* Vatican Radio epidemiological study (attached) - News from Imelda - re: radar cancer? - Villagers see red over phone removal - Successful transmission of information with help of "earth radiation" - In own matter (10/2/03)

Vatican Radio epidemiological study (atacched)

* Michelozzi, P.; Kirchmayer, U.; Capon, A.; Forastiere, F.; Biggeri, A.; Barca, A.; Ancona, C.; Fusco, D.; Sperati, A.; Papini, P.; Rondelli, R.; Perucci, C.A. Mortalità per leucemia ed incidenza di leucemia infantile nell'area interessata dalle emissioni di radiofrequenze di Radio Vaticana. (abstract in english) (format rtf. 89 Kb)

Hi Klaus:

The following two items may interest some of your readers:

1. A Public meeting of IDEA (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) will take place next Saturday, February 15th at 2.00 p.m. The venue is: the Business School, Room Q 122 (opposite Multi-Storey Car Park) Dublin City University (D.C.U.), Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

There are two guest speakers:

Mr. Richard Douthwaite who will speak on "The Economics of Health and Sustainability"

Dr. Gerard Hyland, Associate Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Warwick. Executive Member, International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss-Holzhein, Germany. He will lecture on "Electromagnetic Radiation (MWR) and Health."

2. In today's (February 9, 2003) THE SUNDAY TIMES, News Review Section, p. 10, the article "The war of ME and me" focuses on Lady Clare Kerr, a young (chronic fatigue syndrome)sufferer and her search for appropriate treatment for her condition. First, she was shooed by her doctor into the hands of a psychiatrist:
"Unknown to us, my doctor didn't believe in the existence of post-viral fatigue. He suggested I saw a friend of his who had treated many people with similar problems. The next day I found myself grasping my mother's hand on the steps of a building at Bart's hospital in London, asking 'Mummy, why are we at the psychiatric unit?' I felt confused and alone. I knew there was nothing wrong with me mentally."

Eventually she got a referral to Dr. Jean Monro of Breakspear Hospital, Hemel Hempstead, U.K. She describes the relief she felt as follows: "It was as though clouds had parted; for the first time in six years a doctor was telling me that she understood why I was feeling so ill. Since then, my health has improved steadily. Relapses are rare and are usually liked to a momentary lapse when I let myself become stressed or eat some of the few foods I'm allergic to."

Dr Monro treats a broad range of environemntal illnesses including EHS (electrohypersensitivity) at her Breaskpsear Hospital.

The caption beneath the photo of Lady Clare Kerr reads: "Road to recovery: Lady Clare Kerr's father found the specialist who turned her life around after she was appalled to be told she needed psychiatric help."

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

re: radar cancer?

According to the Danish TV and newspapers this weekend, the "radar cancer" case from a Danish airman is still under investigation. NATO suggested already in 1978 that HAWK-radar installations should be shielded with lead plates and that the radiation levels should be monitored.

Danish military didn't actually make measurement of the radar emissions until 1982, but claims that "levels are under safe levels" for NATO equipment. Over 3000 claims are now being processed in other NATO countries, and the Danish military admits that the lead shielding was "mostly for show". The Danish defense minister Svend Aage Jensby promises to "get to the bottom of the problem".

Scott Hill
10 Feb 2003

Wednesday, 6 November, 2002, 09:55 GMT

Villagers see red over phone removal

BT says Gotham will not get its phone back

A small village in Nottinghamshire is demanding the return of its red phone box. Contractors for BT removed the last red box from Gotham about two weeks ago, leaving behind only a modern phone. The company says the traditional phone box was uneconomical.

I don't believe they would have taken away these beautiful 1930s phone boxes from a place like the Cotswolds

But Kevin Thorpe, from Gotham Parish Council, said residents want the old- fashioned booth. "It just disappeared while negotiations were still taking place," he said. "All we are asking for is for the red phone box to be replaced in the centre of the village here." Until recently Gotham had two red phone boxes - now it has none.

'Improve environment'

"I don't believe they would have taken away these beautiful 1930s phone boxes from a place like the Cotswolds, but they don't mind taking them away from us at Gotham. "We may not be the prettiest town around, but we are trying to improve our environment and need all the help we can get."

However Les King, from BT, said keeping the old style phone box was uneconomical and it would not be returned to Gotham.

"The idea is to cut our costs so we can maintain a comprehensive, nationwide pay phone service so to spend literally more than £10,000 on one kiosk doesn't make sense.

"Unfortunately as part of the review, there are a few red boxes that will go... people are simply not using them, are not using the basic payphone service any more."


Successful transmission of information with help of "earth radiation"
("Erdstrahlen") from Havixbeck (Westfalia, Germany) to the Faröer Eilands (North Atlantic; distance of about 931 miles).- An extraordinary scientific experiment.

In this experiment only nature forces are used, not any additionally other energy.

At the 7th of June 1999 Reinhold Holtstiege (Master of radio and television technics and "Funkamateur" DC8QQ, Altenberger Str. 22, D-48329 Havixbeck; Tel./Fax: 02507-1309/-570027) had invited to this scientific experiment.

Since more than 20 years Holtstiege investigates this naturally radiation coming out from the earth and entered completely new ways to approach to new insights. Since longer times earth rays are not a topic for him not to touch with. He has the courage to grasp all things not accepted and discussed in the scientific audience. The Master of radio and TV technics approaches to investigation questions from the side of facts and not from an esoteric point of view. He is not an esoteric man, he works on a technical basis. His investigations were not supported by official sites and were performed with extremely sparing means. Also the kind of experiment he looks in another way as it is usually seen in the scientific audience. They say: An experiment is as long not valid as proven, if it can not be performed by any one at any time with the same measuring conditions. But every one knows today very well that "between heaven and earth" there are a lot of more things than we know, which are not proven. Sometimes a man has the feeling, he is very haughty against the nature with the knowledge we have.

To answer the many incoming questions and to show the extraordinary kind of experiment, the whole process from invitation to the experiment, the performance and the summary will be published in the following.


Reinhold Holtstiege Havixbeck
Altenberger Straße 22
D - 48329 Havixbeck
Telefon: +49 2507-1309
Telefax: +49 2507-570027

Informant: Horst Kergassner

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