definite proof of that harmfulness" (this is the tactic of delay for not to damage the owners of the chickenof the eggs of gold), perhaps there is definite proof that that radiation is inoffensive? If our President applied this same principles of the conflict with Iraq, it is his "responsibility and he should protect the Spaniards of the risks and threats that supposes the possible and potential on harmfulness of the phone system mobile", and cannot remain "impassive and without doing nothing" because what will happen if with the years that harmfulness is CONFIRMED, and what will happen with the DAMAGES, IRREPARABLE AND IRREVERSIBLE, that they will have been produced in the health of the Spanish, just like with the years will be confirmed or not if Iraq possesses or not possesses biological arms of massive destruction, and if he would use them or not, and if he has or does not have connections with the terrorism. Perhaps Mr. President does not know that great part of the International Community doubts and puts in fabric of judgment the tests that there is against Iraq and does not consider them conclusive?

Perhaps theyselves cannot be considered as "ATTACK" against the life and the health of the Spaniards to submit them "continued and permanent" to the microwave of the mobile phone system without "have ascertained and confirmed previously that that radiation is inoffensive, mainly when there are scientific evidences of it's harmfulness? Perhaps Mr. President are we the Spaniards MICE OF LABORATORY? Where is the RESPONSIBILITY, Mr. President, when you permit and has approved by Real Decree for Spain a most maximum limit of radiation of 450 microwatt/cm2,(four hundred fifty), when other countries have approved most maximum limits of 10 or of 0'1 and where is the RESPONSIBILITY when it is permitted that the antennae be placed on top and around the dwellings, schools, etc. without distances of security to human presence? Where it is the RESPONSIBILITY, Mr. President when those atrocious concentrations of antennae permits, case for example of the school Garcia Quintana of Valladolid, and other cases silenced and ignored by those of Televisions who have partiality in the information?, interests
created?, when leaving out the question of the proof of the relation causes effect (has neither been shown the not relation causes effect),
the apparition of those of leukemias is to doubt and dá that to think.. (When the river sounds, water carries). Where it is their RESPONSIBILITY, Mr. President when it is permitted that a considerable number of antennae of phone system have been placed without any type of licenses, that is to say, illegally? Perhaps the State of Right is for the Spaniards from on foot and not for the Operators, Businesses, etc. of mobile phone systems? Why Mr. President, those reasoning and principles that utilizes to protect the Spaniards from the risks and threats of Iraq not utilizes to protect the LIFE and the HEALTH of the Spaniards before the risks and threats of the possible shamefulness concerning the radiation of the mobile phone system? PERHAPS SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ITSELF HINDER IT? TELEFONIA MOVIL: YES, BUT SURE, THAT ARE NOT HARMFUL NEITHER MORTAL.

Dear Klaus (please, forward this), Jim, Ranka, Imelda & others,

For further references to papers on ES, please, see the enclosed excerpt from my own list of publications:

Omega: The list of publications from Prof. Olle Johansson is here:


Best regards. Yours

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute. 171 77 Stockholm. Sweden)


Dear Rudolph

I just read your article on rense.com.

The Dark Side of Cellphone Technology

Thank you for your work which makes me realize that we are cooking ourselves with EM from all electrical sources. I have worked with computers since 1961. Perhaps the EM from computers is one of the previously unrecognized sources of my disabilities. I am almost 60 years old, disabled, addicted to TV, radio, coffee, cigarettes, using my computer, and to the internet. I stopped watching the TV last year. Now we have GWEN towers all over the country spaced about every 200 miles, and cell phone towers. I just noticed a GWEN tower about three miles west of my house. From my reading on the internet, I have discovered that the GWEN towers are for more than emergency communications. I have read that they can be used to send and receive many frequencies at the same time. Also I have read that they can be used as a weapon to control, disable, and kill people by the differing frequencies used which affect both our bodies and minds.

HAARP can be used in the same ways.

I am selling my house soon, will be going fishing and camping for a while, and will be looking to buy a few achers in the country as far away from EM transmittions as possible. I believe that I'll have to wrap my new home in a Faraday cage to keep the EM radiation out, and I will have to give all but the minimum, home generated electricity.

How can I find and buy material to make a Faraday cage and to buy an EM receiver to detect the widest range of EM frequencies? I'll need that as well as a geiger counter to help me choose the least vulnerable location to either build or buy my next home.

Peace and joy,
Jon Carl Skoglund
"God gave a free man a clearing in a forest."

Mystery rashes spread through US Schools

With the rate that US schools are installing WLANS (wireless computer systems in classrooms See:
http://www.tassie.net.au/emfacts/wlans.html ) I wonder if they thought to check to see if the affected schools have this system. I admit that it is a long-shot, especially if you consider the chemical load US children now carry. Perhaps chemical load + RF exposure combined should be considered as a possibility??

Don Maisch (excerpt)


March 3, 2002: Mystery rashes hit schools across US

By Darrell Giles in Los Angeles. The Herald Sun

A MYSTERY rash affecting thousands of schoolchildren across America cannot be explained, the Federal Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Fourteen states have reported outbreaks since October, mostly among primary school pupils who suffered rashes on their faces, arms, legs and bodies.

The rashes look like tiny red pin pricks, which cause an itch rather than pain and usually lasts two weeks.

Outbreaks from Washington to New York have affected up to 600 people at a time.

Rash outbreaks have been reported in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

"For something like this to occur almost simultaneously in different parts of the country is, to my knowledge, unprecedented," said Dr Norman Sykes, who examined about 30 Philadelphia students with the rash last month.

Some health investigators suspect the rashes may be caused by a new winter virus. The disease centre requested reports from every state about any rash outbreaks but found no common cause and said the rashes weren't all the same.

"With 53 million young people attending 117,000 schools every day in the United States, it is expected that rashes from a wide variety of causes will be observed," a national study concluded.

But there was nothing to point to the cause. There were few clues from doctors who treated the rashes, nor from environmental studies of affected schools.

Most schools have ruled out an environmental cause. But at Peninsula School District in Gig Harbor, Washington, test results showed an abnormally high level of dust, dandruff and skin particles, probably caused by an overactive ventilation system.

Introduction: Latitudes

We would like to introduce www.Latitudes.org and Sheila Rogers (writer of "The Dark Side of Wireless Technology"). They have other articles on electrical sensitivity also and are focused on environmental and nondrug approaches to Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Tourette Syndrome and Learning Problems. You can find the link to Electrical Sensitivity
articles on their home page.


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